15 Best Weekend Jobs & Side Gigs for College Students & Professionals

Looking through side gigs and part-time work hoping to make some extra money? This list of the best weekend jobs has some great ideas!

Looking for ideas on the best weekend jobs?

Whether you’re looking for a Saturday and Sunday job in addition to your regular work or just want something to do on your days off from college classes, this list below is for you!

And, each job includes the median US salary or hourly wage statistics, general experience needed to land the job, and the expected job growth over the next decade. 

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Let’s get to it!

Here are the best weekend jobs to consider:

1. Restaurant Server (Waiter or Waitress)

2019 US Median Pay: $11.00 per hour, plus tips [source: BLS]

Experience Required: None, on the job training.

Expected US Job Growth (2019–2029): 4%

If you need a weekend job with great pay and flexibility, become a waiter or waitress. As a restaurant server, weekends often get more traffic—meaning more need for weekend workers and more pay (as tips) for you! 

2. Tutor

2019 US Median Pay: $18.31 per hour [source: PayScale]

Experience Required: Knowledge in subject areas.

Expected US Job Growth (2019–2029): no specific data, sorry!

Whether you’re in university yourself or are already well into your chosen career, becoming a tutor makes for a fine end-of-the-week job. If you feel particularly well-versed in a specific field or school subject, consider tutoring those struggling in these areas. Tutors are especially popular on weekends, as kids are out of school and parents are often free to schlep them to your designated meeting place (or be there if you make house visits).

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3. Lyft or Uber Driver

2019 US Median Pay: $16.01 per hour [source: BLS]

Experience Required: Driver’s license.

Expected US Job Growth (2019–2029): 11%

Got your own car and want to make some extra money? Sign up as a rideshare driver! With Uber or Lyft, for example, you can make great money for weekend shifts, as that’s the time when your peers and others are out and about. If you’re looking for jobs for night owls, Friday nights and Saturday nights are particularly busy, and you can even make as much in this weekend job as many people make in a full workweek.

4. Barista

2019 US Median Pay: $11.06 per hour [source: BLS]

Experience Required: None, on the job training.

Expected US Job Growth (2019–2029): 10% 

If you’re looking for weekend-only jobs in a pleasant, social environment, working as a barista may be right up your alley. As a part-time barista on the weekends, you’ll encounter waves of busy times and lulls in activity, which definitely help make shifts go by quickly while still giving you the opportunity to recharge throughout the day.

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5. Freelance Writer

2019 US Median Pay: $30.39 per hour [source: BLS]

Experience Required: native-level language proficiency, creative writing, SEO, etc.

Expected US Job Growth (2019–2029): -2%

Are you a native-level speaker in a particular language and have a knack for words? Become a freelance writer or per-post copywriting specialist on the weekends! As a part-time writer, you’ll work on deadlines, but you can write during the part of the day when you feel most creative and inspired, making it one of the best side gigs for those who like to work in periodic spurts.

6. Food Delivery

2019 US Median Pay: $11.06 per hour [source: BLS]

Experience Required: Driver’s license (if driving).

Expected US Job Growth (2019–2029): 10%

Food delivery demand often picks up between Friday evening and Sunday evening, which means it’s a perfect way to make some good side income on the weekends. Depending on where you live, you may need to own your own bicycle or car (meaning you’ll also have to have a valid driver’s license), but, if you do, you’re all but guaranteed the job.

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7. Bartender

2019 US Median Pay: $11.39 per hour, plus tips [source: BLS]

Experience Required: None, on the job training.

Expected US Job Growth (2019–2029): 6%

Bartending is one of the quintessential weekend jobs, super popular for busy undergrads and professionals looking to make some side money alike. If you’re personable, good with your hands, have a great memory, and can work on your feet for long periods of time, this might be the job for you!

8. Fast Food Worker

2019 US Median Pay: $11.65 per hour [source: BLS]

Experience Required: None, on the job training.

Expected US Job Growth (2019–2029): 10%

Working at McDonald’s, Burger King, or KFC as a fast food restaurant worker is another weekend job idea popular with college students and young professionals. Due to the nature of the products being extremely cheap, fast food restaurants are often busy, so it may not be the most low-stress job you’ll find. Still, you’ll get to work with a decent team, and you’ll earn valuable skills for your resume.

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9. Personal Trainer / Fitness Instructor

2019 US Median Pay: $19.42 per hour [source: BLS]

Experience Required: Physical fitness, degree or certification may be required.

Expected US Job Growth (2019–2029): 15% 

How about one of the fastest growing weekend side jobs where you can get paid to stay swole and help others get swole? As a personal trainer, fitness instructor, or yoga class teacher, you can choose your own days—like working only Saturdays and Sundays. It’s one of the best weekend gigs on our list if you prefer something with more activity involved.

10. Retail Sales Staff

2019 US Median Pay: $12.23 per hour [source: BLS]

Experience Required: None, on the job training.

Expected US Job Growth (2019–2029): 0%

Want Saturday and Sunday jobs which train you on the job, offer perks and benefits, and where you actually put the job behind you after each shift? Retail jobs, such as a team member at Target or Walmart, make for especially great weekend employment opportunities.

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11. Graphic Designer

2019 US Median Pay: $25.05 per hour [source: BLS]

Experience Required: Related software proficiency, creative talent.

Expected US Job Growth (2019–2029): -4%

Out of all the ideas on our list, graphic design is about the highest-paying weekend job to be had. While you can work for a particular company or agency, most of the time you’ll be your own boss, taking side gigs you come across on job boards. If you have an eye for style and the technical proficiency to turn ideas into actual designs, this job is definitely the one for you.

12. Real Estate Agent or Broker

2019 US Median Pay: $24.39 per hour [source: BLS]

Experience Required: High school diploma or GED, on the job training for entry-level positions.

Expected US Job Growth (2019–2029): 2%

Real estate is a Monday-through-Friday job for many people. However, many clients looking to rent an apartment or buy a home aren’t free to look at homes during the regular nine-to-five. That’s where you’d come in! As a weekend-working real estate agent, you’ll do the open houses and showings the other staff can’t, and the money, not to mention possible commissions, aren’t half bad, to say the very least.

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13. Hotel Receptionist

2019 US Median Pay: $14.45 per hour [source: BLS]

Experience Required: High school diploma or equivalent, on the job training.

Expected US Job Growth (2019–2029): 4%

The reception desk at a hotel is a fine place to work on the weekends. Not only will you get a decent hourly wage, travel discounts, and standard benefits, but you also won’t have to deal with the business guests that the weekday staff have to contend with. 

14. Construction Worker

2019 US Median Pay: $17.31 per hour [source: BLS]

Experience Required: Physical fitness, on the job training.

Expected US Job Growth (2019–2029): 5%

Do you lead a sedentary lifestyle from Monday through Friday? If you work 9–5 at a desk or go to university full-time during the week, construction work may be the ideal weekend job to get some physical activity into your routine. And, get paid for it! 

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15. Volunteer

2019 US Median Pay: N/A

Experience Required: On the job training, for the most part.

Expected US Job Growth (2019–2029): no data found, sorry!

While volunteering, as the word itself implies, may not help you make any money, it’s an admirable weekend job nonetheless. Particularly during and after this coronavirus pandemic, when funding likely was cut across the board, your local community organizations will need all the help they can get. 

One of the great things about this side gig is that you can choose from any of a number of options which fit your personality and interests and skills. You could volunteer at an animal shelter, homeless shelter, or outside at a city park, for example. And, though it may be the lowest paying weekend job on the list, your professional cover letter and job resume will look all the better when you list it!

Well, that’s our post on the best weekend jobs to consider, and we hope it helps you find the best option for you! Got any questions on how to find a weekend job, feedback on the article, or other amazing jobs to work on the weekends to add to our list? Let us know in the comments section below, and thanks for reading!

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