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Goodwall is a space to get inspired, ask questions, chat, pitch ideas, gain recognition, and receive support from people with shared interests & values. Make friends and grow together.

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Students and professionals use Goodwall to connect on shared interests, support each other, showcase themselves and discover opportunities from scholarships to jobs.

Ishita G.

"I was honoured to be a part of the prestigious Yale Young Global Scholars Program, 2019 with full scholarship from Goodwall, Truly, the best 2 weeks of my life I could ask for"

Mia R.

"Goodwall is so important to me because it allows me to get my profile out there and it allows me to get my achievements out there. What keeps me coming back is the lovely community of supportive people."

Autumn C.

"I love the Goodwall app and plan on using it and referring others to it because I've already gotten interviews for internships in New York for when I move there for school! You guys are great and I can't thank you enough!"

Jodiana L.

"The app has allowed me to talk to people around the world, and I managed to connect with students in Jordan before I spent my year abroad there!"

Mouadh A.

"Thanks Goodwall, Thanks SBC for the scholarship. The dream came true. Life changing 2 weeks in Cambridge with amazing, multitalented,lovely and intelligent people from 34 countries."

Daniel T.

"Goodwall was able to refer me to numerous internship opportunities -- and I am currently interning at one of them! I value Goodwall's continued support and genuine, long-term commitment to facilitating connections, helping actualize goals, and clarifying the job application process."

Ekaterina R.

"It's more than just an app, it's an inspiration engine - you will have an amazing opportunity to meet someone who inspires you"

Sarah A.

"It's great to show your achievements and sort your CV for university. Everything is organised and it makes life easier"

Andrea D.

"Being a Goodwall Ambassador and Influencer has provided me with the opportunities necessary to explore universities, discover scholarships and awards, and maintain organized achievements"

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