15+ Best Internship Websites for Finding Programs Near You (or Abroad!)

Looking for the best internship websites around? Whether paid or unpaid, at home or abroad, these 15+ websites are the best on the internet.

Looking to find summer internships, college internship programs, or a placement at a top startup?

Searching for internships is not as straightforward as looking for regular jobs, unfortunately. Not all job boards offer internships, but not to worry!

We’ve scoured the internet from top to bottom and from left to right to find the best websites for looking for intern programs.

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Here is our list of the best internship websites around:

1. Google Jobs

You may have used Google to locate the best internship websites. But, did you know that Google also has their own full-fledged job and internships board?

Depending on where you’re searching for your internship, all you have to do is type “internships in New York” or “internships in Chicago” (no quotation marks) into the Google search bar. 

Then, in the search results, you’ll likely get a snippet search result giving you their top three internship opportunities in that city. When I searched, I received a fashion internship at Chanel, a corporate internship at Bloomingdale’s, and a summer graduate internship working with the City of New York!

If those three results don’t cut it, click the link below them to see the Google Jobs board in all its full-screen, filter-rich glory. You can even easily set up alerts for your search query and save them for later.

2. LinkedIn

As you start your professional journey, LinkedIn will be a crucial part of your online presence. Not only does it let you build the industry-standard professional profile, but it also allows you to search for internships and jobs right from their website or app.

Just head over to LinkedIn’s regular jobs search area. There, simply type in “internship” along with any specific keywords (e.g., “hospital internship,” “business internship,” “financial internship”), et voilà! 

Plus, using LinkedIn is super efficient, as many of the internship programs you’ll find there will have an “Easy Apply” button, letting you send an application to them in just a few clicks using the information you already have on your LinkedIn profile—so make sure it’s up to date! 

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3. The Student Conservation Association (SCA)

The Student Conservation Association (SCA) isn’t an internship search portal, per se, but they do offer some great internships and youth programs for teenagers and young adults. 

The SCA is determined to foster the next generation of young leaders willing and able to take on tomorrow’s conservation challenges. As such, they offer some of the best internships for high school students and early college entrants (usually aged 15–19).  

SCA programs available include SCA Community Crews, Regional Crews, National Crews, and gap year programs—and that’s without mentioning all the unique internship opportunities they have. SCA intern programs include the environmental educator internship, climate change internship, aquatic and physical science internship, maintenance technician internship, and natural resource management internship, among many others.

4. GoAbroad.com / InternAbroad.com

Looking to escape your hometown after high school or the city you’re taking college classes in?

InternAbroad is a brand of the GoAbroad.com family, and their name says it all. If you’re looking for internships abroad, this is the place to start your search.

An internship abroad program not only lets you live and work in Paris, Antarctica, or Bali, but you’ll have some brilliant international work experience sure to look good on your resume for years to come!

Be forewarned, however—many of these internships abroad require you to pay them (for housing, food, etc.).

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5. Internships.com

Chegg Internships, located at the aptly named internships.com, provides “tools and services for students to develop the real-world skills they will need upon graduation and for employers to find the best candidates.”

Their website makes it easy to find the types of internships you’re looking for. You can search by internship category, such as high school internships, summer internships, or aerospace engineering internships. Or, you can search by location, such as New York City internships or intern programs in Boston.

6. SimplyHired.com

SimplyHired is a regular job search engine, sure, but they offer some amazing internship opportunities.

One search for internships in New York City gave me a retail buying internship for Balenciaga, a data strategy internship at Walt Disney, and a summer internship at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert—how great are those, right?! 😮

7. Idealist.org 

Idealist.org is a New York-based nonprofit organization connecting inspired individuals with jobs internships, actions, graduate programs, and groups dedicated to creating social change.

If you’re interested in a nonprofit internship program with an org making a difference, you’re sure to find one on Idealist. Some of their 500+ internship programs include placements at the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), MoveOn.org, and United 4 Social Change.

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8. Mediabistro

If you plan on pursuing a career in media, marketing, advertising, or publishing, Mediabistro is one of the best internship websites for you.

Their intern program search engine doesn’t offer many options—I got only 126 at the time of this writing—but their listings can’t be beat. During my search, I found internship programs at Telemundo, NBC Sports, Dow Jones, Well+Good, Penguin Random House, and Hearst Business Media.

On top of their job board, they offer some handy online courses, webinars, and expert chats to help you up your game in this increasingly competitive world.

9. WayUp

Their spiel: “From startups to Fortune 500s, WayUp offers internships and jobs from over 20,000 employers.” It continues with: “WayUp is the industry leader for college students and recent grads to get hired. Search for job and internship opportunities, access career advice, and connect directly with potential employers.”

Which makes it perfect for looking for internships!

After you sign up by email, Facebook, or Google (a slightly tedious process), you’ll have free access to their job search platform. When I searched, I located a cybersecurity engineer internship at Verizon, a financial analyst internship at UnitedHealth Group, and a supply chain management college internship at Lockheed Martin.

10. Indeed

Indeed isn’t just one of the best job search sites out there. It’s also a great website for finding internships.

When looking for internships on Indeed, they returned the greatest amount of search results. A few of the most recent intern program opportunities included a Michael Kors corporate internship program for undergraduate and graduate students, a taxonomy and ontology development internship at HBO, and even a digital comics intern at Marvel Entertainment!

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11. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is one of the best places to get ratings and reviews about potential companies you’re thinking of applying to, as well as estimates into salaries. However, guess what? That’s right, they also have an internships job board.

Glassdoor offered great options when I did my test run, showing me a research internship at Google, a photo internship at Refinery29, a digital analyst internship at the Associated Press, and a public information internship at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

12. USAJobs.gov

If you’re seeking a public sector career or one with a particular US Government agency, there’s no better place to look than USAJobs.gov, the official job portal of Uncle Sam.

Have a look at some of these recent internships from the USAJobs portal:

  • Student internship in meteorology at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA),
  • Communications internship at the Congressional Budget Office,
  • A summer internship program focusing on investigations at the NASA HQ,
  • An AFC folklife internship at the US Library of Congress, and
  • An international economist internship with the Bureau of International Labor Affairs

13. Global Experiences

Global Experiences is another platform to help students and young professionals locate internship programs abroad.

A few of the latest opportunities include an event planning & management internship in Barcelona, a mechanical engineer internship in Costa Rica, and an environmental internship in Australia. 

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14. Monster

We’ve all heard of Monster.com, but did you know you could also find internships on this job board?

Worldwide, there are over 30,000 internships listed on Monster, as of the time of this writing. Some of the most recent internship opportunities I saw included an adolescent outpatient clinician student internship at Chestnut Health Systems, an editorial internship at LNP Media, a marketing internship at Honeywell, and a SharePoint analyst developmental internship at the New York Power Authority.

Whether you’re looking for unpaid or paid internships near you, Monster is sure to have it.

15. Her Campus 

On the Her Campus Job & Internship Board, you won’t find the volume of some of the other internship websites and job boards. However, you will get a curated listing of some top-tier intern job openings, which makes it one of the best internship websites around, in our book.

A few of the recent ones I came across included a social media marketing internship at Fossil Group, a communications and marketing team internship at Planned Parenthood, a public relations summer internship at SiriusXM + Pandora, and a communications internship for the Office of the Assistant Secretary-General for Human Resources at the United Nations.

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And, last but not least— 

16. Goodwall

Hey, that’s us! 😊

At Goodwall, we don’t just empower high school students, college learners, and university graduates to connect with like-minded people and share ideas.

We also have a fully stocked internships board with thousands of open intern programs just waiting for your application, many of which can’t be found on any other site! 🎉

And, to top things off, we have tons of great internship tips and advice on intern programs. What more could you ask for?

So, give Goodwall a go—head over to the Goodwall Jobs & Internships page to get started, or download our app for Android or iOS using the links at the end of this post. 👇🏾

Well, that’s our post on the best internship websites on the internet, and we hope you find the internship program of your dreams! Got any questions, feedback, or other websites to find internships we should include on our list? Let’s chat below in the comment area, and thanks for reading!

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