When is the Best Time to Apply for Jobs? (Time of Day, Year & More!)

Is there a best time to apply for jobs? From days of the week to months of the year, this article explains when to apply for a job!

Oh, the places you’ll go!

You’re trying to find a job, and you’re looking to use numbers and data to find out when to apply for a job.

First of all, good for you!

Most people won’t go this far to tilt the hiring process and their job candidacy in their favor.

As you prepare to start or progress in your career, preparation and planning is key.

So, when is the best time to apply for jobs? Is there a best time of year? How about a best time of day?

Don’t worry. We’re here to answer those questions for you!

Whether you’ve just graduated college, about to soon, or the start of your career is long behind you, here’s how to know the best time to apply for jobs.

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The Best Time of the Year to Apply for Jobs

Depending on what field of work you’re going into, the best time to apply for jobs can vary. For instance, if you’re looking to work for a financial institution or accounting firm, you should start reaching out in the fall, as these fields are known to recruit early in the school year.

Smaller companies or those in the arts or advertising fields tend to recruit later in the year. This way, they can fill positions after internal promotions or based on their company’s demands.

Regardless of what career path you choose, preparing can do nothing but be beneficial. It’s never too early to start your job search.

The Best Day of the Week to Apply for Jobs

Believe it or not, there are optimal days of the week where your application or resume is likely to be reviewed.

Studies show that people who apply for a job between Tuesday and Thursday are more likely to be considered for an interview. Why? Well, the answer is quite simple.

By sending in your application on Monday, your email or resume is likely to be lumped in with the rest of the correspondence that amassed over the weekend. 

Also, Monday is the day with the highest percentage of sick days taken in America, with a whopping 20%.

If you wait until Friday, you run the risk of being overlooked by people who are closing up for the week.

Not Everyone Works on Weekends

In this fast-paced, “we must have it now” world we live in, working on weekends is not as unheard of as it used to be.

However, most companies and corporations do their hiring through a dedicated manager or department, and they usually have weekends off.

Sending your resume to a potential job on a Saturday or Sunday will most likely result in it being missed or worse, dismissed. Make sure you stick to the Tuesday through Thursday timeframe.

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The Best Hour of the Day to Apply for Jobs

Yup! Even the hour of the day matters when it comes to looking for a job.

According to Forbes, you are five times more likely to secure an interview if you apply between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. By sending in your resume in the early hours of the morning, you are aiming to be one of the first hits in their inbox. 

Also, emailing a hiring manager between 12 and 1 pm gives you a bump as well, as most employees will check their mail when they come back from a break.

Avoid applying in the afternoons or evenings. This results in a less than 5% chance of getting a call.

The Best Time to Apply for Internships

Internships vary from school to school, from company to company. The best time to apply for them also varies on many factors, such as:

  • Are you seeking school credit for the internship?
  • How competitive is the position?
  • Is it a paid or unpaid internship?
  • Have you interned anywhere before, and if so, where? When?

Click here to have all of your questions answered when it comes to internships. Once you’ve gleaned all of the necessary information, head over to Goodwall’s job board for a list of top companies for job seekers to consider!

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Preparation is Vital

In addition to knowing when to apply for jobs, you must properly know how to as well. Taking the proper steps toward finding the job you want to apply for will make the process much easier.

Start with a simple online search. Look at things like location, salary trends, and local resources.

Make a list of companies you want to work for, and read up on them. Check out their social media pages and online reviews. See if they have ratings by current or former employees on what it’s like to work there. Websites such as Indeed or Glassdoor will provide you with this information.

One of the best strategies you can employ is simple networking. Get out there and talk to people! You may have friends or peers who already work in the field you are interested in. Talk to them and pick their brain on what worked for them.

Focus on What’s Important

This may be your first job now that you’ve graduated, and going into the search with anxiety is common. It’s okay! But you can’t lose focus on the goal at hand.

In addition to your preparation, practice will also help to indeed, make perfect. Applying for a job takes skill, and the more you do it, the better you’ll be at it.

Searching for work can be long and frustrating, so focus on your wellbeing. Stay sharp and ensure you’re taking care of yourself.

A resume can only go so far. Reaching out to companies you want to work for will help form a connection and may even get your foot in the door.

Know what YOU want. During this process, you may learn things about yourself that you didn’t know were there. This is your career and your life. What do you want out of it?

Understanding that you may not get your dream job right away is key. You have to start somewhere, and any job you have will prepare you and train you for the job that you do dream of.

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Don’t Forget to Market Yourself

There’s no shame in hyping yourself up to others. Get out there and market yourself! You want to keep in mind what you want to do with your degree, and there are many steps that you can take to stay on track.

If your school has a career center, use it! Take advantage of the counselors’ experience and guidance to help you find a job. They can teach you how to write a resume, conduct a practice meeting using mock interview questions, and hone your skills.

Joining clubs or organizations at your school can get you some experience in your chosen field. Business, journalism, activism; all of these, and many more groups are represented on campuses.

Volunteering is another great way to get your name out there and earn valuable experience. If you’re looking to be a nurse or work in the medical field, consider spending some time at a retirement home or hospital.

Keep a record of all of your achievements as you work and grow. A document highlighting your experience will be a valuable tool when creating your resume or cover letter.

Industries and demographics change constantly, so staying on top of the developments in your chosen field is vital. Check statistics and insider news on what’s going on. If you want to work with computers, staying on top of the latest technology will keep you on pace with the industry.

You Don’t Have to Go-It Alone

At Goodwall, we have many tools at your disposal. From tips on the interview process to help you choose the right career and even how to take notes like a pro.

In addition to helping you prepare for your job search, we’ll also help you find scholarships, internships, and ways to create positive social impact! Thanks for stopping by our blog, and we hope you’ll stick around 🙂

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