How to Find & Get an Internship Through Goodwall in 5 Simple Steps

Did you know that Goodwall can also help you find and land top internships? Here's how to get an internship through Goodwall in 5 easy steps.

Goodwall can be quite useful for a variety of things relevant to students, entrepreneurs, and young professionals.

Whether it’s being used to share world-changing ideas, get feedback and support, or look for your next job, Goodwall is the perfect tool.

But, did you know that Goodwall can also help you find and land top internships?

That’s right!

Not only can you locate the internship of your dreams, but the Goodwall web profile allows you to show off the best side of you when the powers that be are considering your application.

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Want to showcase yourself in the best way possible to future employers or universities? Sign up to Goodwall!

  • Develop skills & experience
  • Highlight accomplishments
  • Network globally
  • Find top jobs & internships

Download the app now to get started!

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Here’s how easy it is to use Goodwall to find your dream internship program:

1. Visit Goodwall Opportunities 🌐

If you’re visiting from a regular internet browser on your laptop or desktop, simply visit the Goodwall Opportunities page.


If you would like to benefit from all the advantages the Goodwall platform has to offer, download our mobile app for Android and iOS

After you login or create an account, you’ll be able to get internship notifications, save internships for later, and get feedback and support from the diverse Goodwall community (we’ll talk about that more in a sec).

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2. Search for Internships 🔍

Once you’re on Goodwall Opportunities, just type in a few relevant keywords into the search bar. For instance, it could be something like “2022 summer internship,” “internship co-op opportunity,” or “semester internship program,” whatever you’re looking for. 

Then, start typing in a location. A dropdown menu of Google Maps options will appear for you to choose a specific city. Or, skip the city if you want to see possible internship abroad options.

Then, press the bright green “Search” button, et voilà!

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3. Apply for the Internship of Your Dreams ✏️

Once you click “Search,” you’ll receive a list of relevant, up-to-date internship offers. 

example of internship job opportunities on Goodwall

If you see one that interests you, click on it, and you’ll be taken onto a page with a full description of the internship program.

example of Goodwall internship job opportunity page

Read through the internship job description carefully, and then apply when you’re ready!

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4. Fix Up Your Docs 📄 & Goodwall Web Profile 👤

If you haven’t signed up for Goodwall yet, here’s another reason to do so: the Goodwall Web Profile.

Consider this— 

In 2020 and beyond, it’s a safe guess to assume that your prospective company’s recruiter or HR manager will google their applicants. 

What’s that mean for you?

You need to have a professional online presence.

A professional online presence doesn’t just mean hiding any offensive posts from public view on your social media profiles of questionable materials. It also means creating a professional profile specifically made for hiring managers to see your educational accomplishments, work experience, and relevant job skills.

That’s the Goodwall web profile.

As with a standard job resume or LinkedIn profile, the web profile lets you document your schools, past jobs, employment skills, and other regular items. 

But the Goodwall web profile goes farther than that. On it, you can include photos, showcase personal achievements, post world-changing ideas, and even add a video introduction so the company’s representatives really get a chance to know you.

It’s more than any paper resume or cover letter could ever do!

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5. Leverage the Goodwall Community for Support 👪🏾

Want yet another reason why signing up for Goodwall is a great idea when you’re looking for an internship?

The Goodwall community is a diverse, innovative, inspired bunch—over 1.5 million students and young professionals in 150+ countries.

Chances are, there are several members who’ve been through the same process you’re going through, some even at the same company.

So, leverage this to your advantage!

Goodwall is made specifically for you to ask and answer questions, seek support and support others, and communicate with like-minded people.  

Meaning that, if you have a question about your internship process, ask the community using the Goodwall Question feature. 

Unsure about the hiring process at the company to which you’re applying? Ask them that, too.

Whatever the case may be, the Goodwall community is there to help you.

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Though we encourage you to ask your internship questions on the app (links below), feel free to send feedback or questions on this post, as well, using the comment section below. As always, thanks for reading!

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