UNICEF has partnered with Goodwall and others to launch the Covid-19 Innovation Challenge with weekly rewards of 250 USD!
Mukisa Derrick is a young man doing incredible work in Kampala's slums. We interviewed him to learn about his story, inspiration, and work.
Goodwall has joined Crowd4SDG to launch the Open Seventeen (O17) Summer Challenge: Innovating for a Sustainable Post-Pandemic World.
Goodwall and partners will host the Covid-19 Youth Challenge, to motivate young people in Africa to share solutions to the Covid-19 pandemic.
UNICEF is partnering with Goodwall and other partners to launch the COVID-19 Innovation challenge in Nigeria with weekly rewards!
We're excited to announce two new features on Goodwall - tagging and mentions! Now you can tag and mention your friends as you post!
GENiLEM and Goodwall, with the support of Geneva and Vaud cantons, have partnered to launch the Swiss Futurpreneur Award competition.
Terrace Metrics and Goodwall have partnered to support the next generation as they make their all-important early career decisions.
Earlier in March, we announced the Open Seventeen 2020 challenge. We invited everyone to submit a pitch on Goodwall, explaining how they plan to use AI and crowdsourcing to solve one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). A few days later, news of the Covid-19 pandemic made headlines around the world. Despite that,...
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