Goodwall Featured as “TOP 25 Swiss Scale-Up” by Venturelab for 2019

Goodwall is honored to be featured on Venturelab's "TOP 25 Swiss Scale-Up" award for 2019! Read more about the top 25 ranking and Venturelab here.

We’ve got exciting news— 

Goodwall has achieved a spot on Venturelab’s 2019 “TOP 25 Swiss Scale-Up” award! 🎉 🚀 🏆

New for 2019, this ranking lists the best Swiss startups around, from Genève to Graubünden and everywhere in between. We’re honored to be on a list that features so many great companies from Switzerland, such as MindMaze, Sophia Genetics, and GetYourGuide. 💪🏿

Andreas Gerber, Head of SME Business at Credit Suisse and President of the Swiss Venture Club, described the Venturelab award saying the winners “all have the potential to develop into major global successes over the next 10 years.”

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About the Award

Since 2011, Venturelab has put out its annual “TOP 100 – The Best Swiss Startups” award. Goodwall was fortunate to earn a spot on the list two years in a row, achieving the “TOP 100 Swiss Startups 2016” and “TOP 100 Swiss Startups 2017” awards. 🥇

But, a spot on the list only applies to startups aged 5 years or less, so Goodwall would not normally be eligible for further awards from them. However, for 2019, Venturelab decided to put out a new category for “scale-ups,” which “identifies the companies, aged five years or more, showing the greatest potential for further growth.”

According to Venturelab, the all-new “TOP 25 Swiss Scale-Up” ranking was created because “many promising startups disappear from the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Ranking… To extend the spotlight provided by the TOP 100, experts were also asked to select the TOP 25 scale-ups, companies aged five years or more with strong growth potential, illustrating the promise they had as TOP 100 early stage companies. 

About Venturelab

Venturelab is a 15-year-old startup support and innovation agency offering an array of tools and programs to assist young businesses in training, growth, expansion, financing, and business development. The range of startups Venturelab supports includes up-and-comers in biotech, fintech, cleantech, web, engineering, and more. 

Though this is a #humblebrag, we couldn’t have done it without you. Whether blog readers, changemakers, or the Goodwall community as a whole, we are fortunate to be surrounded by amazing, supportive, creative individuals from all around the world.

As with any achievement—or question, idea, or general post—we encourage you to share it on Goodwall with the community (here’s how). This will make sure you get the support, recognition, and traction you and your idea need to thrive.

Here’s to a great 2020 ahead!

P.S. — We’re hosting our own award for 2019, the Good Idea Award. Check it out, pitch your idea, and you could win $1000! Visit that link for more details.

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