Goodwallers Share #Study / #WorkFromHome Photos From Around the World 🌎

To stay sane & connected during these tough times (COVID-19), we hosted a Goodwall challenge asking members to photograph their home office setups while working or studying from home. Check them out!

These are dark times we’re in, I think we’d all agree.

But, there are also moments of light. ☀️

Many students, young professionals, and entrepreneurs are learning what it’s like to work and study from home – some for the first time.

To help Goodwall members stay sane and connected, we created a set of challenges aimed at bringing us all together virtually. 💻

The Challenge

For our first challenge, we asked Goodwall members to post a photo or video of their WFH or SFH setups. Here’s the official message:

Hello Goodwallers 🙌 We hope you’re healthy and safe 🏡. We’re launching a series of challenges to build solidarity and bring our community closer together during this challenging time.

Challenge #1

To stay safe, many of us are working from home. If you are, post a creative video of you working at home or a photo of your workplace at home👩🏻‍💻. Tag the keyword #workfromhome / #studyfromhome or #myhomeoffice in your post and we’ll feature it to our community. Stay safe. Stay positive.

Ps: if you feel alone or need support, we’re here for you: join the group chat called “Coronavirus Support Group” ❤️

We posted the same challenge for both groups, whether you’re studying from home or working from home.

We were blown away by the responses. Not only did we get Goodwall members from all around the world to participate, but the amount of positivity from everyone was truly inspiring.

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Here are 15+ of the best #myhomeoffice posts from around the world:

Geneva, Switzerland 🇨🇭

As the home of Goodwall, I thought I’d start with showing a #studyfromhome post from Ekaterina Golubeva in Geneva.

“Studyfromhome It has never been so easy to save lives. Just stay at home. Enjoy studying 🏡🤓👩‍🎓👩‍🏫 Please don’t let this period go without teaching us a lesson. Meditate and ponder on what we should change in our life, because nothing happens but for a reason.”

View this post on Goodwall.

Córdoba, Argentina 🇦🇷

Over in Argentina, María Rov has a pleasant, cozy mood going on and everything she needs in arm’s reach.

“[ #StudyAtHome ] Three days ago everything changed, the Argentinian president and his cabinet declared the total quarantine in the whole country. We’re proud of them because they took decisions pretty fast. Our border is closed and our national airline “Aerolíneas Argentinas” is repatriating our citizens around the world. Only one family member can leave the house if there’s an emergency. Supermarkets, pharmacies and small businesses are open. We have to #StayAtHome. We have to take care about each other. We can win this battle. The entire world is united. This virus taught us there’s no frontiers and limits to be together. Let’s enjoy little things that we do not enjoy usually. In my case, I’m actually getting prepared for my exam of “Criminal Law”. But.. ¿What can you do? Meet people on Goodwall, read books, cook, talk with your mom or your dad, you can play games, watch Netflix or YouTube. Ps: I would love you to let us know how are things going on in your respect country. 🤝😊 #Coronavirus #StayAtHome #World

Caloocan, Philippines 🇵🇭

One of our community specialists, Janine Ferrer, is holding it down over in the Philippines.

“Sharing my home office 💻☺️. My day will never be complete without these stuff, with my DIY frame art. It is made from a piece of recycled calendar and a piece of wood and form it as a frame. Share your home office too! and Keep safe everyone ☺️❤️💻”

View this post on Goodwall.

Bukhara, Uzbekistan 🇺🇿

Sabina Ruzieva is making the best of things while studying French from the comfort of her home in Uzbekistan.

“For the first time in history, we can save humanity while sitting at home. Don’t lose your time as this is the chance to do what you love and to learn what you want like learning new language and reading really useful books.📒😊🎓”

View this post on Goodwall.

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London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧

How comfortable does that look, right?

Zsófia Nagy is in London studying psychology, and perhaps her field helps her block out the feelings (e.g., procrastination, laziness) I know I would get if I worked from bed! 😉

“Studying for Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology when you don’t have a desk 🤷‍♀️🥴”

View this post on Goodwall.

Tunis, Tunisia 🇹🇳

Meanwhile back in Tunis…

Khalil Homrani looks like he’s being productive (though I can’t say for sure, as it’s all way over my head 😵).

Warsaw, Poland 🇵🇱

This is me!

I’m proud to write for Goodwall, but also honored to be part of the diverse Goodwall community!

“Just wanted to share #myhomeoffice with you 🙂 I have some greenery, Alexa and a little dino to keep me company, antibacterial hand wipes at the ready, and a world map is my backdrop for inspiration!”

View this post on Goodwall.

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Quezon City, Philippines 🇵🇭

As Goodwall’s Director of Design, Lindsey Grande keeps her workspace neat and orderly.

“I’ve been working from home for so many years now and my workspace is constantly evolving. I always like changing things up to motivate myself. Most recently, I’ve taken out some clutter and I’m trying to keep it as simple as I can. My favorite ⭐️ part about my workspace is the view right outside my window! When I need quick mental break, I take advantage of the beautiful city skyline 🏙 day or night 🌃 #workfromhome #myhomeoffice”

View this post on Goodwall.

Aalborg, Denmark 🇩🇰

Emilie Barrit lives in Denmark, one of the happiest countries in the world, year after year.

That happy tone shows in Emilie’s hopeful message: “Denmark is also closed down, so I have to work from home. I am currently working on a project about the Danish ‘burka/burqa ban’, and whether it violates religious freedom. I miss my fellow students, but I get the best out of being at home.”

View this post on Goodwall.

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New York City, United States 🇺🇸

Andrei Vlasov, Goodwall’s Director of Growth Marketing, has a simple WFH setup with a pretty cool hack:

“Sharing #myhomeoffice 🏡 I’m pretty used to working from home, and I like my space to be with minimal distractions. I have a couple Polaroid photos with friends and family and also a postcard with a lighthouse 😀 I use my yoga blocks to keep the laptop elevated #lifehack ☝🏻 And wherever I work, I always have my notebook with me. I use it to plan the day in the morning, write down some random thoughts during the day and the favorite part – cross out things that have been done 😎”

Mexico City, Mexico 🇲🇽

Speaking of happy reminds me of our very own Magdalena Fitipaldi, Goodwall’s Head of People Operations. Magdalena’s always in a great mood, and that’s true even now.

Though based in San Francisco, she’s making the most of her time by having set up her home office in Mexico’s capital.

“Well, if we have to be quarantined, let’s at least make our tea mugs match our stationery! 😉 #workfromhome #myhomeoffice”

View this post on Goodwall.

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Slobozia, Romania 🇷🇴

Maria Voicu is keeping her mind on her future (and her calendar in the past 😀 ).

“In this tough time, it is important to be connected with our teaches. So now I am focusing on what is essential for my exams. #studyathome”

View this post on Goodwall.

São Paulo, Brazil 🇧🇷

In Brazil’s largest city, Lívia Moreschi Murozaki is taking her college studies seriously.

“These are my notes about the book I’m reading for my Ancient History college subject. It’s a PhD thesis about the breton queen Boudica, who led her army against the Roman Empire in a rebellion during the first century A.D. Boudica is still a example of honor and resistance for British people until these days, and the thesis also explores the aspect of the people’s memory about the queen.”

View this post on Goodwall.

Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪

Goodwall’s Product Manager Greg Lapanowski enjoys a minimalistic approach to his #workfromhome space.

“That’s how I work from my home. Just me and some plants.”

View this post on Goodwall.

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Osmanabad, India 🇮🇳

Abhijeet Kadam-patil has it all under control over in India. And he’s using a ThinkPad, my personal fave! 😍

View this post on Goodwall.

Geneva, Switzerland 🇨🇭

We started in Geneva, so I thought I’d end here, as well.

One of the Goodwall cofounders, Omar Bawa, doesn’t seem like he’ll get lonely anytime soon – there must be thousands of photos of his friends and family in this one shot alone!

“🙌🏽So inspired to see our community take on this challenge and come close together in solidarity to show how we are staying productive 👨🏾‍💻📚#workathome #studyathome and staying safe despite COVID. 🙏🏽 I’ve seen members from all over the world participate: Egypt 🇪🇬, Italy 🇮🇹, France 🇫🇷, US 🇺🇸 , Switzerland 🇨🇭, Philippines 🇵🇭, Morocco 🇲🇦, India 🇮🇳, Germany 🇩🇪, Cameroon 🇨🇲, Iraq 🇮🇶, Belarus 🇧🇾, Belgium 🇧🇪 , Somalia 🇸🇴 and more! Let’s show them some support! Love ❤️ this community. Stay safe. Stay positive.”

View this post on Goodwall.

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Well, that’s all for now for our #myhomeoffice challenge, and we hope it has inspired you!

If you haven’t yet, join Goodwall (links below) to make sure you get the support and social interaction you need to get through these difficult times.

Also, if you have any questions or feedback, leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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