The 5+ Best Career Advice Websites for Employment Tips & Interview Help

Thinking about changing careers? Need help navigating the employment process or workplace politics? Here are the best career advice websites to assist you on your professional journey!

Are you looking for a new job or switching to a new career field and don’t know where to start? Career-focused websites are your best friend in navigating the world of job seeking.

Whether you’re in your last year of grad school and want to prepare for your job search or a mid-level professional looking to advance your career, you’ll find great insights from experienced career experts. 

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Here are 6 of the best websites for career advice to boost your career and help you find a job you’ll love

1. The Goodwall Blog

The Goodwall Blog is this one you’re on right now, and we’re probably a bit biased, as you can imagine. Still, though, we fully believe that Goodwall is one of the best websites anywhere on the internet for great career advice.

Whether you’re searching for an internship or an entry-level job straight out of university or you’ve been a career professional for some time, Goodwall’s Blog has plenty of great tips and advice to cover your professional level. And, that’s not all! We cover the entire career journey, as well, from finding jobs to writing resumes and cover letters to acing interviews to even how to have a proper work-life balance.

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2. The Muse

The Muse is another top-notch career website that offers advice for every type of job seeker, whether you’re an entry-level worker or a CEO. The Muse allows you to explore the companies that are hiring right now where you can read all about the salaries, the company culture, and what you can expect from them if they hire you.

3. Idealist Career Blog

Idealist is a job search website that has an excellent blog on all things career for all ages and experience levels. You can search for jobs, volunteering opportunities, internships, and more.

On the Idealist career blog, you can find career advice for college students, how to find a career that fulfills you, what to do in a toxic workplace, and how to answer some tricky interview questions.

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4. Career Bliss

Career Bliss is another career website that focuses on workplace satisfaction and tips on how to make the most of your career. You can look for jobs, compare salaries, and read reviews about the companies you’re interested in so you can choose the best career path for you.

If you’re looking for career change advice and how to navigate a job in a new industry, Career Bliss is the website for you.

5. Hired

Hired is not your regular job search website. The company uses powerful software to match your skills and experience to the best jobs out there. It’s a career advice website for professionals of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. Some of the topics they cover include wage gaps and workplace discrimination, how to ace group interviews, combating imposter syndrome, and staying productive while working remotely.

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6. Indeed

Indeed is a job search website with one of the most popular career advice blogs. You’ll find tips on how to maintain your mental health during a job search, tips from career coaches, and advice on taking your career to the next level. 

7. Career Contessa

Career Contessa is the best career advice website for women of all ages, backgrounds, and industries. It was founded in 2013 by Lauren McGoodwin – a recruiter who felt like the career world was missing a career resource specifically built for women. On Career Contessa, you’ll find everything from articles and webinars to podcasts and books to help you advance in your career.

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Need the Best Career Advice Out There? These Websites Can Help!

Whether you’re fresh out of college or want to switch careers, these websites offer the top career advice for both college graduates and mid-level professionals.

Ready to jumpstart or level-up your career? Check out our careers page where we cover the latest topics in the world of recruiting to help you nail your interviews and land the job of your dreams!

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