13 Best Work From Home Jobs for Remote / Online Work in 2022

Work from home jobs allow you greater flexibility, autonomy, and productivity. Here are the best online and remote jobs to consider, whether you want a career in finance, marketing, IT, or other fields!

You want autonomy. You want flexibility. And you want to make a decent salary.

Whether you are looking at location-independent work to avoid a pandemic, travel the world, or you simply aren’t cut out for office life, there are plenty of remote job options available.

In this guide, we go over the best work from home jobs and career paths to consider, in tech, design, finance, human resources, and others. With stats from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics included, you can make the best job decision of your life without leaving this page!

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So, let’s get started— 

Here are the best remote, online, and work from home jobs to consider:

1. Writing & Editing Jobs

US BLS Figures: ~100 (0%) increase in jobs between 2018–2028; $30 per hour median pay.  

While the above job outlook stats don’t look so enticing, keep in mind that these numbers are for the United States alone. Also, these numbers represent all writing jobs, which includes print media (e.g., newspapers and magazines), and these are becoming obsolete. This means that if you look at only online writing jobs, you should see an increase.

A blog is an important part of any website, and as it grows, they’ll need more and more writers to handle the work. But blogs aren’t the only remote writing jobs available, of course. If you are into marketing and business communications, you could write press releases, website copy, newsletters, and compelling call-to-action texts. Outside of website writing, you could be a globetrotting journalist, a children’s book author, create storyboards for videos, or write screenplays for movies—the choices are pretty endless !

2. Translation Jobs

US BLS Figures: 14,600 (19%) increase in jobs between 2018–2028; $24 per hour median pay.

If you are fluent in two languages, you could try your hand at online translation jobs. Not only do you get to flex your muscles in both languages, but, as our world becomes more and more globalized, virtual translation gigs will only increase in demand.

From localizing websites to translating articles for a magazine to interpreting text strings of popular video games or mobile apps into new languages, there is plenty you can do, and you can easily do it online.

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3. Accounting Jobs

US BLS Figures: 90,700 (6%) increase in jobs between 2018–2028; $34 per hour median pay.

Accounting jobs are some of the easiest-to-find work opportunities for remote workers. From bookkeeping to full-on Chief Financial Officer (CTO) work available as online jobs, you have the entire spectrum of financial employment options to think about. You’ll still need to have any accounting certifications or finance coursework already completed, but here’s the thing: you can do most of those online, too!

4. Digital Marketing Jobs

US BLS Figures: 21,800 (8%) increase in jobs between 2018–2028; $64 per hour median pay (for marketing managers).

Digital marketing is one field with a whole range of job functions. Copywriting and copy editing, which we mentioned before, are both important parts of digital marketing jobs, but by no means the only ones. Digital marketing includes email marketing, social media management, search and display advertising, campaign management, SEO, and digging through analytics and traffic data, among other job responsibilities.

Since these work duties can all be managed and completed online, digital marketing makes for fine work from home jobs. Also, they can be great online jobs for busy college students, as many smaller businesses may only require part-time work each week, giving you the opportunity to earn money while still making sure you don’t fail class!

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5. Graphic Design Jobs

US BLS Figures: 8,800 (3%) increase in jobs between 2018–2028; $24 per hour median pay.

Graphic design is one of the best online jobs, and it really makes sense to do remotely, anyway. Since your work requires creativity and time, you’ll probably be a better employee from your home office, where everything is comfortable and you have the environment you need to do what you do.

Every company, just about, needs graphic designers, but this is another job where you can probably find part-time, one-off or freelance jobs, as well as full-time contracts. 

6. Customer Support Jobs

US BLS Figures: -51,600 (-2%) decline in jobs between 2018–2028; $16 per hour median pay.

Do you have a knack for helping people? If so, consider online customer service jobs. With a virtual job in customer support, you can assist clients with software and hardware issues, payment problems, devices, and more.

Also, you can find work from home jobs in customer service where the medium is a telephone call, email, online chat, or even video chat!

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7. Web Development Jobs

US BLS Figures: 20,900 (13%) increase in jobs between 2018–2028; $33 per hour median pay.  

Web development is one of the hottest jobs out there these days, the backbone of any modern startup. As a web developer, you’ll design websites, keep them up to date, use various programming languages, and solve problems to keep things running smoothly for the company’s users and customers.

Since web development is inherently a remote job, it’s easy to find work from home jobs as a front end developer, back end developer, or full stack developer. You don’t even have to work for any one company, as you can offer your services as a freelancer or on a contract basis.

8. Online Teaching & Tutoring Jobs

US BLS Figures: 53,100 (3%) increase in jobs between 2018–2028; $58K yearly median pay (for kindergarten and elementary school teachers).

Those numbers are the average for teaching younger grades in the United States, but it’s not representative of all teaching and tutoring jobs, of course. While you could be a virtual teacher or tutor to help kids with their homework or subjects in which they’re having trouble, it doesn’t have to even be school-related, at least in the traditional sense.

You could create an online course, perhaps on cooking, writing, or the fundamentals of electricity. Teaching English is a popular subject anywhere around the world, whether it’s tutoring English grammar to middle school students or teaching English as a second language (TESL). Or you could educate others in another language, just as well. 

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9. Sales Jobs

US BLS Figures: 20,600 (5%) increase in jobs between 2018–2028; $60 per hour median pay (for sales managers).  

Sales is another employment field which can make great work from home jobs. You could work in inbound sales, where customers come to the company, as well as outbound sales, where you reach out to potential customers. You can also manage sales accounts for a company, which could mean you also earn a commission on top of your regular salary!

10. Human Resources Jobs

US BLS Figures: 33,000 (5%) increase in jobs between 2018–2028; $29 per hour median pay.  

Human resources is the backbone of any company, and they really do it all. From promoting the company’s culture to hiring candidates to providing training to handling employees’ paychecks, HR jobs are vitally important.

And, the good news is that there’s no reason why it can’t be a virtual job. While a completely brick-and-mortar company may want an in-house HR representative, a distributed team can have an online human resource specialist or manager. If employees have problems they’d like to discuss, schedule a Google Hangouts chat. Payroll and other HR tasks are done via online software these days, so there’s no need to be physically present.

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11. Virtual Assistant Jobs

US BLS Figures: -276,700 (-7%) decline in jobs between 2018–2028; $19 per hour median pay (for secretaries and administrative assistants).  

Virtual assistant jobs, including remote administrative assistants and online secretaries, are really getting hot these days. The numbers above might seem to show otherwise, but those are for all secretaries and administrative assistants (mostly with a physical presence) in the United States. For many people looking for a virtual assistant, they often look outside of the US, where the costs are cheaper. 

As a virtual assistant, you could do any of a number of things, from booking travel arrangements to doing research for stories to organizing company records and important documents. A virtual executive assistant might have other tasks, including liaising with companies, creating business schedules, and managing expense reports. However, you can be sure you’ll never make a coffee run!

12. Paralegal Jobs

US BLS Figures: 39,000 (12%) increase in jobs between 2018–2028; $24 per hour median pay.

The legal world often remains in the past, but you can find online jobs in law by being a remote paralegal or virtual legal assistant. You don’t even have to work for a law firm, per se, as many medium-sized companies and just about all larger enterprises have a full legal team, including your favorite startup.

Many lawyers will have to work in-house, but as their paralegal or legal assistant, you can easily support them from anywhere in the world. Your tasks will include creating legal documents and correspondence, preparing the lawyers for trial with paperwork and research, keeping documents filed and organized, and more.

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13. Cyber Security Jobs

US BLS Figures: 35,500 (32%) increase in jobs between 2018–2028; $47 per hour median pay (for information security analysts).  

Everything is online these days, and I mean more than just a company’s virtual presence via their website. From IoT-connected devices such as home lighting, refrigerators, and vacuum cleaners to smart cars such as Tesla, this all calls for a lot of security to keep them safe from the dastardly deeds of hackers.

Since the essence of cyber security is to secure a remote entity to begin with, it’s quite easy to find remote jobs in this field, particularly if the company is already a location-independent one. After gaining some experience with other companies protecting their software and internet-connected devices, you could even branch out on your own as a freelance security consultant. 

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This list is by no means all the work from home jobs you can do, of course. As we shift into a remote-first world, especially after the coronavirus, you can expect to see more and more remote jobs being offered, so the virtual career of your dreams is sure to be out there.

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Well, that’s our guide on the best fields to consider when trying to find work from home jobs, and we hope it helps! Got any questions, feedback, or other online jobs to add to our list? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for reading!

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