12 Best Seasonal Jobs for Young Professionals & College Students

Need a way to make some money during a summer or winter break? Take a look at the best seasonal jobs for students and young professionals.

If your a teen or young adult looking for a summer job this year, you’re in luck. According to recent surveys, 2021 was the best year for young workers since 1953. And 2022 may be even better!

As life returns to normal after the COVID pandemic, more and more employers are in search of young workers to accommodate for the sudden surge in business. 

With the market booming, young people are on the hunt for the best paying holiday seasonal jobs out there. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best seasonal jobs on the market.

Whether you are after winter break jobs, summer break jobs, or just something to keep you busy, we’ve got everything you need to know. Follow along to discover the best seasonal jobs for students and the benefits of joining the workforce in these fields. 

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1. Retail Sales Associate

This is perfect for summer or winter break jobs as both of these times are usually hopping for retail stores. 

If you don’t mind working long hours in the lead-up to Christmas, retail stores are almost always looking for extra hands to fill their shelves, help customers, and keep everything running smoothly with the holiday boom. 

What’s even better is that most retail sales positions don’t require much, if any, experience for their seasonal staff. They understand that you won’t be available after the holiday season and appreciate the short-term help. 

As a perk, the best seasonal jobs in retail sales usually offer their staff some kind of discount. This could be perfect for checking off your own Christmas shopping list without breaking the budget! 

2. Summer Camp Counselor

If you’re after the best summer break jobs, look no further than a summer camp. 

This job title is perfect for anyone who has fond memories of their own summer camp or even missed out as a kid and would still like to experience the magic of youth camp. As a summer camp counselor, you’ll be the leader of your group. You’ll be responsible for supervising children, keeping everyone safe, and making camp a little more fun for the kids. 

This job is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the warm summer air without tucking into the hard labor jobs. 

Beyond the fun environment, you’ll have the chance to join any camp team as your board and food will almost always be included in your wages. This means you can escape staying with your folks for the summer and create unforgettable memories. 

What’s more, is that this job looks excellent on university applications and your resume alike. Since camp counseling is all about leadership, you’ll be gaining a set of invaluable skills to carry with you through your working career. 

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3. Tutor

Do you excel in a certain subject? Perhaps tutoring is the right seasonal job for you. 

During the summer, many students continue with their studies to catch up where they fell behind or get ahead for the coming school year. 

No matter what these students are there for, summer schooling isn’t quite as hands-on as a school during the year. 

Because there aren’t enough students in each subject to warrant full-time teachers in that topic, one teacher or two teachers will usually supervise an entire room of students who are working independently. As they read through the material, many students struggle with the self-taught approach and seek tutors to understand the work. 

This is where you come in. 

Whether you’re in high school yourself and have just finished that course, or your studying further in college, your deep understanding of that topic could be just the help another student needs to excel!

4. Social Media Assistant

Are you studying communications or marketing at school? Instead of jumping on an ‘easy’ summer job, consider investing in your future by working in your field. 

Whether as a paid role or an internship for a promising company, working in the field you plan to pursue via an entry-level job is a great way to build your resume and gain some valuable experience for the future. Beyond this, if you are still unsure of your career path, jumping into the workforce through the holidays is a great way to test out the waters. 

As a social media assistant, you’ll be helping a team by contributing to content, copy, and advertising ideas on social media platforms. Depending on the company, you may have different responsibilities and levels of input. And, if you’re looking for a night shift job, you can find a client to work for in a time zone hours ahead of you!

Of course, no matter where you are in your studies, as a young person, you likely already have an understanding of social media and what your generation wants to see. This makes you a great asset to the team and less likely to feel like an underdog.

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5. Landscaping

Have you set your sights to get fit and tanned over the summer? Perhaps you can earn some great money while doing so!

Landscaping is hard work, but if you are up for the challenge, employers often compensate you quite generously. 

As a landscaper, you could be working on a number of different projects. You may find yourself pulling weeds at the local park or even helping design impressive yards and green spaces with the team. While the possibilities are wide open, one thing is for sure, you’ll get a lot of fresh air and sunshine. 

6. Lifeguarding

While lifeguarding does require certification, you’d be surprised how easy it is to obtain this qualification. 

If your a natural-born fish, lifeguarding is another leadership role that always looks great on a resume. What’s even better is that seasonal pools will often reach out to last year’s staff to rejoin the team. This means you could wind up having an ongoing summer break job without the lengthy application process. 

Of course, this job isn’t for the faint of heart. 

While most days you’ll be hanging out by the pool enjoying the excited sounds of kids on the summer holidays, you will be responsible in life or death situations. When something happens, the pressure will be on you to save a life and ensure everyone is safe. 

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7. Pet Sitter

Love pets? Well, when owners go away on vacation during the summer or for Christmas break, they’ll be on the hunt for a responsible body to take care of their furry family members. 

This job usually requires you either stay at the pet’s home or bring the pet into your own home for the duration of their care. You’ll be responsible for walking, feeding, and giving any necessary medications to the pets while their owners are away. 

Essentially, you’ll become their foster parent for a short time! 

8. Personal Assistant

Another great internship possibility is a personal assistant job. Just like retail, many companies find they need a little extra help during the busy months of school holidays and need young, able bodies to do the jobs not many others want to do.

While this job could be disastrous or a great adventure really depends on who you wind up assisting. 

To get the most out of the position, aim for a company that is in your desired field or a superior that you could learn a lot from. Who knows, that connection may prove to be invaluable in the near future!

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9. Golf Caddy

As far as seasonal jobs go, a golf caddy is a pretty cool title. This job is perfect for anyone who loves hitting the course and wants to learn more about the sport. 

While you’ll spend most of your time hauling golf bags and cleaning off golf balls, you’ll get the chance to chat and learn from some pretty great golfers along the way. The bonus? If you do your job well, you’ll often receive pretty generous tips from the country club members!

10. Food Services

Another great choice for winter break jobs lies within the food industry. 

Whether it be a fancy local restaurant or a kiosk at the mall, most food services see an increase in demand during the summer and winter break. 

If your great with people and want to fill up your piggy bank with hard-earned tips, you might be the perfect candidate for this tasty industry. As a perk, many kitchens will allow you a free or discounted meal while on shift!

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11. Movie Theater Employee

Speaking of perks, if you’re after awesome employee discounts and snacks, look no further than the movie theater. 

while these seasonal jobs don’t pay as well as others, the work is pretty easy and often earns you discounted access to the latest movies. 

If your a lover of the cinemas and don’t mind cleaning up some sticky messes, head on down to your local theater and land yourself this movie lover’s role.

12. Housekeeping

While cleaning isn’t for everyone, there’s no question that housekeeping is one of the best-paying holiday seasonal jobs out there. 

Choose from residential or commercial cleaning or even join the housekeeping crew at your nearest hotel to build up your savings during school break. Of course, don’t expect the job to be sunshine and roses. 

You’ll face a variety of unpleasant messes, so pull on your gloves, and get ready to work hard for your paycheck.

The Best Seasonal Jobs

Now that you know the best seasonal jobs for young people, it’s time to hit the pavement. From the best indoor winter jobs to soaking up the sunshine with coveted summer break jobs, we can’t wait to see where your holidays will lead you. 

Need a little support in your seasonal job search? Join our community to receive tips and advice and gain access to the best opportunities. With a platform like this, you’ll never be left scrambling for seasonal jobs again!

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