20 Best Coding Websites & Blogs for Learning How to Program

A list of the best blogs and websites for people to learn coding, from basics to advanced, in many of the most popular programming languages used today.

Learning coding is easier than ever with modern technology. Young professionals don’t have to wait until they graduate college to take coding education into their own hands. In today’s increasingly digital world, coding is not only a valuable skill but one that can be learned by virtually anyone. Individuals interested in coding can shape the future and participate in the rapidly evolving technological landscape by using resources like coding websites and blogs.

These sites provide beginners with easy-to-follow instructions and exercises to master coding, along with expert guidance from learners and professionals alike. Anyone with an internet connection can expand their career options by joining some of the best coding websites on the market. However, if you aren’t sure where to find educational resources to begin your educational journey, you might find yourself at a loss and uncertain about where to turn.

Thankfully, aspiring coders have many options when it comes to websites and blogs to learn how to program like a pro. We’ve assembled a list of the best software development websites for individuals learning to program to help you start your journey. From essential to advanced education to the features and strengths of different coding websites, this article will help you find a site to understand coding and engagement with a community of coders. Let’s dive in!

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1. Udemy

Check Out Udemy

First on our list of the best websites to learn coding is Udemy, a popular learning platform offering more than 213,000 courses for its users. Udemy provides resources for users to learn about coding and several other topics to develop their skills in specific areas. While Udemy offers many free programming courses, there are multiple paid course options to choose from and learn from industry experts. With a 30-day refund policy and a simple interface to browse for suitable courses and find reviews, Udemy is a fantastic place to gain valuable knowledge.

Udemy teaches a variety of coding languages and is one of the best websites to learn Rust, the Java programming language, Ruby, C++, and pretty much any coding language you can imagine. Udemy is also unique because it is among the best websites to learn Objective-C, an object-oriented programming language. Udemy’s refunds are no-questions-asked, making it a safe option for all users. However, it’s important to note that Udemy’s certificates are not accredited, so Udemy might not be your best option if you’re looking for accreditation.

2. Coursera

Check Out Coursera

Coursera is a learning option for people who want to learn to code via online courses. Coursera is one of the best tech websites, a perfect place to start for hopeful coders looking to take high-quality coding courses without spending big on an unfamiliar service. Coursera lessons are frequently led by professors from some of the top colleges in the United States, including Harvard, Vanderbilt, Yale, and Stanford.

Coursera provides over 1,000 courses for users to select from, including introductory and advanced coding courses and exclusive courses available for a fee. Courses have English, French, and Spanish options and English, Chinese, and Spanish subtitles. As most of their offerings are professional certificate programs, Coursera students receive a certificate upon course completion, making this website essential to future coders that want to earn certification for their education.

3. Codecademy

Check Out Codecademy

Codecademy is an online learning platform offering several options for users to learn programming language through interactive, hands-on coding lessons. This website is ideal for beginner developers and coding professionals who want to enhance their skills. Codecademy lessons cover 12 programming languages, ranging from Java and JavaScript to SQL and Python. With a wide variety of courses to master coding, Codecademy cements itself as one of the best websites to learn coding techniques.

Codecademy is an excellent platform to learn code and offers a set of tasks for coders to hone their skills and move forward to the next stage of their lesson. It’s also one of the best websites to learn Go and provides lessons in several other lesser-taught languages. The platform’s level system engages users and encourages continuous learning on an interactive, user-friendly interface.

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4. SQLZoo

Check Out SQLZoo

If you’re searching for the best websites to learn SQL, SQLZoo is an obvious choice. SQL is a domain-specific programming language that plays numerous roles in coding, and learning SQL is a significant stepping stone for many beginner coders. SQLZoo compiles crucial tutorials for users to learn about SQL and conduct SQL queries to learn the programming language.

The website provides resources to learn about SQL, MySQL, Oracle SQL, and other elements to help you understand and master SQL, getting you started on your coding journey and preparing you for a promising career in coding as you take your knowledge to the next level.

5. Pluralsight

Check Out Pluralsight

Pluralsight is similar to platforms like Coursera and Udemy in its breadth of course options and educational resources. However, Pluralsight is unique because it only focuses on certifications and courses solely for developing your tech skills. Pluralsight courses cover essential topics relevant to IT professionals, including DevOps, programming, and coding frameworks.

A distinguishing feature of Pluralsight is its option to follow a preset learning path or to select from a massive variety of IT courses to follow an educational path that suits your learning style. Pluralsight learning paths focus on enhancing specific coding skills, such as mastering different coding languages. While Pluralsight provides users with a free trial period, the platform does not offer any free courses, making it an investment for people serious about learning to program.

6. Udacity

Check Out Udacity

Udacity is an excellent option for young professionals hoping to master the art of coding via an online platform. Udacity aims to offer future coders practical and accessible programming education to open the doors to future opportunities in the global IT industry. Udacity offers students five nano degrees, including courses for front-end web development, data analysis, full-stack web development, iOS development, and introductory programming.

Courses take up to a year to complete, and individual courses cost users $200 per month. While the price is nothing to take lightly, Udacity is a viable option for a nano degree and certification. Udacity can provide the skills you need to develop and the proof you need to back them up. Though Udacity offers free courses, its paid courses give access to virtually everything you need to achieve your coding goals.

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7. freeCodeCamp

Check Out freeCodeCamp

If you’re seeking a free platform to learn about coding through comprehensive programming courses, freeCodeCamp is right up your alley. freeCodeCamp is an essential resource for many beginners, especially those uncertain about what coding language they want to prioritize. freeCodeCamp is one of the best programming websites available because it provides convenient introductory classes to learn fundamental coding and advanced courses to develop skills in different programming areas.

freeCodeCamp helps nonprofit organizations struggling with coding challenges and aims to teach coding to anyone interested in learning. freeCodeCamp’s interactive courses provide the most affordable and accessible way to build a foundation for your coding knowledge and make progress in your career. It’s one of the best websites to learn Python, PHP, Node.js, Bootstrap, and other programming languages and software essential to master coding.

8. Khan Academy

Check Out Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the best options for beginners looking to understand coding basics, enhance their programming skills, and study at their own pace. Khan Academy makes learning easy, accessible, and free to students worldwide. Khan Academy provides its users with practical educational resources, including instructional videos, practice exercises, and a flexible schedule for students to study independently. Khan Academy offers computing programming and coding courses to help students easily access the necessary resources to develop their coding capabilities.

Khan Academy teaches coding in a fun and innovative way by gamifying the coding process, giving users rewards to earn each time they complete a lesson or reach a specific goal. Besides being completely free, Khan Academy has many child-friendly learning options to master essential skills regardless of age.

9. edX

Check Out edX

edX is an open-source learning platform founded by professionals from MIT and Harvard. edX is one of the best websites to learn Java but offers courses focused on numerous programming languages to prepare students for a future in coding. edX partners with highly-respected educational institutions worldwide, providing students with necessary resources like tests, quizzes, and studying materials to prepare them for higher education and deepen their programming knowledge.

Its open-source interface allows educators to create new tools for students to learn coding while unlocking the ability to develop new technologies and solutions to make advancements in the coding world. While edX offers free courses, it’s crucial to note that certificates are only available for premium, paid users.

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10. Geeks for Geeks

Check Out Geeks for Geeks

What better way to learn about coding than learning from programming developers and experts equipped with the knowledge to transform you into a coding professional? Geeks for Geeks offers hopeful coders with educational content to learn more about programming languages, coding techniques, and computer science for a well-rounded understanding of all things code. Geeks for Geeks offers educational articles about coding and resources like quizzes to test your knowledge and master different programming languages.

Geeks for Geeks is one of the top resources to find out about dozens of coding languages and is undoubtedly one of the best coding websites simply for the breadth of knowledge it offers directly from the source. The website highlights the basics of learning coding fast and more advanced subjects for experienced programmers to enhance their skills.

11. Code Avengers

Check Out Code Avengers

With Code Avengers, coding lessons go beyond programming languages and encompass various programming techniques and skills. This website is popular for more experienced programmers and coders interested in envisioning and building websites, games, and digital applications. Code Avengers allows users to take low-level lessons to understand the basics of coding before signing up for further lessons, ensuring that you like the solution before getting a subscription.

Code Avengers has over 100 hours of coding lessons to develop websites in HTML & CSS, and its use of JavaScript to develop apps and games makes it one of the best websites to learn JavaScript available in the IT landscape. Users receive expert guidance, tutorials, video lectures, quizzes, and other resources to boost their coding knowledge with Code Avengers. Additionally, students can access a 7-day free trial with Code Avengers to try out lessons in different courses and find the right fit for individual coding needs.

12. Educative

Check Out Educative

This website provides high-quality education for software developers and programmers looking to learn coding online through hands-on, comprehensive courses. Educative’s thorough training in programming languages and coding environments makes it a valuable resource for all young professionals looking to master coding online. Educative is also one of the best websites to learn Scala, a high-level programming language.

Educative lets programmers stay ahead of the curve on all things coding and programming languages to guarantee that students can put their knowledge to the test and create functional programs and make a name for themselves. The lessons provided by Educative include a selection of free coding courses; however, the best way to learn with Educative is through the platform’s premium plan package.

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13. DataCamp

Check Out DataCamp

Another excellent resource for free programming and coding courses is DataCamp, an online learning platform focusing on data science and analytics for users to learn all programming languages and the essential tools required to master data science. DataCamp especially appeals to individuals looking for future career opportunities in data science. The platform is free and accessible to ensure that individuals can understand coding and data analytic tools.

DataCamp provides many courses to suit different interests and highlight specific topics within the data science environment. DataCamp offers courses on web development, mobile development, and software development languages like Python, R, and SQL, as well as machine learning and deep learning processes.

14. HackerRank

Check Out HackerRank

This website is perfect for any up-and-coming programmers interested in a fun challenge. HackerRank is one of the most popular competitive programming platforms worldwide and provides coding challenges for programmers to test their skills against other programmers. HackerRank provides several coding problems across domains, including artificial intelligence, algorithms, and data structures.

HackerRank enables programmers to sharpen their coding skills and enhance their problem-solving capabilities to discover a different approach to the art of coding and programming. HackerRank helps users get noticed by the right companies, so if you rank high against the competition, you have a better chance of securing a future position in programming.

15. SoloLearn

Check Out SoloLearn

To master high-level programming languages, you can turn to platforms like SoloLearn. SoloLearn is one of the best websites to learn Ruby, a programming language growing in popularity but without sufficient courses for beginners to learn. SoloLearn opens the doors to learning about Ruby and many other programming languages, including Java and JavaScript.

SoloLearn offers a library of programming resources to enhance your coding knowledge, including tutorials, practice exercises, and articles about different programming languages and topics. SoloLearn has over 40 million users, and students can take free courses or access premium features with SoloLearn’s pro version. No matter what coding language you want to learn, you can find it at SoloLearn.

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16. Codewars

Check Out Codewars

One of the best websites to learn how to code C++ is Codewars, which offers a wealth of materials to master all things coding. With a martial arts-themed interface, Codewars is an excellent resource to combine learning about coding with fun and creativity. The site’s creative approach helps students engage and advance their programming skills. Along with C++, Codewars is considered one of the best websites to learn Swift, PHP, Ruby, and other programming languages.

Codewars offers 29 programming languages to suit individual coding preferences and styles. The challenges, called “kata,” can be completed to allow students to advance to more challenging lessons. The level of interactivity offered with Codewars guarantees that students remember what they learn and have the ability to move forward and expand their skills in coding.

17. LinkedIn Learning

Check Out LinkedIn Learning

A lesser-known resource LinkedIn offers is LinkedIn Learning, a platform for professionals of all ages to discover new skills in coding. LinkedIn Learning is among the best websites for learning Unity and other programming languages. The resources from LinkedIn Learning also cover topics like programming, design, artificial intelligence, DevOps, and several other technology-centered educational materials.

LinkedIn Learning is also notable for its exclusive courses led by IT industry experts to teach students the ins and outs of programming in various languages at their own pace. These courses are only accessible in the long term with a LinkedIn subscription, though a trial version is available for basic accounts.

18. Treehouse

Check Out Treehouse

Treehouse is a popular option to get an in-depth understanding of different areas of coding and nuances between coding languages. The several topic areas covered on Treehouse make it one of the best websites to build a foundation for your future in coding. With over 100 courses encompassing coding and programming topics, Treehouse provides a plethora of information and presents this information in a fun, interactive way.

Treehouse includes lessons via video, fun challenges, and interactive quizzes to foster a lively classroom environment without being together in person. Treehouse allows you to try it out for 14 days free before choosing from two subscription options. With over 1,000 videos on programming topics and a reward-based system, Treehouse is a fun way to learn for people of all ages and experience levels. Whether you want to learn fundamental coding skills or enhance what you already know, Treehouse has resources for you.

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19. Mozilla Developer Network

Check Out Mozilla Developer Network

Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is maintained by the Mozilla Foundation and provides an essential resource for many coders and web developers at different experience levels. Though the platform was built for software developers, several resources are still available through the Mozilla Developer Network to learn the basics of coding. MDN covers topics like HTML, CSS, and Javascript before moving on to advanced IT-related topics to expand your skill set.

Mozilla Developer Network includes a library of resources with documentation, tutorials, coding examples, and other educational materials available to users. MDN is suitable for coders and developers of all skill levels and is an excellent resource to return to when you need to freshen up your skills.

20. W3Schools

Check Out W3Schools

Staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and coding advancements is possible through W3Schools, a popular online training platform for individuals to familiarize themselves with more programming languages and practices. W3Schools is easily one of the best websites to learn Kotlin, a language not all services include in their course catalogs.

W3Schools has some of the best resources and materials available to users for free. Whether looking for the best websites to learn C, C++, or any other programming language, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for with W3Schools. The platform takes a documentation approach to provide information and allows students to experiment with different code blocks. With some of the top exercises and courses available, W3Schools is a viable option for many young professionals. While the platform is free, W3Schools offers paid, premium courses to enhance your programming knowledge in specific areas and languages.

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