Patricia Pine Wins the First-Ever Goodwall Art Challenge! 🙌

At Goodwall, we just hosted our very first art challenge, creatively called the #GoodwallArtChallenge :) Check out the winning entry from Patricia Pine here, along with an interview with the artist and some great submissions from the runner-ups!

Recently, we hosted a virtual art show / competition to help our members showcase their creativity and take their minds off the state of the world outside.

Called the #GoodwallArtChallenge and hosted by our very own Niels Den Daas, we asked Goodwallers around the world to send us their concept of Goodwall’s logo.

Here’s Niels’ announcement video:

“Happy Monday, everyone! So, I’m here to announce the newest challenge, because I got blown away by the amazing artists that we have on this platform, and I want to challenge every one of you. This week, using the hashtag ‘GoodwallArtChallenge’ (#GoodwallArtChallenge), I want to receive your take on the Goodwall logo. What does Goodwall mean to you? What does Goodwall represent to you? You can do it in any creative way that you like. This Saturday (July 18, 2020), the piece of art with the most votes will be featured on a blog post on our website! So please, in any way that you like, photography, drawing, painting, dance, I don’t care, make something beautiful, share it on the platform, and we will see it, and vote on it, and love it. See you around!”

About Patricia Pine and Her Winning Submission

Over the course of the challenge, we received dozens of creative entries from every corner of the planet.

However, there could only be one winner, of course, and her name is Patricia Pine.

Here’s her submission, which, as of the time of writing, had almost 200 votes:

Patricia Pine entry for the Goodwall Art Challenge participation

“Goodwall represents to me that no matter what skin colour you have, who you are, where you’re from, what identity you have, you matter, we matter, as together. We will build a better future and a wonderful world by creating our future now. Showcase your talents, connect to different citizens, and share your interests.”

(You can check out her original post here.)

Congratulations to you, Patricia!

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A Short Interview With Patricia Pine

I had the opportunity to sit down with our winning artist (virtually, of course) and ask her a few questions. (Disclosure: responses slightly edited, but only for grammar and syntax.)

So, Patricia, tell me a little bit about yourself, if you would! 

I’m Patricia, I am 17 years old and a senior high school student from Metro Manila, Philippines. I have been living without my parents from a young age until now. I’m living in a small apartment with my brothers, and they are the ones who act as my guardians. I’m currently working as a freelance event photographer while also a full-time student.

That’s quite ambitious! 

What’s your artistic background? Were you interested in art from childhood, or is this more recent?

I just started doing some artwork recently. I was actually envious of other people who posted their artwork on social media, and, besides, I was still looking for more opportunities to discover what I really wanted to do before I entered college. And I think I’ve already found my passion. I am actually doing photo manipulation and photo editing, and, when I tried digital art, I was really happy that I can do it even though I’m just a beginner.

Here’s a sample of some of Patricia’s other work:

You describe yourself as an “ailurophile.” I had to look that one up, but I now know this means “a lover of cats.” I have a cat myself, and, I must tell you, I absolutely despise him sometimes 😀 But what exactly does this mean for you? 

I’m a cat lover. I have a mother cat and her babies here, because I think that having a cat is one thing that really helps to reduce your stress. And, of course, I am in the middle of my teenage years, and that’s the phase where there are a lot of things that I really need to do and some obligations that I should do. Having a cat is really helpful, and they are adorable.

Can’t argue with you there! 

Does your passion for art intersect with your profession or schooling in any way? Will art play a role in your career path?

Yes, because I am planning to choose Communication Arts when I get into college, and I think that’s where I can fully develop my passion for the profession.

What is your favorite medium when creating art? If it’s digital, which programs do you use?

Uhm, when it comes to art, I mainly do photo manipulation, like doing posters (movie posters). I just download the pictures, and then I will use them to make something together. Like what I did for my #GoodwallArtChallenge entry. And doing digital art is just my playful time, because I am not really that good when doing it, as I’m still practicing. As for software, I’m using Photoshop CC. I actually started using Inkscape, but, because of many problems happening when I’m using it, I try to use Photoshop then boom. Hihi. It’s more convenient and easy to master.

Do you have a public profile of your artwork, perhaps a personal website or Behance portfolio?

I do actually have an Instagram account where I post some of my artwork; it is still growing, and I have only posted a few of them. Also, I have my Facebook page where I post all of my event photography for business matters.

Does winning the Goodwall Art Challenge help your passion?

Yes, of course. Especially when Niels said that whichever one had the most votes in the end will be featured on our website, that really pushed me to do this art, because I think it is a great way where I can showcase my talent and be featured on an international website.

Well, again, congratulations to you, Patricia! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me, and Goodwall is excited to see what creative things come from you next! 🙌

A Few Other Notable #GoodwallArt Entries

Patricia was our winner, but she definitely had some fierce competition. So, while we can’t quite feature everyone’s entry in this article, here are a few of the top contenders:

David Ayobami Olowookere

See his post on Goodwall here.

Ruchi Rathi

Ruchi Rathi entry to GoodwallArtChallenge

Monika(lalin) Bk

Goodwall Art Challenge - Monika BK

See her post on Goodwall here.

To see more like this and to show your support (comment or like!), check out the #GoodwallArtChallenge, #GoodwallArt, and #ArtChallenge hashtag pages. 

Also, participate yourself next time around!

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See you there!

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