Social Impact

Want to have a positive impact on the world? We share how to find ethical and eco-friendly companies to work for as a young professional.
Did you know that volunteering doesn't need to happen in person? Learn how and where to volunteer virtually and do online community service.
For Earth Day 2021, it's all about educating the world about climate change and the environment. Here are the best Earth Day quotes to know!
Looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, CO2 emissions, and other greenhouse gases? Look no further! Here are 10 easy steps to take.
One of the greatest Americans by any measure, MLK sure had plenty of important words. Here are the best Martin Luther King Jr quotes to know!
Need reasons to volunteer? In this post, we give you five advantages and benefits of volunteering, helping others, and community service.
Whether you're on the fence about joining or trying to encourage a friend to join you, these quotes about volunteering are sure to motivate!
These climate change quotes are perfect for reminding us to keep up the good fight, or for inspiring us to take action for the environment!
The Notorious RBG was a great advocate of women's rights, gender equality, and more. Here are the best Ruth Bader Ginsburg quotes to know.
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