5+ Non-Tech Remote Jobs & WFH Options That Aren’t IT-Related

You don't have to be a computer science major or web dev to get a great WFH job. Here are some great non-tech remote jobs to consider!

The advancements of science and technology improved our lives. We now have better gadgets, tastier food, eco-friendly businesses, and cool robots to boot. 

These advancements also mean there’s more variety when it comes to the jobs available to us. 

Some people assume that programming jobs are your only options for online work.

But what if you’re not a computer whiz? What if you have more non-technical skills? Fret not, there are lots of non-technical jobs out there for you. Some of these you probably didn’t think exist. 

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Non-Tech Remote Jobs to Consider

1. Nurse and Doctors

You may have heard rumors of overworked and underpaid healthcare professionals in hospitals and clinics. 

While that may be true in some cases, you should know that those aren’t your only options. 

Telemedicine, the process of giving consultations and check-ups online, has enabled nurses and doctors to work remotely now. Nurse-1-1 and MDLive, for instance, hire healthcare professionals to provide online consultations to their users. 

You can become a Registered Nurse (RN) with just two years of education but more hospitals are starting to require nurses to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), which takes four years. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) wants 80% of nurses to have a BSN by 2020 because they think a four-year course would provide more knowledge to nurses and better patient experience.

Don’t want to work with patients? Healthcare advancements coupled with the growing need for people with healthcare backgrounds created opportunities where you won’t have to work with patients at all.

Other Nursing Career Options:

  • Legal Nurse Consultant: these nurses consult in legal cases that involve medical information.
  • Nurse Educator: they design curriculum and training modules for nursing schools.
  • Nurse Researcher: A BSN is the minimum requirement for this role, but most companies prefer those with a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN).

Goodwallers love and support the healthcare frontliners around the world. Check out their posts of appreciation at: A #ThankYou to #HealthHeroes From Goodwall Members Around the World

2. Teach English (or Any Subject)

Teaching English online or through tutorial schools is a common job for nomads and foreigners who want to make money while traveling. In fact, English teaching jobs are one of the best non-technical jobs for online workers. It was popular even back in 2010 before the demand for remote marketing jobs started.

Traveling might be a no-no right now, but you can still make good money teaching English online, while staying at home of course. 

There are so many English teaching jobs that there are now platforms and agencies hiring people with or without teaching qualifications. For example, ESLROK allows would-be tutors to upload resumes so interested students can contact them directly. 

Pay ranges anywhere from $5 to $20+ per hour. Those with TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or other qualifications like an English or International Studies degree tend to get higher pay. 

If English isn’t your best subject, you can also teach math, science, or any other subject really. Check out Tutors.com and Spires for available job opportunities.  

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3. Business Analyst or Risk Assessment Specialist 

Are numbers interesting to you? You can get a job as a business analyst or risk assessment specialist in the finance or tech industry with your skill set. 

With the rise of fintech, tech, and crypto companies, more businesses now are in need of mathematical geniuses to crunch numbers, evaluate market data, and identify risks. 

These remote finance jobs often require a background in business analysis, accounting, mathematics, or statistics.  It’s perfect for people who love spreadsheets and have an analytical mind.  

If you’re a fresh grad with a law or finance degree but don’t want to work in a law firm or on Wall Street because of the insane hours, this job might be the perfect option for you. 

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4. Traders 

Unlike the other opportunities on this list, it’s not easy to land remote finance jobs as a trader without prior experience or knowledge. Investment companies won’t hire you without experience because they can’t afford to risk their investor’s money on someone with no background. 

If you have spare money, you can start trading yourself but that would only work if you take some courses or lessons on the subject first.

5. Designer, Illustrator, or Animator 

Many companies — not just the tech companies and startups— hire graphic designers for a myriad of design tasks. You can find jobs as an animator, logo designer, web designer, or even as a UX designer. Visual skills have a lot of sub-branches and industry applications, so there are plenty of jobs to choose from.

Goodwall, for instance, has a team of designers to handle our website’s images, the layout and images on our app, and any video content that we post. 

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6. Copywriting or Content Marketing

Do you have a way with words?

Good news, there are tons of remote marketing jobs out there for wordsmiths like you. 

You can find work writing emails, website pages, sales pages, articles, or even social media posts. 

Journalists with experience working in newspapers don’t have to be stuck working in cubicles, and the same goes for copywriters with agency experience. Now, hundreds of agencies and news publications hire writers and allow them to work wherever they want. 

As long as you’re willing to do the research, you can write on a variety of subjects and content types. You can work for businesses all over the world regardless of your location.

Not sure where to find non-technical jobs online? Check out the job boards and opportunities in these posts:

Ready for a New Career?

In many cases, you don’t even need prior experience to switch careers, as long as you can find transferrable skills and the right educational foundation needed for your target job.

Check out a career portal for any of the non-technical jobs listed above. Or if you’re not sure the options above are right for you, just search for “Career options for (your major/work experience)” to get an insight of the opportunities available for you.

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