Introducing the Goodwall Web Profile

Resumes are super important when applying for a job. But, do they still get the job done? Now that it's the 2020s, use Goodwall's web profile feature instead!

Imagine with me for a second— 🤔

You’re fresh out of university, ready to apply to your first adult job. You’ve found a great opportunity, full of perks and promise. 

The only problem?

Your resume is way too short to get noticed by the hiring manager.

One of the main concerns for students and young professionals just starting out in their careers is that the standard resume doesn’t cut it. The core of a traditional resume is the work history section, but it’s tough to write a good resume when you’ve got no experience to speak of. 📜

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But the thing is that students and young professionals do have experience. They’ve won science fair awards, volunteered at food banks, marched for climate change, and come up with brilliant, world-changing ideas. The real problem is simply that a standard resume offers no space for these achievements and life experiences.

That’s why we created Goodwall’s web profile! 🚀

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A Modern Resume for Young Professionals

Every Goodwall member, whether student, entrepreneur, young professional, or otherwise, receives their own unique web profile page as part of the package! Equipped with its own URL, you can show off way more than the standard education and work history a regular resume would permit. A member’s proudest win or experience gets special placement front and center. 

The traditional resume of the past offered no room to showcase volunteer experiences with a photo of your time or videos summing up your skills and ideas, for instance. You were only able to list the basics, such as your skills, work history, and academic past.

With the web profile feature on Goodwall, you can do all that and more. From highlighting non-work experiences and accomplishments to including images to illustrate your proud past events and video to use as a virtual elevator pitch, the Goodwall web profile is the traditional resume turned on its head for the digital age.

Ideal for internships and first jobs, as well as everything to follow!

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The Web Profile Is Perfect for Students

Our web profile isn’t only for young professionals showing off their experience and achievements. It’s also ideal for students entering and advancing through university.

For those applying to university or inquiring about scholarships, the Goodwall web profile offers the ideal starting point for administration officials in getting to know all about you.

Spice up your web profile with academic achievements, relevant courses and classwork, and extracurricular activities to put your best foot forward!

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We feel it’s high time people consider the complete picture rather than just impersonal numbers, and hopefully it’ll help inspire real human connections and placements that are a much better fit! 💪🏾

What do you think? 

If you’re ready to create or edit your own personal web profile, just log in to Goodwall and upload your images, import data from LinkedIn, and share your relevant achievements and experiences. Then, be sure to share your unique URL with others to give your profile the visibility and support it needs to help you succeed!

And, once you’ve tried it out, we’d love to know what you think! Let us know your feedback here in the comments, and we’ll get back to you ASAP. We hope you love it as much as we do! ❤️

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