Here Are 8 Great Reasons to Study Abroad in the United Kingdom

Thinking of studying abroad for university but unsure which country to choose? Here is why you should study abroad in the United Kingdom.

Many people know studying abroad is a great way to expand their horizons, but they do not realize the practical benefits that it can provide, as well.

For example, a study from the University of California, Merced showed that, within 12 months of graduation, 97% of students who studied abroad were able to find employment. Less than half of college graduates who did not study abroad were able to do the same!

There are a number of countries ranked as popular destinations for students who want to study abroad. And, consisting of four countries in one (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales), the United Kingdom is one of the top choices in the world for students who want to study in a foreign country.


That’s what this article is all about 🙂 Read on to learn all of the great perks and advantages that come with studying in the United Kingdom!

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1. Incredible Diversity

Why study abroad in the UK? In many cases, studying abroad in the United Kingdom is synonymous with studying in London. London and other major cities in the United Kingdom boast an impressive diversity of culture.

People from all over the world come to the United Kingdom. It is a fantastic place to familiarize yourself with all kinds of different cultures, religions, political ideas, and more. In fact, there are literally hundreds of languages spoken throughout the United Kingdom!

Of course, with such a diversity of people in the country, there is also an incredible diversity of food. Whatever you are looking for or whatever you might love most about the food from home, you can almost certainly find it in the United Kingdom.

You can enjoy these amazing food experiences in a diverse array of restaurants, specialized grocery stores, and even markets for street food.

Around the world, people celebrate many different kinds of holidays. While people are working in the United States, people in China might be celebrating the Chinese New Year. And while the Chinese are getting back to school and work, in India they will be celebrating Diwali.

But you can enjoy all of these celebrations in the United Kingdom. There are a sufficient number of people from different cultures, so they have well-established celebrations of all of the biggest holidays in the world.

2. Excellent Public Transportation

There is no getting around the fact that some cities are a lot less developed when it comes to public transportation than others are. In the United States, for example, the vast majority of people depend on cars to get around.

Fortunately, London and the other major cities in the United Kingdom have spent a lot of time developing public transportation. It is a common practice in the United Kingdom to get around on a bicycle. On top of that, the United Kingdom still uses a great number of trains to help people get around quickly.

Both of these ways of getting around are rounded out by plenty of public buses and subways.

Wherever you are in the United Kingdom, you are likely to find rapid public transportation and long-distance travel options that will take you to all the other major hotspots of the country, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Belfast, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and more.

The same applies if you want to go to other major locations throughout Europe! You can take a short journey by train, coach bus, boat, or plane and get to cities in Switzerland, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, and beyond.

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3. Health Security

Of course, while you are enjoying all of the beauty and education of the United Kingdom, it is also important that you stay healthy. Fortunately, studying in the United Kingdom means that your medicinal needs will be taken care of.

The United Kingdom has one of the best healthcare systems in the whole world. For a yearly fee, you will have access to the National Health Service (NHS). The National Health Service will allow you to get all the doctors appointments and hospital treatment that you need, all from the best of the best of medical professionals.

4. An Amazing History

The United Kingdom has an incredible history. To start with, the city of London has been around since the time of ancient Rome. On top of that, the United Kingdom has collected artifacts from all around the world from back when they had colonies throughout the globe.

Additionally, the United Kingdom has created its own cultural and architectural artifacts. You can check out Big Ben and the famous Tower of London.

On top of that, you can visit the Westminster Abbey and see where coronations of royalty take place.

The United Kingdom was an incredible force in World War II that fought against the Nazis and their Axis allies.

Churchhill was one of the great leaders that fight against the axis. You can visit the Churchhill war rooms in the Imperial War Museum and learn all about the incredible struggles that the United Kingdom went through to fight against fascism.

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5. Fantastic Educational Options

Although there is a lot of benefit to just visiting the United Kingdom, your main focus will of course be to take advantage of the amazing educational opportunities there.

The United Kingdom has some of the best universities in the world. People from around the planet come to the United Kingdom, and especially to London, in order to collaborate on important projects in science, history, and more. In fact, DNA was originally discovered at a university in London.

Whatever career you end up going into, studying in the United Kingdom will allow you to network with people from all around the world. As you all graduate with an excellent education, you will be able to support each other in your careers for the rest of your lives.

With so many universities, the United Kingdom also offers an incredibly wide variety of degrees. You will be able to study things that you would not necessarily be able to study in just any university in the world. This can include things like fine arts or the finer points of philosophy.

6. A Brilliant Nightlife

If you apply to study in London or can visit it, you will notice how incredibly busy it is in the night time. There are an incredible variety of things to do every night. In the same way that New York City has people meeting up to talk about every topic you can think of, so too can you find meetings in London for whatever your interests happens to be.

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7. Incredible Music and Events

Among other events, you will find incredible music in the United Kingdom. You can find brilliant performances by fantastic symphonies or re-creations of Shakespeare. After all, Shakespeare was an English man.

Whether you were interested in modern music or classical, you will find incredible concerts going on all the time in London and throughout the other major cities of the United Kingdom.

The same applies to the latest acts in the world of comedy. Whether you want to watch comedy or participate in it yourself, you will find opportunities to do both in the United Kingdom.

You can also visit the long list of museums and galleries in London. These include the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum of London. They have some of the greatest exhibits in history and science in the world.

There are similarly prestigious museums for art and galleries where you can view modern developments from the artistic world.

Culture is an incredible combination of music, art, history, and all kinds of other creations and events. If you want to absorb as much culture as you can, then there are very few places where you can do it better than in the United Kingdom.

8. Famous Locations to Visit

So why study in the United Kingdom? To study abroad in the United Kingdom means not just to get a top-notch education, but also to get an amazing unofficial education. Some of the best reasons to study in the United Kingdom are the things that you can do when you are outside of your university.

When you are going to the United Kingdom for college, you can also take time to visit sites like Buckingham Palace or the London Eye. The London Eye is an incredible Ferris wheel that goes more than 400 feet into the air!

So if you want to know why studying in the UK might be the right choice for you, remember the education you’ll receive both in the classroom and outside!

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Enjoy Incredible Advantages When You Study Abroad in the UK

We hope that you were able to take away something helpful from this article on some of the biggest benefits that you can enjoy when you study abroad in the UK. Although it can take significant preparation to manage such a big change in your life, doing so is an investment in the breadth and depth of your experience and education.

To learn more about the advantages of studying abroad in the UK or how you can go about applying to a school in the UK, check out our other education articles on the Goodwall Blog!

Oh, and one more thing:

If you’re looking for a great university to apply to in the UK, don’t overlook the University Of Dundee!

The University of Dundee is one of the UK’s top 20 universities (The Guardian University Guide 2021) and is classed as top in the UK for climate action (Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings 2021). Their core purpose revolves around transforming lives and working locally and globally through the creation, sharing, and application of knowledge.

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