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Inspire the next generation

We are proud to partner with an extremely talented and diverse group of young leaders, who are helping shape the future of education.

Benefits of the Ambassador program

We’ll share your story, your achievements and your ideas to our community of over 2 million students. Helping you grow your following and gain recognition.

Monetary incentives

Interested in making some extra cash for your studies or passions? Earn cash prizes for the content you create!

Work with our partners

We’re proud to partner with some of the most influential companies fighting for good, and you can do it too! UNICEF, IBM, and many more!

Earn referral rewards

Promote Goodwall with your audience by sharing your unique link and earn referral rewards.

Build alongside us

Help us develop new features by getting early access to challenges, missions, and exclusive in-app features.

The role and responsibilities of our Ambassadors

What will you do?

Create a variety of engaging content for social media that includes but is not limited to Instagram videos, stories and TikToks. We want to showcase you and how you master new skills to reach your full potential.


  • Create UGC video content for Instagram and TikTok
  • Interact with Goodwall’s social media
  • Share your referral code with your friends
  • Promote Goodwall across your social media accounts

Have more questions?

Goodwall is the biggest community of young leaders striving to reach the best version of themselves. Your story and knowledge power us! And with your content, we can reach millions of students worldwide and give them a platform to connect with opportunities and people from all walks of life.

  • Must be 18 years or older to apply


  • A willingness to commit time and effort to the ambassador program.


  • Good communication skills and the ability to represent Goodwall in a positive and professional manner.


  • A strong interest in and knowledge of what Goodwall represents.


  • The ability to effectively promote Goodwall to a wide audience.

To apply to become an ambassador for Goodwall, you will need to submit our application form and fill in all the necessary details. This application form is available above.

Our team will review your submission and get in contact with you very soon to discuss next steps.

Thank you for your interest in joining our ambassador program and representing Goodwall.