21 Best Remote Job Boards & Facebook Groups to Visit for WFH Jobs

No commute, no traffic, and no strict dress codes. 

You’re also free to run errands, take care of your kids, or travel the world while working. 

Best of all, you’re free to pursue opportunities not available in your home country. 

This is what it means to work remotely.

The allures of working at home have always been there, even before this COVID-19 pandemic started. 

Whether those benefits interest you or you’re just forced to look for remote work now because of the situation, know that you’re not in this alone and there are thousands of work from home jobs and entry level remote jobs available for you.

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Pandemic Special: Job Boards and List of Companies Still Hiring Despite Covid-19

Not all opportunities posted on these two sites are work from home jobs, but it will show you which companies are still hiring. 

1. Still Hiring

It’s a searchable crowdsourced database of companies that are still hiring despite the COVID-19 pandemic. It was created by Hamza Khchichine, a freelance full-stack developer in Morocco. 

2. Hiring Freezes

Hiring Freezes by Candor is a database that shows which companies are freezing hiring and which are still continuing with their talent search.

It’s a live database of crowdsourced information, so it’s understandable that not all entries are complete. For instance, some company entries include which positions are available and where to apply, while other entries don’t have complete information.

General Job Boards for Finding Work from Home Jobs 

This is a collection of job boards and platforms where the company allows recruits to work from home or a remote office. 

Some work from home jobs may require applicants from a specific location, such as US-only remote roles or city-specific roles, for tax or legal purposes and for the occasional in-person team meetings. 

3. Remotive

This is a standard job board where you can filter roles by job title, category, or post date. The site’s creator, Rodolphe, also created an exclusive Slack community where members can get feedback from other freelancers and get access to webinars and Q&As about landing remote jobs. 

They also have entry level remote jobs, so it’s perfect for fresh graduates.

Remotive also has a salary database software developers can use to compare the job offers they get. 

4. Pangian

Most job boards focus on work from home jobs from US-based companies. Pangian goes beyond that by compiling remote jobs from five continents. 

Pangian’s job board has a wealthy collection of web development, marketing, customer service, sales, and admin jobs. You need to create a free account to save and apply for jobs though. 

5. Skip the Drive

This job board combines opportunities from bigger job listing sites like ZipRecruiter and company-sponsored job posts. Opportunities are filtered by category, but there’s no date on when the job was posted.

You can also get job opportunities sent to your email address. They also have a list of sites that offer micro-jobs, where you can get paid per task for different skills.

6. AngelList

AngelList isn’t just a job board, it also serves as a networking platform for the startup community. Now you don’t have to live in a tech hub like Silicon Valley to get a startup job.

Not all vacancies listed here are work from home jobs, so make sure to click “Remote OK” on your search. You can also scroll through their list of remote jobs, just be patient because it’s not organized by job function.

Complete your profile too because that’s the first thing employers will see when they review your application. 

7. Jobspresso

All wanted ads posted here are curated and scrutinized by Jobspresso’s team, so you can be sure that they are legitimate work from home jobs. You can also filter opportunities by job type, role, and location. 

If your employment is on hold or paused because of the pandemic, you can use Jobspresso to look for part time remote jobs in your industry.

Applicants can register for a free account so they can post their resume on the site’s database for free and get daily job updates via email.

8. Working Nomads

Working Nomads’ job board contains a variety of jobs, not just the typical digital marketing and development jobs. HR professionals, educators, and even legal professionals can find work from home jobs here. 

9. Authentic Jobs

If you’re looking for work from home jobs in big name companies like Google, The New York Times, or Martha Stewart, Authentic Jobs is the website for you. It’s a very tech-oriented job board but they also have remote opportunities for designers and creatives. 

Aside from the standard filters for skills and location, users can also filter opportunities based on company type, compensation, and job seniority. 

10. Outsourcely

Outsourcely isn’t just a job board, they also have their own suite of communication tools to help employers communicate directly with candidates via video interviews, voice messaging, and chats. 

You need to create an account to apply but Outsourcely won’t charge you to apply for jobs or take a commission when you’re hired using their platform. 

11. Remote4Me 

Remote4Me is a job aggregator, which means they collect entry level remote jobs, part time remote jobs, and all sorts of opportunities from a dozen or so job boards. 

How is it different from the other job boards listed here?

It solves a crucial problem. 

You don’t have to go through LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, or any of those big job boards to search for “remote” jobs. 

Second and most important of all, it helps you avoid disappointment. A lot of the so-called work from home jobs on big websites aren’t really remote. Even if you click “telecommuting okay” or type “remote” on the location, many of the opportunities you’ll see aren’t really remote roles. In some cases, these jobs only allow occasional telecommuting. 

12. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is a marketplace that connects remote candidates and employers for a variety of part time remote jobs, full-time remote jobs, and contract based jobs. Opportunities are organized per skill but you can also filter them by location, budget salary, job type, language, and country. 

It’s free to sign-up for an account, then you just have to complete your profile and list your desired hourly pay. It’s similar to other marketplaces like Upwork, the only difference is you don’t have to bid for a project, which is a good thing because it prevents pricing wars between candidates. 

Marketplaces where candidates have to bid to win a project aren’t a good place to find entry level remote jobs. It forces candidates with no portfolio or proven track record to lower their rates to get the attention of employers. 

13. Workew

Workew is a fairly typical job board with features similar to other sites listed here. What makes them unique though is that they have a category specific for crypto related work from home jobs. They also show how many people have viewed the ad since posting, which gives you a rough estimate of your competition.

Each job posting also contains the hiring company’s website and social media information, so you can use it to research and contact them. A follow-up email or chat can mean the difference between an interview and your resume getting ignored.

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Paid Remote Job Boards for Exclusive and Curated Work from Home Jobs

Majority of job boards get their income from companies who pay to post an ad on their website. There are a few job boards however, that also profit from candidates who pay to get exclusive listings sent to them.

Why would I pay for a list of work from home jobs? Isn’t that a scam?

Not really, thousands of people visit free job boards every day and some of the opportunities posted there are also published on other platforms. Because of this, a recruiter will receive hundreds of applications for every job.

Paid job boards exist to solve this problem. Opportunities in such job boards are either exclusive to the site, or curated from other sites based on stringent criteria like salary or hiring company. 

Below are two of the most popular paid job boards around:

14. SolidGigs

Solid Gigs founder founder Preston Lee knows that freelancers don’t like wasting time sifting through job boards to find projects that fit their skill and desired pay. 

Jobs posted on Solid Gigs are manually curated by their team so members get the top 1% of jobs on the market. 

Membership only costs $2 for the first 30 days, then it’s $19 for every succeeding month. The monthly membership fee also includes access to their resource library that includes courses, scripts, and templates that will help you land a freelance job. 

15. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is probably the most popular paid job board out there. They have a variety of flexible work from home jobs, part time remote jobs, and on-site jobs with flexible telecommuting arrangements for almost any candidate level. 

The opportunities you’ll see here are a combination of exclusive jobs and roles hand-picked by the FlexJobs team from other sites. 

Members will also have access to training resources, skill tests, discount deals for software, and career advice. 

Membership starts at $14.95/month but they offer discounts to people who sign up for their mailing list. 

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Facebook Group Job Boards

Did you know there are other uses for Facebook besides chatting with your friends and uploading pictures of your cute pets?

Companies looking to save on recruiting costs are now posting work from home jobs on Facebook groups. 

These groups are created by various people. Some were created by recruiters, others were formed by remote employees looking to network with their peers.

Because these groups are free and almost anyone can post, some jobs might be scammy or not jobs at all but multilevel marketing opportunities disguised as work. 

The moderators of each group vary in their strictness in blocking or removing posts, so be careful when applying for a role.

16. Digital Nomad Jobs – Remote Work from Anywhere

This group has around 84K members as of writing, and work from home jobs posted from Australia, USA, Europe, and more. 

17. Remote Jobs, Work Anywhere – Inventive Hub

This is a big and very active group with 48K+ members as of writing. You’ll see agencies posting jobs and candidates posting an introduction or their portfolio in hopes of landing a role. 

The group description says it was created to give remote workers a safe place to ask questions, connect with fellow remote workers, and find companies offering work from home jobs.

18. Remote Tech Jobs

This is a small group focused on developers and designers looking for full time or part time remote jobs. 

19. Virtual Assistant Tribe Job Board

This is a closed group where business owners can find a virtual assistant (VA) to support their team. The admin discourages self-promotional posts from VAs though, so you can only apply for jobs as they are posted. 

20. Work from Home Job Leads North America

As the name suggests, this group is for remote jobs from companies based in North America. Like the other groups listed here, self-promotion is strictly prohibited. The admin is also very stringent in deleting MLM, direct sales, bitcoin, and other suspicious business opportunities. 

21. Virtual Workers of America

This is a tightly run group of more than 165k members. They have posts on best practices for different roles, tips for finding entry level remote jobs, and of course, job leads. 

Admins are very strict in deleting suspicious work from home job offers, and in moderating comments from rude members. 

Yes, working at home means no traffic and no silly dress codes. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of yourself.

Here’s how to stay fit and healthy: 10+ Tips on How to Stay Healthy Studying or Working From Home 🏡

A Different Kind of Competition

Remote jobs offer all kinds of benefits for employers and candidates alike. But these benefits come with a unique set of challenges as well.

Because these are remote roles, your competition isn’t limited to candidates in your city or country. 

So you need to find a way to stand out. Write a cover letter, follow-up with your application after a week, or look up the hiring manager on LinkedIn. You can also come up with a detailed strategy document, or find someone to refer you. Whatever it is, you need a strategy to distinguish yourself from other candidates. 

Do you know anyone looking for work from home jobs right now? Share this list with them. 

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  1. It would be nice to see something like LGBTQ Remotely here, too. This is one of the (new) more progressive remote job boards that helps democratize access to remote work opportunities for queer folks, transgender people, non-binary people, and allies interested in working fully remote, by matching them with employers who embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion as fundamental values when hiring for remote positions.