UNICEF launches the first COVID-19 Youth Challenge in Nigeria

UNICEF is partnering with Goodwall and other partners to launch the COVID-19 Innovation challenge in Nigeria with weekly rewards. Read on to learn more and participate!

UNICEF has partnered with Cartedo, Goodwall, and others to launch the COVID-19 Innovation challenge. As part of the challenge, Goodwall is offering weekly rewards!

COVID-19 is impacting us all as we deal with the new normal of social distancing and lockdowns, spread of misinformation, stalled education, food shortages, and more. This forces us to explore unique ways to cope. 

We believe that youth have unique perspectives on these challenges and should be given the opportunity to become knowledge producers. This is your chance to be seen, be heard, and be the change!

How to Participate

Goodwall is offering rewards to 4 of the most impactful ideas during the first 4 weeks of the challenge! Here’s how you can participate:

STEP 1: If you haven’t already, download the Goodwall app and complete your profile (available on iOS or Android) here: 

Download Goodwall

STEP 2: You will need to have completed the challenge on Cartedo and have your prototype ready. 

STEP 3: Once you’ve completed the challenge on Cartedo: In your Goodwall profile, click on the “+” icon, and select the “Achievement” option. 

STEP 4: a) Describe your solution; b) Add the photo of your prototype; and c) include a link to your prototype on Cartedo.

STEP 5: In the “Keywords” section, add the keyword “COVID-19 Challenge”. 

STEP 6: Once your achievement is ready to be posted, click on “Post.”


Based on the T&C of the initial COVID-19 Youth Challenge focused on Nigerian participants, there will be 4 winners chosen in total, each receiving N100,000 (or $265 USD). 

Your Goodwall profile will remain an important feature in whether you’re chosen as the overall winner. As it tells your story beyond the idea, it’s important that the profile is well completed, with multiple achievements and/or posts, and relevant links that can give the jury a holistic view of the participant.


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  1. Hello am in Botswana wanted to Participate in the challenge apparently the Goodwall app can not be downloaded in my region because it is not yet available

  2. I really love this initiative, it has really gotten me busy during this lockdown. Moreover, I have developed more creativity and confidence, having partaken in the challenge. God bless all the initiators.

  3. I heard the winners of the covid 19 challenge are already receiving their financial reward. Pls how truth is this information?

  4. Thanks goodwall for this great opportunity. I want to find out; does the TEDO point determines our qualification for the cash prize?

  5. This is one of the best platform the fit our new world. I therefore encourage every possissitive thinking youth to enroll in.

  6. I have completed my Challenge procedures, I am waiting for my Certificate if there is any other thing involve. Let me know.