Travel Jobs: 11 Incredible Jobs That Allow You to Travel Around the World

If you are feeling the global itch of wanting to change your career, these are some of the best jobs that allow you to travel while you earn.

Are you itching to travel the world as soon as possible? Does waiting for retirement to travel seem too far into the future?

Lucky for you, there are plenty of jobs that allow you to travel too.

When you travel for work, you can earn an income, enjoy a fulfilling career, and see the world all at once. And there is a range of different travel jobs in different industries that require different qualifications, too!

Not sure what your options are? Let’s dive into some excellent choices whether you are looking for inspiration to change careers or begin a career.

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1. Digital Nomad

Digital nomads are remote workers who are able to fulfill their work commitments on their laptops in any location. Many of them choose to do freelance working, so they often have time freedom as well as location freedom. And the number of digital nomads is growing fast. 

Here are some common digital nomad job roles:

  • Writer (content, copy, travel, etc.)
  • Graphic designer
  • Social media marketer
  • Web or software developer
  • Computer programmer
  • eCommerce owner
  • Content creator/influencer
  • Virtual assistant
  • Translator
  • Accounting
  • Online personal trainer

There are so many more digital nomad jobs that let you travel full time. These jobs tend to be in the creative or tech industries, and you may or may not need certain qualifications. It is a good idea to do further research in your desired field.

And who knows, one day, you may be designing a website sitting under a palm tree in the Caribbean! 

2. English Language Teacher

Native English speakers have a valuable asset: their language! Many countries regard English as the international language. They consider it a vital skill for their children to learn.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language or Second Language (known as TEFL or TESL) does not require the teacher to know any other language. Rather, the students learn by immersion.

To qualify as an English Language teacher, you often need any Bachelor’s degree and a 120+ hour TEFL certificate. These certificates are inexpensive (around $200), and online courses are available.

There are many teaching programs perfect for new college graduates. The JET program in Japan and EPIK program in South Korea, in particular, provide support, housing, and pay high salaries.

Spain, Eastern Europe, and China also hire large numbers of English teachers. Once you finish a program or contract, you can teach English in a different country or become a remote worker and teach online!

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3. Au Pair

Do you love the idea of working with children but not sure teaching abroad is right for you? You should look into becoming an au pair.

An au pair is a professional live-in nanny from a different country. Families hire them to look after children (often on a part-time basis) in exchange for accommodation, meals, and a weekly allowance. Au pairs often don’t need any qualifications, but experience with children is preferable.

Not only are you able to immerse yourself in another culture, but you can often join the family on trips too. Plus, you can travel to nearby locales during your time off.

Being an au pair is not an ideal long-term career plan as salaries vary from $400 – $1000 per month. But it is a fantastic experience if you plan on starting a career in childcare.

4. Cruise Ship Crew Member

Are you looking for jobs that not only allow you to travel but jobs that pay you to travel? Then you need to look into the types of positions available on cruise ships.

These are some of the crew member positions available:

  • Housekeeper
  • Cook
  • Bartender
  • Entertainer
  • Childcare
  • Sports instructor
  • Lifeguard
  • Store assistant
  • Engineer
  • Human resources
  • Photographer
  • Tour manager

Let’s say you love tennis and travel. You could get a job on a cruise ship and explore the world while pursuing your passions. Plus, imagine getting paid to cruise around Alaska or in the Mediterranean!

Be warned: cruise ship jobs are competitive because they are so lucrative. Salaries for each position differ, but you could earn $1,000 – $4,000 a month while saving on living (and insurance) costs. Qualifications needed will depend on the specific position.

Even if you do not want to work on cruise ships forever, career paths that start on a cruise ship are often transferable to other industries. Not to mention those transferable skills that come from working in a high-pressure environment.

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5. Travel Agent

This might be one of the more obvious jobs that allow you to travel, but it is worth mentioning. Travel agents are people who plan and book vacations for people who do not want to deal with the logistics of planning their own travels.

A travel agent could either work for a company or be self-employed. Qualifications in travel and tourism are helpful but not necessary. Travel experience and destination expertise are far more important. 

You may not travel much at entry-level, but expect to travel non-stop once you reach a senior position. The top travel agents are often sent on “familiarization” trips by their company so they can learn about popular destinations.

Plus, the best of the best earn almost six figures a year. Aim high!

6. Foreign Service Officer

There are around 300 US embassies and consulates around the world. And they all need Americans passionate about public service to staff them.

Foreign Service Officers, AKA diplomats, work for the US Department of State overseas. It is the perfect career path for hardworking students who want to work for their country and travel the world. You could end up working anywhere from Cairo to Canberra!

Foreign Service workers often need a Bachelor’s degree. But knowledge of current affairs, history, and languages is more preferable. There are several aptitude tests and interviews needed to enter the Foreign Service.

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7. Traveling Nurse

Being a traveling nurse is not much different from being a regular Registered Nurse (RN). Except, you get to move around the country every three to four months. It is one of the only US medical jobs that require travel as standard.

To become one, you will need all the qualifications and licenses that any RN needs, which includes a Bachelor’s degree. A travel nurse’s income is around $40 per hour plus relocation expenses.

Most travel nurse positions are US-based. But, there are international nurse recruitment agencies that could help set you up abroad.

8. Seasonal Worker

It is 100% okay to not know what you want to do at college or afterward. If you are still figuring out your life plan but know you want to travel, why not give seasonal work a go?

And you can do seasonal work both in the US and abroad.

In America, you could work in one of our beautiful National Parks as a ranger or hospitality worker. You could also work a ski season in a mountain range or on a fishing boat.

And if you want to work abroad and are under 30, you could apply for a Working Holiday Visa (WHV). Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and more allow Americans to stay for up to a year to work and travel. You could be a tour or adventure guide, sports instructor, work in hospitality, or administration.

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9. Pilot or Flight Attendant

So, pilots and flight attendants are two very different positions. But, they are both jobs that require international travel for airlines. And both seem like glamorous lifestyles on the outside but are competitive and tough in reality!

To be a flight attendant, you will need a good presentation (often no tattoos allowed) and a high school diploma. Airlines teach all emergency and first aid skills during training, but it helps to have language skills to beat the competition on recruitment days.

To be a commercial airline pilot, you will need to attend a pilot school to gain a Commercial Pilot certificate. It often takes a lot of time and money to be a pilot, but your hard work will pay off in the end.

10. Non-Governmental Organization Worker

Working in the Peace Corps or as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) volunteer does not pay much. Instead, you earn the satisfaction of dedicating your time to a worthy cause.

Beginning your career in an NGO is perfect if you want to work in foreign aid or for a charity. Plus, you get to live in countries like Nicaragua, Malawi, and other places you may never visit otherwise. Benefits include accommodation, meals, and a monthly allowance of around $500 – $600.

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11. Applied Scientist

In some scientific fields, you will find yourself stuck in a lab 95% of the time. But you could choose applied science jobs where you travel and live abroad full time.

So, what counts as an applied science? Here are some examples:

  • Archaeology
  • Environmental science
  • Geology
  • Geography
  • Zoology
  • Marine biology

By becoming a marine biologist, you could spend months researching on a beautiful island like Madagascar. As an archaeologist, you could lead an excavation in Saudi Arabia, or you could live in South Africa as a Zoologist.

These positions often require advanced degrees, but they are very fulfilling travel jobs.

Which of These Jobs That Allow You to Travel Is Right for You?

There are plenty of jobs that allow you to travel, but you have to work out which is right for you and your goals. Find out what qualifications you need, your ideal salary, and what your ideal lifestyle looks like.

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