How to Improve Internet Speed: 9 Quick and Easy Tips and Tricks

Slow internet, bad wifi signals, and poor-performing routers waste time and lower productivity. Check out these 9 quick and easy tips and tricks on how to improve internet speed!

Your internet connection should be your best friend, but it can often act like your worst enemy.

Why? A slow internet connection affects how efficient you can be. And, while doing so, it can increase your frustration and lower your will to work.

You need speed.

You need efficiency.

Your internet connection should be the least of your worries. This guide below will show you how to boost internet speed in nine easy steps. 

Keep reading to get faster internet speeds now!

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Here’s how to speed up your internet and wi-fi signal:

1. Start With Your Router

The first of these tips for faster internet involves the holy grail, your router. Make sure that there is no dust or other things around it that can be causing the issue. 

If you have to, turn the router off for about 30 seconds — one minute or move your router closer to your device (e.g., computer, smart TV). This is one way for you to know how to boost internet speed.

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2. Consider Using an Ethernet Cable

While you can access the internet anywhere using Wi-Fi, not all Wi-Fi connections are reliable and secure. An ethernet cable will give you the speed, security, and energy efficiency you need. 

If you have a great laptop or desktop with an ethernet connection, see if you can move your desk to within cable distance of the modem or router. If you have a device that doesn’t have a connection for wired ethernet cables (like a MacBook Air), you could consider purchasing an adapter.

3. Clear your Cache

Something simple you can do to speed up the internet with a click of a button is clear the cache in your browser. For Chrome users, you can install a clear cache plugin, but too many of these extensions can slow down your computer’s speed. Instead, simply go to the settings panel and clear your data.

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4. Download Opera

For another tip on how to get faster internet speed, check out a browser you may not have heard of before: Opera.

No, I’m not talking about an app dealing with the music genre. Although, that wouldn’t be bad if you’re into it. Rather, in your quest to find out how to speed up your internet, consider using Opera, a Chrome browser alternative.

The free web browser that has a built-in ad blocker, protects your privacy with a secured VPN, and gives you the freedom to customize it any way you like. Check out the features.

This web browser would be useful in helping you stay up to date with our social impact and entrepreneurship content. 

5. Make Friends With Ad Blockers

The great thing about ads is they bring in revenue for businesses. The downside is they slow down your browser. Ad blockers will help you get faster internet. 

Consider Adblock Plus as a Chrome extension, and it allows you to block ads on every site you go to and whitelist ads on websites as well.

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6. Update Your Computer

Sometimes, your internet could be slow because you haven’t updated your device in a while. Giving your computer the latest updates and installing new drivers will certainly help improve your productivity. This tip will increase internet speed and keep your computer running smoothly. 

7. Look Into Other DNS Server Options

Google’s public DNS and Cloudflare’s DNS are excellent free options to consider if you’re having trouble using the internet on your current domain name system. 

On top of speeding up your internet queries, they also add a layer or two of protection as you surf online, keeping your data out of the hands of your internet service provider (ISP) and others.

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8. Talk with your Internet Service Provider

As much as you may not want to pay for more internet during this time, you may have to upgrade your plan. They will advise you on how to increase internet speed.

9. Get A New Internet Service Provider (ISP)

If the internet service plan under your current provider isn’t cutting the mustard, then it may be time to see who else is out there. Check out their features and different plans to see what fits for you and your budget.

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How to Boost Internet Speed

If you know how to improve internet speed, then you will see a difference in your user experience at work, school, or your leisurely time.

Check out our careers & jobs content to learn how to make connections, discover opportunities at every step, showcase your skills, and more. And, if you have any questions on boosting your wi-fi signal or better tips on how to improve the speed of your internet connection, let us know below in the comments!

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