Terrace Metrics x Goodwall: Helping Students Develop Key Life Skills as They Make Early Career Decisions

Terrace Metrics and Goodwall have partnered to support the next generation as they make their all-important early career decisions.

Terrace Metrics is a comprehensive, scientifically-validated system that measures, monitors, and promotes the behavioral health of young adults. The system is the only one of its kind that quickly and accurately assesses risk factors, (such as depression, trauma, drug/alcohol dependency, anxiety, victimization, and ostracism), and protective factors (resiliency, hope, social support, and grit). All factors assessed by Terrace Metrics are robust predictors of work and school success, optimal health functioning, and positive career trajectory. The results are directly linked to a variety of resources to help young adults address areas of need and hone their interpersonal strengths.

Goodwall is the next-generation community for entrepreneurial, impact-driven students and young professionals. With over 1.4 million members in 150+ countries, Goodwall members create meaningful connections with like-minded peers to share career interests and goals. Goodwall provides members with a unique platform to showcase themselves, pitch ideas, highlight experiences and accomplishments, ask questions, seek support, and explore opportunities from scholarships to courses to internships and jobs. As a professional development network built with Gen Z in mind, Goodwall offers a stack of tools and functions to help members succeed, including career guidance, dedicated groups and channels, an education and career blog, and more.

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The TM & GW Partnership

The Terrace Metrics and Goodwall partnership provides a comprehensive solution to support students in making early career decisions by offering:

  • A thorough understanding of their behavioral health strengths and areas of need;
  • Linked information between the behavioral health assessment and personal and career resources;
  • The ability to better connect respondents to the larger vocational community;
  • Tailored vocational guidance and mentorship to support students;
  • Personalized scholarships, jobs, and internship opportunities to help them find their professional path.

Terrace Metrics works with hundreds of schools throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, placing it in a unique position to understand and address students’ behavioral health, leadership, and other life skills, all of which are essential to optimal career development.

Goodwall, being built primarily for high school and college students makes for a perfect partner. The combined expertise between the two organizations provides a 360-degree understanding of each student’s strengths, areas of attention, and career goals. Through this holistic approach, Terrace Metrics and Goodwall are able to help students reduce risk behaviors, promote strengths, and set them on a path for personal and professional success.

For Educational Professionals

It’s quite simple to take advantage of this unique partnership and leverage the comprehensive solution that Terrace Metrics and Goodwall have to offer students.

Through Goodwall:

  1. Students sign up to Goodwall (iOS, Android, or web).
  2. Students will be invited to take the brief Terrace Metrics assessment as a Goodwall Opportunity.
  3. Results of the behavioral health assessment are immediately analyzed and returned to the participant via a comprehensive report that details strengths and possible areas of need. The participant is able to access a number of tools and resources, all with the intent of promoting personal and professional success
  4. Goodwall will onboard students and give them access to special content produced by Terrace Metrics around behavioral health. Furthermore, on Goodwall, students will be able to discover scholarship, internship, and career development opportunities, as well as a platform to share ideas, ask questions, and receive support from a safe community of over 1.4 million like-minded individuals from all over the world.

Through Terrace Metrics: 

  1. Individual schools or whole school districts sign a service agreement with Terrace Metrics.
  2. Eligible students are invited to take the Terrace Metrics assessment. For students ages 16 and 17, school administrators get signed consent forms. 
  3. After taking the 15-minute survey, students would be invited to establish a free Goodwall account
  4. At their convenience, students can later log in to their account on Goodwall, complete their profile, and start to discover relevant scholarship, internship, and career development opportunities, as well as a platform to share ideas, ask questions, and receive support from a safe community of over 1.4 million like-minded individuals from all over the world.

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