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  • Challenge #1: Set a Goal

    Saturday, August 1 - Thursday, August 6
    CEOs, olympians, and presidents all set goals to stay focused and motivated. Set a goal for 2020 to become the best version of yourself.

    $200 Goodwall Award

    Five winners will get a $200 cash prize each.
    • August 2

      • Speaker: Marshall Mosher
        Speaker: Marshall Mosher
        CEO of Vestigo
        14:30 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Gokul Rajendran from India ($200)
    • August 3

      • Challenge Winner: Patricia Pine from the Philippines ($200)
    • August 4

      • Challenge Winner: Abdullah Ghazali from Nigeria ($200)
    • August 5

      • Speaker: Hassan Esufally
        Speaker: Hassan Esufally
        Ironman & Marathoner on 7 Continents
        15:30 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Herbert Osagiator from Nigeria ($200)
    • August 6

      • Speaker: Rajiv Satyal
        Speaker: Rajiv Satyal
        First Comedian to Perform on 7 Continents
        19:00 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Caleb Tutu from Nigeria ($200)
  • Challenge #2: Achievement

    Friday, August 7 - Sunday, August 9
    Boost your self-esteem and confidence. Reflect on an achievement you’re proud of. It could be big or small, recent or past. Post your achievement. Let’s celebrate together!

    $250 Goodwall Achievement Award

    Three winners will get a $250 cash prize each.
    • August 7

      • Speaker: Sharanyan Sharma
        Speaker: Sharanyan Sharma
        Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Trainer, Ecommerce Consultant
        8:30 CEST
      • Speaker: Daniel Dippold
        Speaker: Daniel Dippold
        President of the Kairos Society
        14:00 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Saleh Attal from Lebanon ($250)
    • August 8

      • Speaker: Niels den Daas
        Speaker: Niels den Daas
        16:00 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Safal Adhikari from Nepal ($250)
    • August 9

      • Speaker: Dana Arabiyat
        Speaker: Dana Arabiyat
        16:00 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Kannagee Jena from India ($250)
  • Challenge #3: Resilience

    Monday, August 10 - Thursday, August 13
    Build resilience to prepare for uncertainty and adversity. As Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, said: “Like a muscle, you can build resilience. Finding gratitude and appreciation is key to resilience.” For what in your life do you feel grateful?

    A premium subscription to Headspace for a year

    Brought to you by Monster Three winners get a premium subscription to Headspace for a year of better focus, less stress, and more happiness.
    • August 10

      • Speaker: Sarah Pellegrini
        Speaker: Sarah Pellegrini
        CEO and Founder of delightful brains
        16:00 CEST
    • August 11

      • Speaker: Bryan Wish
        Speaker: Bryan Wish
        Founder of BW Missions
        16:00 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Lella Violet Halloum from the UK (Headspace subscription)
    • August 12

      • Speaker: Mthoko Madonda
        Speaker: Mthoko Madonda
        Founder and Director of Reach Sports
      • Speaker: Annabel Mendez
        Speaker: Annabel Mendez
        Founder of Workvie
        17:00 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Ewuola Oluwashola from Nigeria (Headspace subscription)
    • August 13

      • Speaker: Arianna Criscione
        Speaker: Arianna Criscione
        Goalkeeper at Paris Saint Germain and Environmental Activist
        11:00 CEST
      • Speaker: Kai Fitchen
        Speaker: Kai Fitchen
        Pro Climber & Explorer
        14:00 CEST
      • Speaker: Andrew Tarvin
        Speaker: Andrew Tarvin
        Humor Engineer
        17:00 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Faye Sangasina from the Philippines (Headspace subscription)
  • Challenge #4: Career

    Friday, August 14 - Sunday, August 16
    Take a step back and reflect. What do you really want to do with your career? As the saying goes, “do what you love, and you’ll never have to work another day in your life.”

    Masterclass membership

    Brought to you by Monster Three winners get a Masterclass of their choice to learn anything, from space exploration with astronaut Chris Hadfield to filmmaking from Academy Award-winner Martin Scorsese to business leadership from the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz.
    • August 14

      • Speaker: Anna Lundberg
        Speaker: Anna Lundberg
        Founder of One Step Outside
        15:00 CEST
      • Speaker: Derek Pelland
        Speaker: Derek Pelland
        NASA Mars Program & Teacher
        19:00 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Bharat Gowda from India (Masterclass subscription)
    • August 15

      • Speaker: Sigourney Waibel
        Speaker: Sigourney Waibel
        PhD Candidate Clinical Neurosciences
        12:00 CEST
      • Speaker: Alex Wilson
        Speaker: Alex Wilson
        Head of Electronics at Gravity Industries
        16:00 CEST
      • Speaker: Tracey Pierce
        Speaker: Tracey Pierce
        Senior Vice President of Learning & Organizational Development at DHGE
        19:30 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Patience Mustapha from Nigeria (Masterclass subscription)
    • August 16

      • Speaker: Melissa Sassi
        Speaker: Melissa Sassi
        Chief Penguin of IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator
        16:00 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Benish Mazhar from Pakistan (Masterclass subscription)
  • Challenge #5: Women’s & Girls' Empowerment

    Monday, August 17 - Sunday, August 23
    Take a moment and share a post to tell us about a female role model, a mentor, who you admired growing up and helped shape who you are today. It could be your mother, a teacher, or someone you haven’t met yet but look up to.

    $500 donation to to an accredited non-profit of your choice

    Goodwall will donate $500 to an accredited non-profit of your choice supporting women’s and girls' empowerment. Special Prize: Walden University will offer a full scholarship for tuition for four general education online courses.
    • August 17

      • Speaker: Hanan Heakal
        Speaker: Hanan Heakal
        Founder & Managing Partner, Next-Level Inclusive Leadership
        11:00 CEST
      • Speaker: Zineb El Ouazzani
        Speaker: Zineb El Ouazzani
        Professional Tennis Player and Former Microsoft Manager
        14:00 CEST
      • Speaker: Sanjana Dixit
        Speaker: Sanjana Dixit
        Founder and Executive Director of RutuChakra
        16:00 CEST
      • Speaker: Boryana Milova
        Co-Founder and Director of Kairos ImpactGen
        19:00 CEST
    • August 18

      • Speaker: Stevi Carr
        Speaker: Stevi Carr
        Founder and CEO of WISe Wellness Guild
        16:00 CEST
      • Speaker: Gharsanay Ibnul-Ameen
        Co founder of Young Women Leadership Conference
        19:00 CEST
    • August 19

      • Speaker: Petrina Aron
        Speaker: Petrina Aron
        Youth Leader at the International Basketball Foundation
        14:00 CEST
    • August 20

      • Speaker: Shreya Patel
        Speaker: Shreya Patel
        Award-winning Actress & Filmmaker
        16:00 CEST
      • Speaker: Paula Singer
        Speaker: Paula Singer
        CEO of Walden University
    • August 22

      • Speaker: Sana Mahmud
        Speaker: Sana Mahmud
        Former Captain of the Pakistan National Women’s Football & Basketball Teams; Fulbright Alumna
        12:00 CEST
    • August 23

      • Speaker: Krithika Thushyantha
        16:00 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Petrina Aron from Namibia ($500 donation to nonprofit of her choice)
  • Challenge #6: Equality & Justice

    Monday, August 24 - Thursday, August 27
    The second part of the #BetterTogether program is focused on you reflecting on the state of the world to make it a little better. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream that his children would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. In solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement, for your sixth challenge, share what equality means to you and what we can do to make the world more fair.

    $500 donation to to an accredited non-profit of your choice

    Brought to you by Walden University Goodwall will donate $500 to an accredited non-profit of your choice supporting equality & justice in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Special Prize: Walden University will offer a full scholarship for tuition for four general education online courses.
    • August 24

      • Speaker: Cindy Rampersaud
        Speaker: Cindy Rampersaud
        SVP - BTEC and Apprenticeships at Pearson UK
        16:00 CEST
    • August 25

      • Speaker: Aryam Tekie
        Managing Director of ImpactGen & Think Tanks at Kairos Europe Summit
        16:00 CEST
      • Speaker: Ivanie Bronson
        Speaker: Ivanie Bronson
        VP of Human Resources at Walden University
    • August 26

      • Speaker: Isabelle Christina
      • Speaker: Salam Al-Nukta
        Speaker: Salam Al-Nukta
        16:00 CEST
    • August 27

      • Challenge Winner: Shinen Job from Nigeria ($500 donation to the nonprofit of his choice)
  • Challenge #7: Sustainable Development Goals

    Friday, August 28 - Sunday, August 30
    Research the UN SDGs. If tomorrow you were elected President of the World and could mobilize the entire world, all our resources and all 7+ billion people, to achieve a single goal by the end of this decade, which goal is most important, critical, and urgent for you? Why? Share a post to answer the question.

    $100 to start a project related to the Sustainable Development Goals

    Three winners will receive $100 each to start a project related to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
    • August 28

      • Speaker: Professor Francois Grey
        Speaker: Professor Francois Grey
        15:00 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Coach Nelson Amadigwe from Nigeria ($100)
    • August 29

      • Speaker: Giorgia Nigri
        Speaker: Giorgia Nigri
        16:00 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Winifred Nnamdi from Nigeria ($100)
    • August 30

      • Speaker: Fred Henderson
        16:00 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Jerusha Jo from Japan ($100)
  • Challenge #8: Support an Impactful Organization

    Monday, August 31 - Thursday, September 3
    Tell us about an organization, a charity or company you admire whose work is creating impact and making the world a little better. Why do you care about them? Why should we support them?

    A $500 donation to a startup social enterprise or accredited non-profit of your choice

    Goodwall will donate $500 to a startup social enterprise or accredited non-profit of your choice creating impact.
    • August 31

      • Speaker: Marie-Claire Graf
        Speaker: Marie-Claire Graf
        UN Youth Climate Champion
        14:00 CEST
      • Speaker: Omar Alkahily
        17:00 CEST
    • September 1

      • Speaker: Giovanni Porcellana
        11:00 CEST
      • Speaker: Meg Pagani
        Speaker: Meg Pagani
        16:00 CEST
    • September 2

      • Speaker: Pascal Vollenweider
        18:00 CEST
    • September 3

      • Speaker: Alexandra Robinson
        Speaker: Alexandra Robinson
        Global President at AIESEC
        11:00 CEST
      • Speaker: Rajat Kapur
        Speaker: Rajat Kapur
        15:00 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Shristi Dhakal from Nepal ($500 donation to the nonprofit of his/her choice)
  • Challenge #9: Career Part II by Monster.com

    Friday, September 4 - Wednesday, September 9
    #BetterTogether is all about preparing you for the future of work! 🚀 We’ve partnered with Monster.com, the leader for job search and career advice, to relaunch our Career Challenge with $1200 in prizes! 💸To take part in the challenge, post a 60s video answering the question “What do you really want to do for your career? 💼What’s your dream company to work for? 🏢What needs to happen to make that career a reality?”

    A $200 prize awarded to one participant each day

    The most creative post with the most votes (likes) every day will win $200! 🏆Ps: If you’ve already participated, you can participate again!
    • September 4

      • Speaker: Daniel Gomez
        Speaker: Daniel Gomez
        CEO of Solben, Mexico's Largest Biofuel Company
        19:00 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Illy Helianthi from Greece ($200)
    • September 5

      • Speaker: Sharmishta Sivaramakrishnan
        Speaker: Sharmishta Sivaramakrishnan
        12:00 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Atteib Abouradjala from Tunisia ($200)
    • September 6

      • Speaker: Dalia Alic
        16:00 CEST
      • Speaker: Satta Sheriff
        Speaker: Satta Sheriff
        18:00 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Rahel Gezahegn from Ethiopia ($200)
    • September 7

      • Speaker: Ahmed Riad
        Speaker: Ahmed Riad
        14:00 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Gabriel Ogundiran from Nigeria ($200)
    • September 8

      • Speaker: Lorenzo Niola
        Speaker: Lorenzo Niola
        15:00 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Elsie Bungwon from Nigeria ($200)
    • September 9

      • Speaker: Julien Manchot
        Speaker: Julien Manchot
        Managing Partner at Verso Fund
        10:00 CEST
      • Challenge Winner: Maria Enma Estela Mendoza from Peru ($200)
  • Challenge #10: Pitch Your Project

    Thursday, September 10 - Wednesday, September 16
    For your final challenge, we invite you to conceptualize a concrete project to make the world a little better. It needs to be feasible and realistic. It could be an existing project or a new idea. It could be local or global. You can do this solo or as a team. Pitch your project with a 60s video on Goodwall.

    $5000 in prizes and more

    $2000 as a Grand Prize from HUS Awards to make your project a reality. The 2nd and 3rd runners-up will each win $1000. The 4th and 5th runners-up will win $500 each. They will also receive invitations and tickets to the exclusive Kairos Virtual Summit for entrepreneurs. Special Prize: Exclusive mentorship session with AI and machine learning experts to make your project a reality. Special Prize: Walden University will offer a full scholarship for #BetterTogether participants for tuition for four general education online courses.
    • September 10

      • Speaker: Salmine Sassi
        Speaker: Salmine Sassi
        15:00 CEST
    • September 11

      • Speaker: Vaitea Cowan
        19:00 CEST
    • September 14

      • Speaker: Dylan Gambardella
        Speaker: Dylan Gambardella
        19:00 CEST
    • September 15

      • Speaker: Allen Morgan
        Oxford Fellow and Venture Capitalist
    • September 16

      • Speaker: Cyril
    • September 17

      • Speaker: Ella Robertson
    • September 18

      • Speaker: Nir Eyal
        Speaker: Nir Eyal
        New York Times Bestselling Author & Lecturer at Stanford University
        14:30 CEST
      • Challenge Winner, 1st Place: Shinen Job from Nigeria ($2,000 from HUS Awards)
      • Challenge Winner, 2nd Place: Hilina Shewit from Turkey ($1,000 from HUS Awards)
      • Challenge Winner, 3rd Place: Ojumah Jerry from Nigeria ($1,000 from HUS Awards)
      • Challenge Winner, 4th Place: Lloyd Lugtu Lumagbas from the Philippines ($500 from HUS Awards)
      • Challenge Winner, 5th Place: Habiba Erinfolami from Nigeria ($500 from HUS Awards)