Building a Gen Z Workforce: What to Look for When Assessing Recruiting Solutions

There are an estimated 61 million members of Generation Z (individuals born in the mid-1990s to early 2000s) who are beginning to enter the workforce. Generation Z is the first generation of digital natives, to whom the constant use of digital tools for just about everything is second nature. In addition to their digital mindset, their incredible diversity makes them attractive hires for any organization.

Gen Zers possess unique traits, and recruiting them effectively requires a solution that will allow you to meet them where they are and connect in ways that are familiar and desirable to them. Here are four things to look for when assessing recruiting solutions that will help you attract Generation Z talent:


Generation Z grew up with the internet, smartphones, and social media—the first generation to do so. As a result, Gen Zers are heavy users of digital technology and use it for just about everything, including researching companies and identifying job opportunities. To learn about a potential employer, they aren’t just visiting job boards and career pages. Instead, they are more likely to use their favorite platforms to assess career opportunities.

According to one study, Gen Z uses social networking sites to learn about a company more than traditional career sites or company information platforms like Glassdoor. Therefore, when you’re assessing recruiting solutions, it makes sense to select a social platform that not only offers Generation Z many ways to learn about your company but also uses targeted content, video, and chat features, all of which appeal to digital natives.

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Young talent don’t typically have a wealth of work experience, which can make the prospect of creating a profile on a traditional career search site a little daunting. However, they do have a range of achievements, skills, and leadership experiences that can benefit a future employer. An effective way to recruit members of Generation Z is by finding them on a career platform that allows them to create a profile that showcases their student achievements and experiences. Emerging talent are always learning new skills and sharpening their abilities across a range of disciplines, so it makes sense to review recruiting solutions and select one that can grow with students as they gain work experience and qualifications over time.


According to research by the Pew Research Center, Generation Z is considered the most diverse generation yet, which helps explain why diversity and inclusion at work are so important to them. An EY study found that 63 percent of Gen Zers feel it’s important to work with people who possess a range of education and skill levels. An additional 20 percent think that having people of different cultures and ethnicities is the most important element of a team. To attract diversity-minded Generation Z, you can benefit from using a recruiting platform that not only connects you with a diverse pool of candidates but also allows you to show candidates the ways in which diversity is valued in your organization.


Today’s young people want to engage with an employer rather than just visit a static careers page or job posting site. According to the Monster Multi-Generational Survey, Gen Zers are more likely to respond to employer brands that offer memorable online messaging.

Authentic storytelling, Q&A sessions, and virtual career fairs are all ways to showcase your employer brand. They allow for a give-and-take of information and help candidates uncover what’s really special and unique about your company. When assessing recruiting solutions, you’ll need one that allows you to connect with young people using targeted content, video, and other methods that help them learn about your company, culture, and people.

Effective recruiting solutions for Generation Z go beyond job postings and must be eye-catching and digital, and they must offer ways for candidates to interact with your brand. Members of Generation Z possess the relevant skills and experiences that are attractive to many employers. To reach them, it’s necessary to use a social career platform that engages Gen Z talent at every point along their journey, from student to early professional.

This post was originally written by Katherine Rose on April 2, 2019. Katherine has over a decade of experience in the recruitment space and brings invaluable industry knowledge to Goodwall. Katherine is dedicated to developing and fostering relationships at the enterprise level to grow Goodwall’s client base.

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