Remote Internships: 17+ Virtual Intern Programs Still On Despite COVID-19

Has coronavirus / COVID-19 caused your 2020 summer internship to be cancelled? Here are over 15 top remote internships to consider as a replacement.

We’re in the middle of an unprecedented global crisis these days, and there’s no clear end in sight yet for COVID-19.

For many high school students and university attendees with their hearts set on a summer internship, things have no doubt changed. 

Universities have called off intern partnerships for the foreseeable future. Many companies have had to scale back in an emergency effort to stay afloat—if they haven’t gone under already.

So, what do you do if your summer internship program has been cancelled?

We’ve got just the thing!

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Here are 15+ top remote internships still accepting placements despite COVID-19:

1. Google

Because of the coronavirus disease and the need for social distancing, Google has moved many of its internships online. 

They are currently accepting applications for fall internships around the world in dozens of countries and several departments, including research, engineering, product management, business, and more.

If you look at their site, find a location which fits you or make sure it’s a virtual internship, as not all of them are.

Apply Here ››

2. Facebook University

Everyone wants to intern at Facebook, but remote Facebook internships are hard to come by.

However, there is Facebook University, perfect for WFH to stay healthy during coronavirus.

“Facebook University is a hands-on, immersive internship program that enables students from underrepresented communities to get to know Facebook’s people, products and services. In just eight weeks, the program gives interns across roles in engineering, analytics, product design, operations, and sales and advertising the opportunity to make a real impact and help redefine how the world connects.”

Apply Here ››

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3. Amazon

Amazon is another of the prized intern programs, and they too have offices all over the world. Though not many of theirs are remote internships, there are plenty of work from home opportunities on their job portal, so you can get practical experience while staying safe indoors.

Apply Here ››

(Also, Amazon just announced they have 100,000 new positions opening up to meet demand.)

4. On Deck

“On Deck is building a modern education institution: helping the world’s most talented, ambitious people learn the skills and build the networks they need to start — or get in on the ground floor of the next great tech companies.”

On Deck is currently seeking an operations intern who’ll book guests and interviews on their fellowship programming calendar, design and launch experiments, come up with new events and initiatives, and more.

Apply Here ›› (Expired)

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5. Pathrise

The content intern will be responsible for writing blog posts, opinion pieces, presentations, and more at Pathrise. Pathrise helps tech professionals find jobs through mentorship, training, and advice.

“This position is open to remote candidates, with a strong preference for individuals located in the Bay Area. This is a part-time internship, requiring about 20 hours per week with a salary ranging from 15-20 dollars per hour.”

Apply Here ››

6. Chegg

Chegg is one of the best websites to find internships, and they just so happen to have a few online internships available themselves. 

Current remote internships include:

  • Remote sales internships
  • Remote data science internships
  • Remote backend developer internships
  • Remote frontend developer internships
  • Remote data analyst internships

Apply Here ››

7. Slash M Studio

Slash M Studio is a digital marketing agency, and they’re looking for a React Native developer to work on their fitness app.

Apply Here ››

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8. ONETrack International

ONETrack International is a Boston-based nonprofit project that practices Transition-to-Home orphan care around the world. They’re currently looking for a fundraising and development intern to help them spearhead new fundraising campaigns.

Apply Here ››

9. Para Music Group

Para Music Group is an indie record label based in New York City whose mission is to bring cultures from around the world together through music. They’re seeing a remote marketing intern right now to help them analyze market trends and develop a marketing strategy.

Apply Here ››

10. SocietyROW

SocietyROW is a New York-based creative agency, and they’re now looking for an unpaid intern who’ll be their next graphic design assistant.

Apply Here ››

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11. Tidepool

Tidepool is an “open source, nonprofit effort to liberate diabetes data.” They’re currently searching for a virtual product design intern for a remote position without geographical restrictions.

Apply Here ››

12. Parabol

Parabol is a company which creates free meeting software for remote teams. They’re seeking to add to their own remote team by hiring a sales development representative intern.

Apply Here ››

13. Beutler Ink (CLOSED)

Beutler Ink is a digital agency specializing in social media and visual engagement. They’re looking for a remote agency support intern for Summer 2020.

Apply Here ››

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14. Clearmatics

Clearmatics is a London-based fintech startup with offices in the UK’s capital to go to or the option to work remotely. They’re seeking a product intern to work as their Ethereum (cryptocurrency) implementation analyst.

Apply Here ››

15. The Clorox Company

The Clorox Company is the marketer behind big names such as Brita water filters, Glad bags, Burt’s Bees, Pine-Sol, and others. They’re looking for a remote supply chain management intern which has the possibility to become a full-time position upon completion.

Apply Here ››

16. Neighborhood Rescue of America

Neighborhood Rescue of America is a nonprofit organization helping to create a safer environment for children and pets in at-risk communities. Though based in Washington D.C., they’re looking for a fully-remote research and marketing intern, with the possibility of college credit.

Apply Here ››

17. MongoDB

Summer 2020 is supposed to be the 10th intern class of the renowned database company, and they’re not going to miss it. They just announced they’ll still host students and young professionals from all over the world in their remote internship program.

Apply Here ››

18. SAP

Based in Germany, SAP is a well-known name brand when it comes to enterprise software. This year, as a result of COVID-19, they’re opening up a range of virtual internships in development, quality analysis, project coordination, identity authentication, and more.

Apply Here ››

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19. Hormel Foods

Hormel Foods is one of the oldest brands in the United States, with brands such as Dinty Moore, Jennie-O, Justin’s, Skippy, Spam, and Don Miguel under their umbrella. This year, though they had to cut some of their internships down, they are offering remote internships instead.

Learn More ››

Well, that’s our list of online internships and remote intern program opportunities available, and we hope it helps ease your stress during this world crisis. We’ll try to keep this up-to-date and add additional virtual internships when we find out about them. 

Got any questions, feedback, or other remote internship jobs to add to our list? Let us know in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

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