Social Impact

Teachers and school admin are responsible, sure, but it doesn't mean students can't make a difference promoting gender equality in education.
In this post, we don't just give you ways to empower women in the office, but we also discuss why gender inequality exists in the first place.
What is point source pollution? What about nonpoint source pollution? This guide has examples, definitions, and advice for helping the cause!
Knowledge is power when ending discrimination. Learn the differences between gender equality, gender equity, and women's empowerment in this article.
How does pollution affect the environment? Find out more about the impact your pollution can have on the environment, climate, and planet.
Join the 2021 #Open17 Challenge to pitch your ideas on how to address challenges around the world related to the climate and gender equality!
Want to have a positive impact on the world? We share how to find ethical and eco-friendly companies to work for as a young professional.
Did you know that volunteering doesn't need to happen in person? Learn how and where to volunteer virtually and do online community service.
For Earth Day 2021, it's all about educating the world about climate change and the environment. Here are the best Earth Day quotes to know!
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