How Goodwall Helps Entrepreneurs Improve Communication Skills

Goodwall helps entrepreneurs connect, share ideas, and validate projects. But it's also perfect for building communication skills! Here's how.

Goodwall has come into its own in the last few years, and we’re proud to have a whopping 2.2M+ users on our platform!

From the very beginning, we’ve been quite vocal about being an app designed specifically for students and young professionals. After all, there are tons of scholarships, internships, job opportunities, and professional and academic experiences to be had on this platform.

However, the Goodwall app is also an ideal launchpad for a third group of people — young entrepreneurs. In this post, we’ll walk you through a few reasons why Goodwall is a great place for entrepreneurial youth around the world to improve their communication skills. 

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1. Network With Like-Minded People

As an online platform for students, entrepreneurs, and young professionals with over 2 million members from more than 150 countries, Goodwall is a perfect place to network. Jobseekers already use it to boost their professional efforts, while students also make use of it to find the support they need

For entrepreneurs and future founders, Goodwall is the ideal site for connecting with the people who very well could be key to taking your business from an idea to reality. Go past icebreaker questions and easy conversation starters to find Goodwallers who can become your cofounder, mentor, advisor, or partner!

2. Participate in Challenges

On Goodwall, we constantly host challenges across a wide range of topics, often several happening at the same time. There are challenges to find new recycling solutions, obtain more equality in our schools and communities, and yes, to simply pitch great startup ideas. 

Build communication skills as you pitch your idea, whether it’s via video or text. Learn how to craft an elevator pitch that is effective while also being clear and concise. And, earn money to take your project to the next stage as you do it!

We’ve had dozens of great challenges so far focusing on entrepreneurship. You can check out our programs in partnership with Pearson, Al Nayzak, THE, and UNICEF for some examples.

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3. Ask Questions & Support Others

We all need a helping hand from time to time, and the entire Goodwall community is always there and willing to help. If you need inspiration, encouragement, or help turning your thoughts into a prototype or alpha-version app, you’ll get what you need and more on Goodwall.

And, if you need a feedback group, conceptual suggestions, or constructive criticism, it’s there at your fingertips. By leveraging the Goodwall community for crowdsourced support, your idea is all but certain to gain traction and overcome any obstacles in its way.

And, you’ll be building your communication skills at the same time!

4. Share Ideas

Finally, Goodwall is the perfect niche social network to share your ideas and get feedback. Wondering if your business idea has the potential to work? Want to test your startup idea to see if it has merit?

Whatever the case may be, Goodwall is the best place to share your entrepreneurial ideas.

Over the past few years, we’ve had environmentally conscious young people conjure up new ways to fight climate change. We’ve partnered with Open Seventeen to reduce food waste, predict landslides, and tackle sustainable farming.

To learn more about pitching great ideas on Goodwall, read this article.

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“We’ve got big problems and small problems, from climate change to finding a dog sitter,” says Goodwall’s cofounder, Omar Bawa. “We’ve also got many solutions. But most of those solutions are trapped as ideas. For an idea to become a solution, that idea needs to be shared, it needs feedback and it needs support. You don’t need to be an entrepreneur, all you need is an idea to improve something and the courage to pitch it.”

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If you want more stories like this, a dose of inspiration, an awesome support network, and a place to share ideas and achievements, the Goodwall app has it all and more.
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