Goodwall Launches the BetterTogether Free Online Program!

Goodwall and our partners have launched BetterTogether, a free online program with five weeks of amazing challenges, speakers, professional opportunities, and up to $25,000 in prizes!

Here at Goodwall, we’ve been working on something HUGE over the past few months, and we’re finally ready to share it with you…

On August 1st, we launch the BetterTogether program! 🙌

Your next 5 weeks are about to be packed with fun events, inspiring challenges, the chance to win prizes, and more!

It’s all FREE.

It’s all virtual.

And it’s all happening right now!

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Want to showcase yourself in the best way possible to future employers or universities? Sign up to Goodwall!

  • Develop skills & experience
  • Highlight accomplishments
  • Network globally
  • Find top jobs & internships

Download the app now to get started!

About the BetterTogether Program

Running from August 1 – September 18, BetterTogether is five weeks of inspiring challenges, top speakers, and community content available exclusively on Goodwall. 

You have the chance to win awards, scholarships, and professional opportunities from leading organizations, while at the same time creating a better you and a better world together with like-minded people. 

Through the challenges, you’ll also gain experience, develop professional skills, and connect with people all around the world!

Here’s what you get for participating:

  • A series of 10 challenges to help you develop problem-solving, creative, and communication skills;
  • The chance to win up to $25,000 in prizes, scholarships, and exclusive opportunities;
  • Admission to exclusive AMA speaker session events each week with entrepreneurs, authors, and other role models;
  • The opportunity to connect with a diverse group of over 1.5 million students, young professionals, and entrepreneurs from 150+ countries across the globe;
  • Access to Pearson’s Workplace Behaviors Learning Program content and courses;
  • A digital certificate endorsed by top universities and employers;
  • And much more!

As for the upcoming speakers, you’re going to be blown away:

  • Shreya Patel, model, actress, and voice for female empowerment; 
  • Nir Eyal, lecturer and author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products
  • Fred Henderson, co-founder of Ecosia; 
  • Cindy Rampersaud, SVP – BTEC and Apprenticeships at Pearson UK; 
  • Marie-Claire Graf, the United Nations’ Youth Climate Champion; 
  • Vaitea Cowan, co-founder of greentech company Enapter; and 
  • Over a dozen others!

And the prizes are just as great!

The rewards you’ve the chance of winning include:

  • $5,000 in HUS.awards;
  • $10,000 in Goodwall Awards;
  • Masterclass Passes;
  • Headspace Annual Subscriptions;
  • Kairos Summit Tickets;
  • $10,000 in ISDC Awards;
  • & More!

How to Participate

Ready to join in on the fun?

To take part in the BetterTogether program, all you need to do is sign up to Goodwall. Anyone from anywhere can participate!

Download the Goodwall app here:

When challenges are posted, you can respond to them by posting short videos, pitching ideas, and showcasing some of your proudest achievements.

It’s easy, fun, and super rewarding.

To learn more about the program and see all the speakers and prizes, visit the BetterTogether homepage. To see all of our amazing partners which made the program possible click here. And, if you have any further questions, check out the BetterTogether FAQs.

See you on the app!

Download our app today!

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