GENiLEM & Goodwall Launch the Swiss Futurpreneur Award

GENiLEM and Goodwall, with the support of Geneva and Vaud cantons, have partnered to launch the Swiss Futurpreneur Award competition.

GENiLEM and Goodwall have joined forces, with support from the cantons of Geneva and Vaud and the accounting firm Berney Associés SA, to promote entrepreneurship among students, young professionals, and entrepreneurs in Switzerland.

GENiLEM is on a mission to support youth entrepreneurial thinking in Switzerland. As workforce needs constantly shift, talent needs to be resilient, entrepreneurial, flexible, and adaptable. To achieve this, GENiLEM has put together their expertise to develop a program targeted at youth to develop entrepreneurial skills to either start their own company or bring entrepreneurial thinking to existing companies. 

By using Goodwall as an online tool to facilitate the challenge, GENiLEM and Goodwall hope to inspire entrepreneurial thinking in Switzerland and beyond. Goodwall and GENILEM have put together their expertise to create a curriculum targeted at youth to develop entrepreneurial skills for either starting their own company or bringing entrepreneurial thinking to existing companies. To this end, they’ve launched the Swiss Futurpreneur Award, open to the entire Swiss community on Goodwall.

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The Swiss Futurpreneur Award

The Swiss Futurpreneur Award is a package of prizes put forth through a partnership between Goodwall and GENiLEM and sponsored by the Swiss cantons of Vaud and Genève and the accounting firm Berney Associés SA. The competition winner will receive a cash prize, as well as GENiLEM coaching and an introduction to key investors to help make their entrepreneurial ideas come to life. 

Why Participate?

  • Cash Prize – The best overall idea will receive a cash prize 
  • Coaching – The best entries (multiple winners) will receive coaching workshops offered by GENiLEM on entrepreneurship basics to help turn their ideas into real-life projects.
  • Visibility – All ideas will gain visibility by being viewed by a panel of judges made up of prominent investors and employers from Switzerland.
  • Community – By using Goodwall to pitch ideas, competitors are able to connect with like-minded individuals and potential cofounders to receive feedback and support on their entrepreneurial journey.

How to Compete for a Chance to Win

  1. Sign up to Goodwall either online or by downloading the app (available for iOS or Android).
  2. Complete your Goodwall web profile. Include relevant information such as your university, field of study, and graduation date, if applicable.
  3. Pitch an innovative idea to create a positive impact in your local area or an idea with international impact. The idea can either be a 60-second “virtual elevator pitch” video or a written post (150 words or less). Learn how to pitch an idea on Goodwall.
  4. Before posting your pitch, be sure to add the keyword “Swiss Futurpreneur” to tag it for the competition.

Also, multiple people are allowed to compete toward the same idea/project. If you would like to submit your idea as a team, please choose just one designated member to post your team’s idea. Then, mention the total number of people on your team in the post. However, make sure each team member’s web profile is complete and updated.

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Competition Criteria

The first round is open to the entire Swiss community on Goodwall pitching their idea(s) via the Goodwall app. 

The impactful idea pitched should include:

  • The basic details of the idea or project;
  • Who it helps, and where;
  • How the idea or project works;
  • The inspiration behind the idea; and
  • The people involved (if a team effort).

The Goodwall member’s profile will play a key role in the competition and whether the participant is chosen as the overall winner. Because it tells the member’s story and experience beyond the 60-second pitch, it’s important that the web profile is up-to-date and fully completed, with multiple achievements and/or posts that can give the jury a holistic view of the participant.

Finally, the member must tag the idea they pitch with the keyword “Swiss Futurpreneur” in order to participate.

Eligibility Requirements

Participants must be based in Switzerland to participate in this challenge. The deadline to participate is July 31, 2020.

About GENiLEM & Goodwall

GENiLEM (Génération Innovation Lémanique) is a Swiss nonprofit on a mission to increase the chances of startups’ success in and around Switzerland, particularly in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva. GENiLEM supports innovators and entrepreneurs at every step of the way, from ideation to advanced business development, thus contributing to the dynamism of the Swiss economy. GENiLEM offers entrepreneurs expert advice, training, coaching/mentorship, business development consultations, and access to their network of business leaders and partners. Today, GENiLEM is supported by more than 40 sponsors who share their vision of innovation towards revitalization of the national economy.

Goodwall is the next-generation community for entrepreneurial, impact-driven students and young professionals. With over 1.4 million members in 150+ countries, Goodwall members create meaningful connections with like-minded peers to share career interests and goals. Goodwall provides members with a unique platform to showcase themselves, pitch ideas, highlight experiences and accomplishments, ask questions, seek support, and explore opportunities from scholarships to courses to internships and jobs. As a professional development network built with Gen Z in mind, Goodwall offers a stack of tools and functions to help members succeed, including career guidance, dedicated groups and channels, an education and career blog, and more. 

Interested in Hosting a Challenge on Goodwall?

If you are interested in having your school, nonprofit, company, or other organization partner with Goodwall to host a challenge, there are plenty of advantages.

Here are some of the benefits of hosting a challenge on Goodwall:

  • Access to a diverse, active community of students, young professionals, and entrepreneurs—over 1.4 million members from 150+ countries around the world.
  • Unique branding opportunities for your organization.
  • Leading Changemakers from a variety of backgrounds, industries, academic fields, and geographical areas.
  • A one-stop destination for challenge participants to receive support, career advice, academic assistance, the chance to ask and answer questions, and more.
  • A respected partner with a proven track record in leading competitions and building value, both for participants and partners alike.

Contact Information

For more information on GENiLEM, contact:

Cyril Déléaval

For more information about challenges on Goodwall, contact:


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