15+ Best Jobs of the Future: What Jobs Will the World Need In the Future?

Looking for the best jobs of the future and AI-proof fields to base a career upon? Here are over a dozen of the top jobs for the future to consider!

The rapid momentum of change occurring right now, both outside and within the tech world, means it can be pretty hard to predict the course of the world’s future jobs.

However, there are some insights that we can use to make informed decisions on which jobs people will take in the future. The rise of AI might be a cause for concern for some, but many jobs won’t be immediately affected by its developments.

Now, let’s discover some jobs of the future that will likely remain safe and how technology will play a fundamental part in many other job roles. Keep reading below!

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Here are some of the best jobs for the future across almost every industry:

1. Cyber Security Professional

There is a world trend of company’s and individuals shifting all of their data online. This means increasing demand for cybersecurity professionals at various capacities to ensure everyone’s information is kept safe.

And, cybersecurity is relevant on many levels, whether it’s government orientated right down to a small business’s online security needs. 

2. Nurse

It’s going to be a long time before AI-driven robots replace the skills and abilities of nurses, so don’t you worry.

Nurses are in high demand, as are many areas of medical and health services, and it doesn’t look like this will change any time soon. Nursing is a gratifying career with job stability, and there’s the ability to specialize in specific fields. Furthermore, you can work worldwide as a nurse, given that many nations require professionals in this field.

Some of the best jobs for the future related to nursing include job titles such as physician assistants, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, registered nurses, and health services managers.

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3. Engineer

Engineers of all types are required, but those with advanced coding and technical skills are in high demand in fields like biomedical engineering, logistics and warehousing, and agricultural technology.

In general, hi-tech manufacturing like driverless car technology is something to look into. As well, anything to do with electronics and robotics will be a large part of careers in the future.

Engineers are well compensated, and their talents are in high demand all over the world. So becoming an engineer means you’ll have plenty of options to specialize in and opportunities to travel.

4. Business/Operations Research Analyst

If you’re interested in both IT and how businesses function, becoming a business analyst might be right up your street. Business analysts work to make IT and business function seamlessly and work to improve information systems for business. Operations research analysts advise company decision makers on how to solve current and future business problems.

These are also high-paying career paths that have been growing into clear fields of their own. You can expect around $70,000 or more in earnings per year once you establish yourself among the ranks of competent business management analysts or operations research analysts. 

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5. Customer Service Representative

If you’re great with people and enjoy conversation and helping others, becoming a customer service representative can be an enriching career path. 

Customers are at the core of any business, and keeping good customer relations is a factor that companies are always trying to improve in a competitive economy.

Not only do you have to have good people skills, but you also need to be able to input data accurately. This is especially true when dealing with financial data, health data, and sensitive customer records.

And one thing’s for sure, no robot or AI system is entirely going to replace a customer’s need sometimes to speak to a real person! This could be one of the best blue-collar jobs of the future.

6. Diagnostics Technician

More specifically, light vehicle diagnostics technicians are in ever-increasing demand. Cars of the future will be fitted with a vast array of electronics and computer systems, and we all know these can fail or not be fitted correctly at times.

Your job as a diagnostics technician is to seek out any faults in a car’s electronics. Furthermore, with driverless car technology on the verge of coming to fruition, there’ll likely be specialist roles encompassed in this type of job.

Start with aiming for a bachelor’s degree in information technology or a specialized field of technology or engineering, such as data science.

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7. Conservationist

As more industrialization emerges and technology develops, the need for conserving our natural spaces and environments is crucial. As well, global thinking is becoming geared towards a greener future, so as a conservationist, you’ll play a vital role in this way of thinking.

Your job may involve research but also practical work to ensure natural environments stay clean and respected by people and industry. And, you’ll have a strong social impact on future generations as a conservationist

8. Teacher

There are not so many jobs out there with the level of job security and level of satisfaction you can gain, like teaching. Plus, you can teach almost anything, meaning you can follow your passions and then pass on your enthusiasm for a subject to others.

Furthermore, you’ll be contributing to a brighter and more educated world. After all, education is the most powerful weapon we can use in this world. Though you may get by with a bachelor’s degree in education, many schools will require at least a master’s degree.

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9. VFX and CGI Specialists

Visual effects are an essential future need. Everyone is interacting with video these days, and that interaction can only increase. As well, VFX and CGI specialists don’t just have to contribute to movies or series. Small scale operators like YouTube channels are investing in VFX and CGI specialists too.

Plus, many educational programs require CGI and VFX to make their content really come to life.

10. UI/UX Designer

Universal Interface Designers make the user interface that people use on websites, programs, apps, and other similar products. Their job is to make the user experience fluid, understandable, and easy to use.

To be a UX designer, you need to have creativity and an understanding of logic and computers, and coding is a must. Furthermore, they test their creations and consult with their clients to develop better end goals and systems.

More and more of our work and leisure time is conducted through software and online. So the demand for UX designers is only going to increase.

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11. Drone Manager

If you’re interested in new jobs of the future 2030 or later, then a Drone Manager might be a job to consider. It might be that this job role even appears widespread sooner, given the rapid technological advancements.

It seems drones will be an integral part of our future, and they’ll need managing when there are large swarms of them and extensive operations that they carry out.

A similar job role today is a fleet manager. So it could be a good idea to get into this industry-first to gain experience that could be relevant for future drone managers.

12. End-of-Life Coach 

Death is something we all avoid talking about, but the baby-boomer generation will be coming to the end of their lives within the next 10 to 20 years, and they may need help in dealing with this fact of life.

An End-of-life coach could help people to deal with the emotional and practical sides of preparation in the final years of someone’s life. This definitely could be a job of the future 2025 and onward.

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13. Autonomous Driving Specialist

With the rise of self-driving cars and other similar vehicles that don’t require drivers, there need to be people to monitor all this activity. It might be that these specialists monitor and divert traffic flow where there’s too much traffic in one area.

As well, these specialists may monitor the flow of drones, including drone aircraft in a region. It really could be like a job that you’ve seen out of Star Wars!

14. DevOps Engineer

Here is a that does exist now, and it’s very much needed. A DevOps engineer works to bridge the gap between engineering and coding. They facilitate the smooth functionality between code created and the physical mechanisms that make use of that code.

Therefore, to be a DevOps engineer, you need to communicate well across multiple departments. Also, DevOps engineers have access to a lot of sensitive data and equipment, so they need to be very trustworthy.

Other great jobs for the future related to dev ops include software developers, information security analysts, and blockchain developers. Depending on the specific job title, you could get in with just a high school diploma, although many will require a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

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15. Mobile App Developer

Many companies understand the value of having their own mobile app. So there need to be more developers out there that are offering more affordable app solutions to serve these businesses. 

Mobile app development is a multi-skilled job role (and also one of the most flexible jobs you can get!). You need to understand and implement coding. But you also need to have some UX design skills, creativity, and problem-solving skills too.

16. Artist

In the past, the outlet for a lucrative career in artistry was only for the few. Nowadays, the world demands artists on a large scale, and there are so many avenues to choose from when thinking about becoming an artist.

From animation to gaming, comics to package design – there’s a route for everyone with an artistic streak. 

It is a career that can cross into design too. Fashion design and product aesthetics design are good examples of design-orientated and art-related jobs.

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17. Epidemiologist

Finally, given the recent pandemic and the likelihood of future unknown diseases ravaging our populations, the need for epidemiologists is growing.

In this job role, you’ll be searching for the causes and effects of diseases and measure how much they could impact regional and global populations.

Some of Many Jobs of the Future

We’ve just touched upon a handful of jobs that are likely to continue or spring up at some point in the future. The jobs of the future we have covered are just the tip of the iceberg of what could be possible! 

Thanks for stopping by, and we invite you to check out more informative reads about careers on our blog. And finally, we’d like to say good luck in deciding on your future career.

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