5 Daily Habits to Incorporate Into Your Job Hunting Routine for Success

Pounding the pavement in search of a job? In this post, we list 5 important actions to add to your job hunting routine to ensure success!

So, you are freshly graduated or maybe simply seeking a refreshing change in your life by changing your current career path. Job hunting can be an extremely stressful period, mostly because of uncertainty, dynamics, and an ever-changing environment. Creating an organized job-hunting routine and incorporating daily habits won’t only reduce stress levels but help you score the best overall job offers.  

According to a JobVite survey, 45% of job seekers mention it became harder to find a satisfying job offer. Since the information and education are more accessible than ten years ago, the competition for a single job position is harsher than ever. We don’t want to discourage you but help you create healthy job hunting habits, making your job hunting a less painful process.

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Here are five habits you can incorporate into your job hunting routine today and have higher chances of getting hired. 

1. Improve and Optimize your Social Presence

Social presence is essential for job seekers nowadays. There are various professional social networks, but by far, the most popular is LinkedIn. Currently, there are more than 720 million members actively searching for jobs and professional talents. Before starting with your job hunting process, be sure to create and complete a LinkedIn profile.

Here are a few tips to make a LinkedIn profile that instantly catches the eye:

  • Add a professional-looking headshot for your profile picture.
  • Write a creative headline that communicates your skills to the targeted employers and industry.
  • Add prior experience, and don’t be shy to go into details.
  • Connect with relevant professionals and ask for recommendations
  • Be active, publish new content and interact with people in the industry you’d like to work in
  • Keep an eye on a LinkedIn profile strength as you’ll get the roadmap for improving your profile.

Don’t stop with a LinkedIn profile. Expand your social presence on other major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Also, work on ranking well on Google since there is a high chance a recruiter will do a background check before an interview. Make an audit of your social media profiles a priority, and delete everything which may decrease your chances of getting the desired job position. 

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2. Explore Specialized Online Job Hunting Platforms

Since job hunting is a very time-consuming process, you want to be as specific as possible. Searching for open positions on general job hunting platforms can yield results, but it will take much more time researching and finding the right prospects. Instead of registering on public job boards, try out specialized online job platforms. These platforms will save your time on filtering potential employers, and you can focus on optimizing your job application along with resume and CV. 

There are many specialized online job hunting platforms, and it’s essential to pick a reputable one. The process is similar to creating your social account as these platforms require its users to create a dedicated profile. Once you’ve filled in all the personal and professional information, it’s time to learn how to use their search engines effectively. Many platforms offer a dedicated search function focused on specific job categories, geographical location, and niches, which drastically reduces the competition and time for finding a particular job position. In this case study, Home Depot reported a stunning 99% reduction in hiring time using specialized job hunting platforms. 

3. Do a Company Background Check

Just as employers perform a background check on candidates before the initial interview, you can adopt this habit as well. Sometimes, the job posting and the company sounds impressive, but there are many underlying problems related to mismanagement of resources and mistreatment of employees in reality. Since we’re living in an information era, everything is slowly getting more transparent. 

Before applying for a specific job, be sure to Google the company’s name and carefully check their online presence.  Search for the official website and social profiles, but don’t forget to read employee reviews since many platforms offer unbiased reviews. For instance, career community platforms like Glassdoor feature employee reviews to read all the good and bad things previous and current employees experienced while working for the company. Further, you can personally connect with professionals associated with a company and learn about a job position first-hand. 

Doing a company background check won’t only save you loads of time, but it will also help you understand your needs, preferred perks, and job benefits better.

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4. Create a Job-Hunting Schedule and Track the Process

Without a properly structured schedule and job hunting routine, it’s hard to stay motivated and track your progress. We recommend setting up the number of weekly hours you plan to invest in a job-hunting process. Ideally, you should approach a job-hunting process as a full-time position where you learn new skills on the go. 

A simple way of tracking everything is creating an Excel sheet where you add all the vital information, such as applied jobs, current phase, desired job positions, interview schedules, and more. That way, you keep everything in one place, and you can track different approaches and experiment with various strategies.  

5. Personalize and Tweak your Resume

There are no two identical job postings, so there is no reason to have one general resume you’re sending for every job application. Since every employer has specific needs that differ in a slighter or more significant way, they want to hear how you can successfully meet their needs and solve their problems. It requires going through the job application carefully and noting down all company needs and every necessary aspect. After you’ve done that step, you should tailor your resume to meet employers’ specific needs and requirements for a job posting. That way, you’re not only showing that you’ve put time into researching the company and a job offer, but also you market yourself as the right candidate to fill their position. 

Go through your resume, and remove everything irrelevant for a specific job posting. Once you’re done, it would be great if you know anyone who’s working in HR and who can check and give thoughts on your resume. It’s essential to have a general resume that serves as a template that you continuously tweak depending on the job posting you’re applying to. 

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Be strategic and plan your job hunting routine carefully.

Job hunting is often associated with a stressful process that determines your future. Partly it’s true, but with the right preparation and approach, you can systematically find the best job prospects available and get the job you’re deeply passionate about. Incorporate these five habits we’ve talked about during your job hunting routine, and you’ll notice positive changes.

Written by: Caroline Forrest

Caroline is the Director of Community Outreach and Content Management at JobGet, where she has been working for a year and a half. She works to deliver handcrafted educational and inspiring content to those who are job searching, looking for career advice, and more! Caroline is dedicated to providing high-quality services to those in need. To connect with Caroline, reach out to her on LinkedIn, or send her an caroline@jobget.com!

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