A #ThankYou to #HealthHeroes From Goodwall Members Around the World 🌎

Health workers are #HealthHeroes, and to show their appreciation Goodwall members from every continent posted a thank you image or video. Here are 20+ of them from countries all around the world.

During these unprecedented times, health heroes , including many Goodwall members, are risking their lives to saves lives and protect us. ⛑The least we can do is show them that we are grateful! ❤️.

To share our appreciation for those fighting the coronavirus disease, we challenged our members to say #ThankYou to #HealthHeroes, including nurses, doctors, and volunteers, from around the world.

And, we received some amazing replies from every continent!

The Goodwall community came through to show their gratitude for those in their ongoing hard work and fight against this virus, with selfies, videos, drawings, and more. Check ’em out below!

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The Challenge

Thank You to Health Heroes challenge

Here was the message we sent out:

Post a 30 sec video on Goodwall saying #ThankYou in the language of your choice to all the #HealthHeroes around the world. If you’re shy, post a photo with a #ThankYou sign or poster 📷 Tag the keyword “Health” and hashtags #Thankyou and #HealthHeroes. Share that post with friends to encourage them to post too. 💪

Our #HealthHeroes challenge follows another successful one, our #MyHomeOffice challenge, where members from around the globe showed off their new study or work from home space.

Here are 15+ thank yous to #HealthHeroes from around the world:

Sfax, Tunisia 🇹🇳

Yosr Kallel in Tunisia had one of my favorite messages, in Arabic and English. She says: “To all our health heroes, Thank you❤️شكرا جزيلا”

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Banjul, Gambia 🇬🇲

This heartfelt message comes from Muhammed Kabba in the Gambia: “ThankYou # HealthHeroes”

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Caloocan, Philippines 🇵🇭

Janine Ferrer in the Philippines says, “Thank you to all front-liners all over the world ❤️🌎 Sending our support from Phillipines 🇵🇭 Keep safe everyone stay at home it can be a big help to our frontliners to reduce the spreading of virus 🙏💪 #Healthheroes #Fighting #Frontliners”

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Jakarta, Indonesia 🇮🇩

Khairun Nisa Panggabean says: “I just want to say ThankYou to all Health Heroes in the world from Jakarta, Indonesia, and all beauty from our heart, And I also reading Qur’an. #Thankyou #HealthHeroes”

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Medellín, Colombia 🇨🇴

From Colombia, Estefany Restrepo Henao says, “We all have a special place in our hearts for health professionals.”

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Port Harcourt, Nigeria 🇳🇬

Don G Francis from Nigeria says: “THANK YOU #HEALTHHEROES”

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Geneva, Switzerland 🇨🇭

Coming in from Goodwall cofounder Omar Bawa: “ThankYou #HealthHeroes Some heroes 🦸‍♀️ don’t wear capes 👩‍⚕️”

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Plymouth, UK 🇬🇧

Gowriprasad Kuruba Bedala says: “Thankyou to all health care workers. You truly are our real heroes! #Thankyou #healthheroes”

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 🇪🇹

Yefiker Abinet posted in her language and then gave us an English translation after. She says, “Thankyou #health heroes around the world #we appreciate your sacrifice”

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Greater Noida, India 🇮🇳

Rishabha Jain in India says, “Thankyou #healthheroes who are helping in such a worst condition where everyone is facing problems.”

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Melzo, Italy 🇮🇹

Italian Massimo Forloni says, “In Italy, this virus immediately took a bad sore, in just two weeks from the first person infected the intensive care structures were at the collapse and fortunately we have among us people who have a heart and mind more strong than every superhero that I ever known. They are today as the past exhausting weeks fighting for us in inhuman work shifts. To the present day 69 of these heroes passed away, but I and my fellow countrymen will never forget their effort. #ThankYou #Graziemille #HeartfeltsThanks #Graziedicuore #HealthHeroes or maybe better #NationalHeroes”

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Maputo, Moçambique 🇲🇿

Amirah Luna Izidine in Mozambique had a well-put message for all of us in her video. She says, “They are our heroes and they deserve our gratitude! #HealthHeroes #ThankYou”

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Lalitpur, Nepal 🇳🇵

Priti Maharjan in Nepal says: “Once again thank you all the health workers. I wish all your strong immunity power and good health. Thank you for being there in this danger condition.”

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Lagos, Nigeria 🇳🇬

Tobiloba Abidoye in Lagos has a warm message to say #Thankyou to the #HealthHeroes.

View this post on Goodwall.

Baku, Azerbaijan 🇦🇿

Gülnar Hüseyn in Azerbaijan’s capital goes: “ThankYou #HealthHeroes we are strong together 😊”

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Peshawar, Pakistan 🇵🇰

Muhammad Haseeb Khan in Peshawar, Pakistan says, “Yeah! They are the real heroes! They are the real frontliners! Thanks to all of them that are out in this serious critical situation away from their family making their lives at risks just for us, the world. I have seen a video that the nose of doctor wounded and bleeding just because of mask from 24+ hours that they wear and on duty! That’s really appreciated. ڈیرہ ڈیرہ ماننا! شکریہ! JAZAKALLAH khairun kaseer💕”

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Bamenda, Cameroon 🇨🇲

Odouguena Juslin Gael in Cameroon says, “Thankyou #HealthHeros.”

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Chicago, US 🇺🇸

Coming in from Chicago, Fanchon Kelley says, “To all the wonderful health care professionals that are out risking their lives, I want to personally say thank you! Words cannot express the wonderful things you all have done. I pray God continue to give you strength, wisdom and peace as you navigate during this time. Thank you so much 😊👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #healthheros #thankyou”

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Perth, Australia 🇦🇺

From the land down under, Kevin Stanley says: “A Tribute to all Health care worker who is fighting for Covid-19”

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Kampala, Uganda 🇺🇬

Gerald Olango in Kampala says: “thank you our health heroes and volunteers who are helping us fight COVID19”

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Radès, Tunisia 🇹🇳

We started with one Yosr from Tunisia, and now we end with another Yosr from Tunisia 🙂

Yosr Dhaoui says: “ThankYou #HealthHeroes Joining the next challenge! Huge thanks to Doctors doing their best to treat people, huge thanks to all the rest of the health service members as well, managing a number of people no one could have considered, huge thanks to scientists sacrificing their sleep and putting aside their personal responsibilities to come up with a cure, every member of our health heroes team! Huge thanks to every government arranging new strategies of prevention while keeping an eye on the risks endangering every citizen. Last but not least, Huge thanks to everyone doing their best to overcome this global crisis, Stay strong and let’s trust our health heroes! It’s true that this is is a hard time for everyone, but remember that you’re not facing this alone, we are all handling a disturbing pressure, but it won’t stop us from leading our way out of it! No matter how many times we fall, we will get back up again, we must keep this in mind and be there for all the people around us as well! 💪 Be the leader! In your community and Goodwall Community too! You are able to make a change 👊 Join #healthheroes challenge and let’s spread hope and optimism as much as we can! 🎉”

View this post on Goodwall.

Health workers around the world deserve our thanks, and from all of us at Goodwall, we want to express our sincerest appreciation!

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