Top 17 Best Job Sites to Check Out if You’re Looking for Employment

You've heard of Indeed, Glassdoor, and Monster. These are some of the best job boards online. But they’re not the only ones. Find the best job sites here.

Wherever you are, whatever kind of work you do, there are tons of best job sites and free job boards out there for you. 

Some opportunities are only posted on one site and not the other, and some have handy features you can’t find on others. So it’s normal to have multiple job search accounts. 

After all, the right opportunity is out there somewhere. You just have to know which job boards are hot.  

This article will show you the best job sites, including a few you probably haven’t heard of. 

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General Job Search Sites

1. Indeed

Scrapes thousands of opportunity from company websites, job boards, and classifieds, and then compiles all the information on their site. Some companies also post job ads directly on Indeed.

You can upload a resume that you can use for one click applications and get email alerts for keywords you’ve saved. 

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t just a job board, it’s also a powerful networking platform. Users can search for jobs by job title, company name, and location. 

To apply, you can either use LinkedIn’s “Easy Apply” function, where you can submit a resume and your contact details without leaving the LinkedIn platform. If this function isn’t available on the job ad, you’ll be redirected to the company’s own job application page. 

Unlike the other best job sites listed here, LinkedIn jobs shows you exactly who posted the job, so you can contact the recruiter or job poster directly in case you don’t hear back after a few days. 

3. Monster

Monster is one of the best boards around, and probably one of the oldest, too. They have opportunities from all over the world, too. Aside from the typical job board, they also have paid services such as a Resume Highlighter, where users can have their resume featured so it appears on the top of search results for recruiters. 

4. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder shows you job ads based on the keywords on your resume, and you can also get a report of how it compares to other candidates in your field. 

5. Adzuna

Adzuna is a UK based global job search site but they also have local sites for many countries like Brazil, Germany, and Singapore. The most interesting feature of this site is the salary information that also shows whether it went up or down in the past year, along with the number of vacancies in your area.  

(By the way, will this be your first job? If you need ideas, we’ve got dozens of great ideas for best first jobs here.)

Best Job Sites for DIfferent Niches 

These job boards collect opportunities for specific industries, experience level, or interest. 

6. College Recruiter

College Recruiter is perfect for fresh graduates looking for internships, entry-level roles, or part-time jobs.

You can search for jobs by title, keywords, location, or college major. They also publish career advise specifically for students and fresh graduates. 

7. Government Jobs

This site compiles public service jobs from different branches of the government, such as emergency communications, public health, infrastructure, and more. It’s one of the best job sites for people looking for a career in public service.

Users can create an account and instantly apply to thousands of jobs on the platform. The exams included in the application process can also be scheduled within the website. 

Unfortunately, many of the jobs listed are in urban areas so applicants from rural areas might find it hard to find an opportunity near them. 

8. USA Jobs

USA Jobs has over 2.7 million federal jobs on their database with exact salary information to boot. It’s one of the best job boards around because of their transparency when it comes to salary details. 

You should note, however, that federal job applications are different from corporate ones. A federal resume is longer and has more information than a typical corporate resume. Some positions might also require security clearance. 

9. Authentic Jobs

Are you a creative or techy looking for a high-paying role in a big company? This is the best job site for you. Authentic Jobs posts opportunities from companies like Apple, Twitter, New York Times, and other big companies. 

10. Startupers

Startupers is an excellent job board for candidates who want to work in the startup scene. It’s one of the few free job boards out there, so it’s also beneficial for employers looking for talent.

Many of the jobs are tech related, but they also have a few positions for customer service or sales. 

(Know the difference between jobs and careers? Our guide lays it all out for you in an easy-to-understand way.)

11. Dice

Dice boasts of over 70K+ tech jobs that you can search by location, employment type, and telecommuting or remote work option, and date posted. It’s one of the go-to work at home job boards of tech nomads and remote employees.

You can also get email alerts for jobs and estimate the salary for a given position based on location and years of experience. 

12. PowerToFly

PowerToFly is an amazing job board that empowers female job seekers to work at home. Unlike other job boards though, PowerToFly is a bit stringent in screening people who sign up for their service. 

New users go through a vetting process, and successful applicants are matched with a potential employer for a paid trial period that can last up to 1 month. 

They also provide free coaching and resume reviews, along with invites to community events featuring other women leaders. 

13. Poached Jobs

Poached is a job board for the hospitality and restaurant industry, and probably one of the best job sites for this industry. You can search based on job function, such as bar or management, and location. Some jobs include the salary information, and they send interview reminders via text and email to avoid no-shows.

14. Remote.Co

Remote.Co curates remote jobs across different industries. It’s a great job board for applicants looking for telecommute or work at home jobs. 

15. LawCrossing

If you’re a lawyer, law student, or paralegal, make sure to check this website. They have over 130K+ legal jobs worldwide curated from over 250K law firms, corporations, and government offices. 

You can filter jobs by practice area, city, or employer (e.g. law firm, corporate, or government).

16. AngelList

AngelList is one of the best job boards for startup jobs, especially if you’re looking for remote positions. AngelList’s platform also posts information about the company, its people, funding, and culture. Applicants can use these information to their advantage during the job application.

17. Goodwall

Last but not least, us!

Goodwall is a networking platform for students, fresh graduates, and young professionals. We have over 5 million job and internship listings on our app, along with thousands of scholarship opportunities, as well. We’re quickly gaining popularity as one of the best job sites for students and young professionals.

You can also get access to volunteer opportunities and personal development courses to boost your professional skills, so log in and start looking now!

Looking for a Job? Start with a Strategy

There are many free job boards and job sites out there. But that doesn’t mean you should adapt a spray and pray approach where you apply to 10+ jobs a day with no clear strategy. 

At the very least, you should customize your resume for each job application. If you can, you should also find the name of the recruiter and address them properly on your email or application. 

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