Empowering Mexican Youth to Tackle Climate Change

Last month marked a significant milestone for Goodwall, as it launched the first challenge of a series of three in partnership with GIZ Digital Transformation Center (DTC) Mexico. The #GeneraciónVerde challenge aims to inspire Mexican youth to share stories about local innovations and ideas or organizations dedicated to combating climate change and which digital tools they utilize. The three-step initiative connects young minds passionate about environmental issues while promoting a sense of community and encouraging innovative solutions. Let’s delve into what makes this program different and its potential impact on Mexican youth. 

Localizing Climate Action

One of the standout aspects of the #GeneraciónVerde challenge was its launch at the Foro Regional de Transformación Digital – a three-day event for collaboration and idea-sharing to support sustainable development, digital ecosystem growth, and innovative solutions – on the 25th of May 2023. It aimed to unlock the transformational potential in Latin America and the Caribbean by engaging with an international audience interested in digital transformation, technologies, and sustainability. During the event, Roberto Hernández Juárez, Head of Sustainability at Youth Building the Future Global in Mexico City, presented. As one of the most active Goodwallers in the field of climate change, he shared his insights and proudly introduced the challenge.

While Goodwall has previously offered programs to young Mexicans, this is the first to be co-designed exclusively for Mexico. It demonstrates Goodwall’s commitment to strengthening and expanding its community in Mexico, empowering young individuals to tackle climate change within a local context. With a tailored approach, Goodwall and GIZ DTC Mexico aim to cultivate a stronger sense of ownership and impact among Mexican youth.

Driving Climate Innovation

While it is a considerable milestone, the #GeneraciónVerde challenge is just the beginning. Goodwall and GIZ DTC MX have two more exciting challenges in store for Mexican youth. The upcoming #EcoGuerreros challenge focuses on identifying the communities in Mexico most affected by the impacts of climate change. It will provide a platform for young individuals to share their perspectives and think about innovative solutions, shedding light on the urgent need for collective action. 

The third challenge, #MiCasaVerde, will invite participants to explore and share technologies and innovations that could make their homes more sustainable. By emphasizing sustainable solutions at the household level, this challenge aims to inspire young people to take action within their immediate environments, contributing to a greener future for all. By participating in these challenges, individuals not only share their creative vision but also have the opportunity to win monetary prizes while positively impacting their surroundings. 

Goodwall and GIZ DTC MX’s co-creation of the #GeneraciónVerde challenge opens the doors for Mexican youth to be part of an innovative movement against climate change. Giving youth a seat at the table at a physical event linked to a virtual program has not always been possible but is something Goodwall is keen to replicate. As this initiative continues with the #EcoGuerreros and #MiCasaVerde challenges, we look forward to seeing the impact these young eco-guerreros will have on their communities and the planet as a whole.

*GIZ: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit 

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