UNICEF launches the Covid-19 Youth Challenge across Africa

UNICEF has partnered with Goodwall, Cartedo and various other supporters to launch the Covid-19 Innovation Challenge. As part of the challenge on Goodwall you’ll find your online community to receive support, chat with other participants, find inspiration while completing your challenge, and be eligible for more weekly prizes!

UNICEF has partnered with Goodwall, Cartedo and various other supporters to launch the Covid-19 Innovation Challenge. As part of the challenge on Goodwall you’ll find your online community to receive support, chat with other participants, find inspiration while completing your challenge, and be eligible for more weekly prizes!

COVID-19 is impacting us all as we deal with the new normal of social distancing and lockdowns, spread of misinformation, stalled education, food shortages and more. This forces us to explore unique ways to cope. 

We believe that youth have unique perspectives on these challenges and should be given the opportunity to become knowledge producers. This is your chance to Be seen, Be heard and Be the Change!

How to Participate

Goodwall is offering weekly rewards to the most impactful ideas during the challenge! Here’s how you can participate:

STEP 1: Download the Goodwall app and complete your profile here (available on iOS or Android).

STEP 2: Complete the challenge on Cartedo. 

STEP 3: In your Goodwall profile, click on the “+” icon, and select the “Achievement” option. 

STEP 4: a) Describe your solution; b) Add the photo of your prototype; and c) include a link to your prototype on Cartedo. 

STEP 5: In the “Keywords” section, add the keyword “Covid-19 Challenge”. 

STEP 6: Once your achievement is ready to be posted, click on “Post”. 


Based on the T&C of the initial Covid-19 Youth Challenge, weekly winners will receive 250 USD each. 

Your Goodwall profile will remain an important feature in whether you’re chosen as the overall winner. As it tells your story beyond the idea, it’s important that the profile is well completed, with multiple achievements and/or posts, and relevant links that can give the jury a holistic view of the participant.


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Christian Eilers
Written By Christian Eilers
is a writer and expert on the topics of education, entrepreneurship, career advice, travel, and culture. On the Goodwall Blog, he covers topics including self-improvement, social impact, college preparation, career development, climate action, and more. Christian is originally from New York City and now resides in Warsaw, Poland. At his desk, you're sure to find Pickwick, his Devon Rex cat, either attacking his fingers as he types or the monitor as the mouse pointer moves around.

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  1. i really wanna appreciate you so much as i have received my certificate as earlier started. i thank UNICEF and its join team for really honoring us with such a document to add to my CV. i hope another opportunity comes will come far more than this one. i join other colleague to appreciate and make a clarion call that you would or may consider the guys for any financial assistance because there’s hardship. thank you so much for this platform

  2. i am very very happy to received my certificate it was not a maggic at all by participating on Covid 19 challenge. Thank you

  3. Good morning my erudite leaders. First of all, I want to sincerely appreciate the leadership of this noble platform for a job well done. To this note, I say bravo! But, let me state categorically that, I am not happy with the Management of the Goodwall Limited. At least, despite tribalism and other sentiment, they would have given to us a little cash at least for our efforts and contributive ideas towards the grow and sustainability of the globe. However, I still solicit from your reputable office to please look at my humble appeal and see how you can reinforce the members of this platform for they said, “knowledge is power”. Therefore, help us because we made used of data in updating every pieces of information via the platform as well as other platforms assigned to us during the UNICEF CHALLENGE 2020. Most interestingly sir, UNICEF has done their by issuing it’s certificate therefore, please help us too even it a token honestly, we will definitely appreciate your efforts and in turn, I say God bless you and the noble platform, Amen.
    #Wisdom John Sunday
    Bank: Diamond Bank
    Acc. No: 0041710150
    Acc. Name: Sunday, Wisdom John

  4. Thank you very very much once again I really appreciate the certificate given to me.
    But please how do someone know if he/she qualifies for the other rewards such as Free mentorship,business advice,weekly financial rewards,free CV reviews etc.

  5. I really very glad for this wonderful opportunity. I have received my certificate by E-mail.
    I really appreciate it.
    Thank you Yoma and thank you all.
    Pls. I made a mistake during register, My full Name is Aliyu Musa Adamu not (Aliyu musa Adami damu) I wish it would be Updated.
    Thanks all.

  6. I really appreciate for this wonderful opportunity is very interesting and illuminating. Thanks to you all.

  7. I am very very happy and grateful to have recieved my certificate through my e-mail.
    Thank you Cartedo.
    Thank you Yoma.

  8. I am grateful to God for completion of the program. I have equally received my own certificate. Thank you all

  9. I want to use this medium to thanks and appreciate for the covic 19 challenge, I have receive my certificate of participant

  10. I am delighted to be honored by UNICEF, Goodwall, Cartedo and other partner agencies, with COVID-19 Challenge Certificate. It is my wish that I continue to put up my best towards impacting human life; positively. I really appreciate.
    Thanks to the organizers.

  11. Dear Sir/Ma,
    I just finished my covid-19 challenge. It was such a good, educational and rigorous process that saw me improving in almost all part of my skills. Thanks to the stakeholders of this project. However, I am yet to receive my certificate, so I hereby ask for more information about my certificate. My email is saniabdullahirano@gmail.com
    thanks in anticipation of your positive response.

    1. Please can someone help me out,

      Good evening.

      I am unable to redeem my certificate ever since yesterday.
      I was sent the first email which said congratulations on completing the COVID-19 challenge with cartedo
      You can now redeem your certificate and ZLTO certificate through Yoma by clicking the botton below which I was redirected to the website and I filled all the required information Wherefore it I was asked to go back to my email for confirmation, since then I haven’t receive any confirmation email regarding to it.the photos attached to this email is the response I have gotten so far
      I have done all the directions given to me from the website page to get my certificate or assess my Yoma account but to no avail.
      Please sir I appeal to you to help me with this problem.

      My Cartedo account details are:
      Name: Obi Michael.
      Email: obimichael10023@yahoo.com.
      Nationality: Nigeria.
      Phone number: 08032382498

      I look forward to hearing from you.
      Thanks in anticipation.

      Best regards,
      Show less

        1. I am very much Happy for solving my problem.
          My certificate has been sent to me via email
          Thank you so much Christian Eilers and your team for making this challenge a success.

  12. I am highly delighted for recognition and issued of certificate,this will make me very proud.and it will give me opportunity to add the certificate in my Credentials and my CV and increase my chances in getting job with any NGOs, Thanks to the organizers for this wonderful programs. I appreciate you all

    1. Congratulations Isa it was a wonderful experience, I have also received my certificate too

  13. Am happy seen my certificate its been a great time spend with you people
    thank you UNICEF, CARTEDO,YOMA……..

    1. Weldon ma guy i like ppl like you anything come to you take it an show the organisation you are happy with

  14. I’m being blocked out of my Goodwall account.
    I very sorry for any offense I have committed for such punishment.

    And I have not gotten my certificate. I have been trying to redeem it but to no avail.

    I ask from my heart to forgive me.
    My account details are:
    Email: obimichael10023@yahoo.com.
    Phone number: 08032382498.
    Thanks in anticipation.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards,

  15. I have received my certificate yesterday, but j have had a feeling that after this certificate we deserve another gift just after spending months in this challenge. This certificate is not enough!!!!!

      1. some are behaving like child this certificate is good to him at all i swear so to me i thank GOD with the certificate

  16. Hi I’m Potipha Peter and I’m done with my challenge, pls how do I get my certificate.
    I’ve seen others getting theirs

  17. Am very glad to be one of the weekly winner during the challenge, thanks to Goodwall community. Hoping to receive the package..

  18. HI AM JOSHUA OCHOCHE and am done with my challenge how do i get my certificate. I really enjoy this innovatives challenge this has change my personality perspectives. All gratitude to UNICEF and CARTEDO! @JOSHCANDID

  19. Very interesting and educational, I got more knowledge on this platform and at the end i redeemed my certificate at the end of the challenge. Thank you goodwall, cartedo.

  20. I am highly greatfull to be part of this amazing body of knowledge and transformation. Long live UNICEF and the entire team members for the humanism.

  21. It was a great pleasure on me to received the covid-19 challenge certificate by UNICEF partner with cartedo
    Meanwhile, when are we going to received our award/Reward

  22. Hello. Am Gwet Daniel done with my challenge of cortedo how can I redeem my certificate? Now that the challenge is closed?

  23. Well, its a good challenge and shows how my thoughts are to a problem.
    How can I redeem my yoma certificate

  24. Its my honor and privilege so to say,with humble I pass my thanks and gratitude to all participants and governing body , this is an opportuinity to the humanity .

  25. This challenge was both insightful and great. Thanks to Cartedo, UNICEF and the Goodwall community.

  26. I congratulate every participant, I believe all have gained knowledge and I also extend my gratitude to you Unicef team. Kudos to you. It was quite interesting and beneficial during this lock down. I look forward to see more of this

  27. Hello, kindly inform me on how I can redeem my Certificate for the Unicef Covid-19 challenge.

    Also, how do I know if I have been awarded a price here on Goodwall.

    Thank you

  28. hi, i am vasu gupta from india. I have completed my unicef cartedo covid19 challenge. can you tell me how can i redeem my certificate through yoma platform as i am unable to find anything there. since my challenge is also completed so how can i download my certificate.
    thanking you,
    Vasu Gupta

  29. Covid 19 challenge has helped us to develop ideas necessary to change the way we cope with everday confrontations

  30. It’s a privilege to be part of this challenge, thank you Unicef, catedo, Goodwall and other partners.

  31. Thank you so much unicef for making us to share our experience to the world am so much greatful

  32. Covic 19 challenge was very good and educative…please how can I receive my certificate..

  33. The virus doesn’t move, we move it hence the best way can be by staying at home home and following precautions by medical personnel’s.
    Thank you for keeping me busy during this lockdown and looking forward to hear from you.

  34. Covid19 Challenge was very insightful and the information I got is so incredible.

    Thank you Cartedo for this initiative.

    But how can I get my Certificate now?

  35. Thanks to UNICEF, government, for coming up with this challenge and for the cares and concerns for his people. Participating in the covid-19 challenge, was indeed a great experience for me.

  36. Glory be with Almighty Allah for keeping us alive on this so-called covid-19 & Goowall for being therefore us thanks sir.

  37. Covid19 challenge was a good one with utmost importance and impact for the youths especially the participants.
    I appreciate your ingenuity to curb the ugly trends it has caused.

  38. Paur combattre le covid19 nous tous nous sommes obliges de c savoir comment le pendemie se propage ces symptomes ,ainsi que la contaminationd’où il faut qu’ily aun campagne d’enseigner dans toutes les nations

  39. Want to say a bog thank you to Almighty God and to Goodwall community for such a wonderful opportunity it was actually a spectacular avenue and a place to be, with new faces, new ideas and globalization thank God we all have done it now is left for us to see our rewards which everyone is anticipating for a very long time. I wish the winner a good luck

  40. I do appreciate the great effort on covid -19 challenge, is indeed a awakening call to help in small measure in combating this menace.

  41. Quite right the project is very helpful and understanding. Hope these will continue, course such projects are very helpful and our participation seem to be educative.
    Thanks. Sani Kassim

  42. I’m Delighted to to be part of this Covid 19 Challenge project, Seriously I have learn and achieve and learned lot during this project and still Looking to get more Advancement thanks

  43. I am so glad to be part of this platform so that we can share Ideas on how to deal with this COVID19 pandemic.

  44. I really appreciate for been sein the end of covid 19. I hope some many peoples facing an challenge but due to the situation of virus as how it spreading I like to use this opportunity to thanks those that will rewards us

  45. I really appreciate the organisers of this important program. It has really taught me more on identification of problems, proffer solutions on the problems at this critical periods. I can now develop new ideas effectively, Think positively and a pleasantly relate with others.
    I have completed the finished stage but could not obtain my certificate and financial reward
    Please help my name Comr, Aliyu kutuna. Thanks

  46. Am glad to have participated in this challenge in order to find a solution on how to survive in this period pandemic period.

  47. I will like to quickly make some words regarding the covid-19 as it is in my dear African continent.Actualy many people in Africa do not have trust for their leaders, this actually contribute significantly to the risen number of cases. If we are to take Nigeria as an example you will see people insulting the president whenever he come out to address the nation,in fact some people are steal seeing there is no covid-19 in the country despite the number of deaths being recorded every day. People are saying they want to see the isolation center where the patients are receiving treatment even through television like other countries in the world.If this people’s problems fail to address they will never believe there exists covid-19 not only in Nigeria in the whole West Africa. The government has to look profer and effective way to create awareness to all and if possible they should display for the the isolation centers where people are receiving treatment that will make them to observe all the guidelines laid down by medical experts. Letter.

  48. Actually , I am very glad be here because COVID-19 challenge platform is an opportunity for all to share experiences and knowledge to others in order to solve problems and gains more knowledge and understanding.

  49. I am so happy to join this platform and contribute my quarter towards the effective solution to the spread of covid-19.I am also glad to share with other people around the world my experience on how to bring an end to this virus.

  50. This covid19 has caused a lot of havoc in the whole country. And am very glad to be on this platform that is seeking for the solution of this deadly disease.

  51. COVID-19 has changed everyone’s life, and getting the chance to actually share my ideas on how to stop this disease has been an amazing experience.

  52. Actually , I am very glad be here because COVID-19 challenge platform is an opportunity for all to share experiences and knowledge to others in order to solve problems .

    1. Yes it is very important platform for us to share experience and knowledge to one another in order to solve problems.

  53. Covid-19 challenge was a great experience and a very good way to share my knowledge with others Thank you for the opportunity

  54. I and my colleagues went to communities and civic educate them on how to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic in our country, which among them is social distance, washing hands frequently, using hand sanitizer and many more.

  55. I really appreciate the organisers of this important program. It has really taught me more on identification of problems, proffer solutions on the problems at this critical periods. I can now develop new ideas effectively, Think positively and a pleasantly relate with others.
    I have completed the finished stage but could not obtain my certificate and financial reward
    Please help

  56. Well, this channel honestly help me a lot and in light me how to face a problem or rather a challenge and come up with solution.
    Henceforth, through this wonderful innovation program almost world challenges we’re seeing here and there will be curb and curtail because the number of participants are almost youths who can develop a new ideas and algorithms for to solve problems.
    Thank you all and may God almighty bless you

  57. I am happy to be member of this pandemic diseases prevention awakening group Goodwall platform

  58. I think with this Challenge, I have learnt a lot, starting with identification of a problem or problems and solving the problems, I have also learnt how to create ideas, think positively and also profer solutions to problems.

  59. I’m facing a problem of continuing with my application. May you help me with the procedure or how to find the form to fill please?

  60. Hello Admin,

    I have been trying to downloadbut goodwall app.

    but it kept on showing device not compatible..

    What is the wayout?

  61. This is a great opportunity to learn something new. I really appreciate the effort of UNICEF and u-report

  62. It was a privilege for me to be part of this innovative challenge organized by UNICEF. I learnt quite a few things about areas of improvement(s) as regards my personality and relationship with others. I look forward to receiving my reward.

  63. This challenge is innovative and inspiring, thanks to UNICEF, Cartedo and also U Report for this wonderful opportunity to share my idea all around the world.

  64. I appreciate UNICEF, Cartedo, Goodwall and others for initiating this kind of challenge for the youth; It is a privilege.

  65. Thank you UNICEF for this great opportunity to participating in this challenge,it was great experience

  66. This is a great opportunity to young people who are ready to change the world in a positive way, Big thanks to UNICEF,Cartedo and other partners involved, I can wait to see my reward.

  67. UNICEF you are doing a great job in improving the lives of people especially here in Africa. and am also glad for completing the challenge

  68. this is a great a idea from UNICEF please continue supporting the people from Africa especially those from rural areas

  69. The challenge was an eyes opener, i enjoy been a participant. Thank you unicef and all the organizers for this opportunity

  70. Wow this was an educative challenge I go through it really impress me because so many ideas are brought up thank you so much I really enjoyed the challenge and had alot ofexperience

  71. an outstanding and precious opportunity of youth and young inventors of #AFRICA_ in which bulk and real ideas can be brought up and shared between different minds and environments…..it was a gruesome challenge to be part of
    thanks to the joined organizations that sponsored the challenge. special thanks and appreciations to #UNICEF_

  72. Thanks to UNICEF this was Innovative, challenging and educative. It helped in bringing out some silent and untapped ideas & abilities in me.

  73. Wow, this is great. I have successfully completed my challenges. The challenges had really helped me in so many ways

  74. Am grad that i completed my challege and signed by Goodwall .This platform wu help us as youth to contribute idealogies to deal with covid 19
    I love challenge
    More thanks to unicef

  75. I love this challenge..
    I have completed mine.
    Thank you UNICEF for providing this wonderful opportunity.

  76. Wow! UNICEF, I want to use this opportunity to thank you greatly for this opportunity given to me to be part of this. Am grateful

  77. Have completed my challenge before I downloaded the goodwall app. Now I couldn’t do the exercise on goodwall or is there another way I can about it ?

  78. This is a great challenge, I have learn alot, infact I have crack my brain. This is the challenge that will make you to be expert in all aspect of knowledge.

  79. Thanks so much for UNICEF and All Others Organization and their members towards Covid-19 Challenge. It’s so grateful to me and progressive been a One amount the participants in fighting this pendemic and we are keeping going in any moment as far as you invited us. Thanks Also to all my colleague Participants.

  80. Is really an opportunity for me to participate in the covid-19 challenge,looking forward in receiving a massage. Thank you

  81. I am thankful to UNICEF fo the opportunity to be a part of the challenge, I have really learnt a lot

  82. It was awesome to participate in the UNICEF challenge, I really do love it but I haven’t received any response from UNICEF till date. If I may ask, why?

  83. The COVID-19 challenge has been a great experience for me and it has been a very rewarding one too. Many thanks to Unicef and their partners.

  84. It is a great achievement participating in the unicef covid 19 change because I learn a lot of lessons.
    I can’t wait to receive my certificate of participation.
    Thank you.

  85. Though am through with the covid-19 challenge, I hope I will be able to obtain my rewards as I could not download the app. I’m a U reporter since 2017. Please I need a reply. Thanks in anticipation.

  86. I glad to finish the challenge on time. Thanks to UNICEF and co partners for the opportunity given to young people to contribute their ideas in solving problems.

  87. Being a participant on this COVID-19 challenge is really awesome as a move to bring a change to society. More so, it improves my capabilities, courage and realizes my potentiality.
    Thanks so much

  88. Thanks to UNICEF for the challenge.. it’s was indeed an interesting one. But I’m yet to receive a feedback from UNICEF till now… don’t know why…

    1. Hi Nelson, thanks for writing in, and I’m sorry if you’re not getting the responses you’re expecting! To better help you out, please contact support@goodwall.org and they’ll assist you quite quickly. Also, since this is a challenge and it’s pretty urgent, you can write directly to jeff@goodwall.org, and he should help you out immediately! Good luck, Nelson!

  89. Thanks to UNICEF, u-reporter and other agencies for the opportunity given to participate in covid-19 challenge. Is quite impressive.

  90. Thanks to UNICEF, U-Report,
    I’m so glad to be part of this great platform to develop new skills.

  91. Good morning everyone, I’m pleased to be here. But please I am yet to know how to go about the Goodwall reward of the covid19 challenge

  92. It took me a while to get here due to lack of internet. However, this is the motivation for my idea and I believe solution will be proffer. Thank you for the opportunity.

  93. A big kudos to you, for given this opportunity for young people to share their views and ideas regarding this pandemic. “COVID-19 CHALLENGE”.

  94. My sincere gratitude goes to the developers of this organization for enabling me to participate. I say a big thank you.

  95. Thanks to UNICEF, government, private sectors, CARTEDO, GOODWALL and global partners for giving me/the youths opportunity to participate and share ideas in this COVID-19 challenge.
    Contributing to fight against COVID-19 and proposed solutions for the post COVID-19 era, really improved my skills, and it’s awesome👍.
    I finished all the challenges and my prototype sent to GOODWALL.👍
    Let’s fight together, win together for better tomorrow and make the world great..
    Thanks Alot.😆

  96. This was quite challenging. Thank you for this great opportunity. I really appreciate and would like to participate in another edition.

  97. I really appreciate the community for this great opportunity I have been given to share the ideas that have been burning in me for so long.

  98. Am so happy to be a part of this,by participating in the covid-19 challenge program I have learned a lot.bravo to the sponsors!!

  99. This is the best innovation of learning, teaching, dispatching knowledge and making impart in our world for the benefit of now and better for the future.
    I love it, and i wish to have more of it.
    A very BIG thanks to those that made it possible.

  100. This is my first time of doing this and it has improved me, I love it, and will love to participate next time.

  101. A team like this is a team to progress, However the Covid19 challenge has impacted me to be more influential in the society and getting to see new peers its quite an achievement

  102. It is a very remarkable ideas by this platform to ensure that the safety of people is a top priority, and again I will like to use this as an opportunity to say a big thanks to all the sponsors for the opportunity to partake in this Covid19 challenge

  103. The deadly covid-19 pandemic isn’t a death Sentence. We should adhere to precautionary measures, by maintaining social distancing, report to the NCDC, relevant health authorities if we feel otherwise or any suspected case. Regularly wash our hands in running water, use alcohol based sanitizers as it were. Together, we’ll win the war against the deadly covid-19 pandemic.

  104. Good afternoon. I participated in the ongoing Covid 19 challenge , I duly completed all the stages of the challenge, but no response till now.

    1. Hi Princeton, thanks for writing in, and I’m sorry if you’re not getting the responses you’re expecting! To better help you out, please contact support@goodwall.org and they’ll assist you quite quickly. Also, since this is a challenge and it’s pretty urgent, you can write directly to jeff@goodwall.org, and he should help you out immediately! Good luck, Princeton!

  105. The challenges with covid 19 has change the way of life individual but by inheriting to the control measure such as social distancing, lockdown, use of nose mask and hand sanitizer and others measures it will help to contain and control the spread of this pandemic in our society today even in the post covid 19

  106. Am so glad this idea or app is created as for all life is being hard to fight covid 19 in all over the world so it’s a good opportunity for health professionals and other to share ideas ,solutions,for controling and preventng of the pandemic disease (covid 19) and for all societies to unite together for a better solution.