In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Africa’s creative minds are seizing opportunities to make a lasting impact on their communities. Goodwall’s #TechInnovators challenge, funded by the Cardano Foundation’s Project Catalyst and hosted alongside partners Connectality and Wada, educated youth on key blockchain concepts and applications. Open to youth across the continent, the challenge showcased the...
An in-depth guide for business students and entrepreneurs on the top websites with business news, advice, strategies, communities, and more.
Goodwall helps entrepreneurs connect, share ideas, and validate projects. But it's also perfect for building communication skills! Here's how.
Goodwall aims to give entrepreneurial African young people the resources, support, and platform they need to grow their skills and businesses.
Entrepreneurs have a higher rate of anxiety and other mental health issues than most people. Here's how to cope and deal with stress.
Top brands have memorable business names, but what's the secret behind a great one? Learn how to come up with a business name that lasts.
What is an entrepreneurial mindset? Here's how young professionals can develop an entrepreneur mindset and be successful in business.
Wondering how to get startup funding for your project? Here's a glimpse of some of the best ideas you should consider when looking for money.
In this short guide, we discuss the basic steps to consider and follow when wondering how to turn a passion into a career.
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