Our Mission

We’re on a mission to level the playing field for youth globally - helping them maximise their potential while impacting society positively.
What is Goodwall?
Goodwall is the next-generation virtual community, empowering young people every step of the way through the ever-changing world of education and work. Spanning 150+ countries we offer a new way to discover earning & learning opportunities by forming invaluable connections.
Our Founders
Taha Bawa
Co-Founder & CEO
Taha leads the company's strategy and team. He has lived in 4 countries and studied at Oxford and HEC Lausanne. He has been named on Forbes' 30under30 and a WEF Global Shaper and has been a speaker on education and innovation at TEDx, UN, Google Business Talks, MIT, Oxford and more. Taha studied Economics.
Omar Bawa
Co-Founder & COO
Omar started Goodwall to leverage technology to impact society positively. He leads Goodwall's product and growth. He has been named on Forbes' 30under30, has served on the Editorial Board of the United Nations Magazine, is a Kairos Global Fellow and has been a speaker on innovation at TEDx, Google, the NYSE and the IB Heads Conference. Omar studied Law, IP, Marketing and Product Design.
It began with two brothers and one big dream.
Goodwall’s founders grew up with a first-hand understanding of the challenges our world faces - young children in refugee camps, the tsunami’s devastation of their village, the consequences of a civil war, the melting ice of Antarctica. Having travelled to all seven continents at a young age, they learned to see the world as a whole, not as countries separated by borders and witnessed the power of community to create change. Raised in the age of the internet and social networking they were inspired to create meaningful impact and were lucky enough to have the tools and technology to do so.
Meet the Team
Behind the scenes making it happen is a driven 50+ person team, located all over the world, from Europe, to Asia and North America. We come from a diversity of backgrounds and walks of life, but share a common vision. Strength lies in our differences and we’re here to support you in showcasing what makes you unique.
Why We Wake Up in the Morning
Everyone wants to be satisfied with what they’re doing each and every day. At Goodwall, we wake up to inspire our community to go further today than they did yesterday, to go the extra mile and step outside their comfort zone, to achieve their goals and dream bigger.

We wake up to open doors that were closed and provide access to opportunities.

We wake up to help our members showcase their strengths and address their weaknesses.

We wake up to accompany our members on their journey, as they receive their acceptance letter, find that perfect internship, sign the contract of that all important first job, celebrate their promotion, pitch the idea for their startup and give them the platform to launch their own venture. We’re there at the pivotal moments that matter.

We wake up because we believe we can guide our members to become the best versions of themselves. When they succeed, we succeed.
Our Friends
Goodwall is supported by exceptional institutions and partners to achieve our mission from leaders in education to recruitment:
This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 868866