How to Help During the Coronavirus Pandemic [25+ Organizations to Support]

Are you looking to do more to help during the coronavirus pandemic than just staying at home? Here's a list of great organizations to help out by donating or volunteering.

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The world has been “closed for business” now for about a month, depending on where you live. As such, I imagine you’re at home (and I hope you’re keeping safe and healthy!).

Staying inside keeps you away from coronavirus, but it helps others as well, most importantly the elderly and sick around us.

However, there is more you can do!

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Here’s a list of great organizations you can donate to or help:

Donate to Global Organizations

The International Committee of the Red Cross – Based in Geneva, the ICRC is the largest humanitarian network in the world. It has a presence in every country, and is currently helping COVID-19 relief efforts, particularly in war-torn countries where an outbreak would be catastrophic.

COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO – The World Health Organization is leading the global coronavirus response effort, as you’re probably well aware. Donating to their Solidarity Response Fund helps them with research, medical care, supplies, and in the development of treatments.

Heart to Heart International – This charity has delivered products and medical supplies to 131 countries since 1992, totalling over $2 billion in aid. Currently, you can help them by sponsoring a COVID-19 hygiene kit, which they deliver to shelters, schools, medical facilities, and other places in need.

Save the Children – If you contribute to Save the Children, you’ll be providing food and books to kids in need who’ve been affected by coronavirus.

International Rescue Committee – The IRC is currently working in more than 40 countries to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. They particularly serve places where war, natural disasters, or other problems have weakened the ability to fight COVID-19.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – When you donate to the Gates Foundation’s Philanthropy Partners “Combating COVID-19 Fund,” you can choose whether your money goes to their Therapeutics Accelerator, the Empowerment & Opportunity Fund, or all COVID-19 focus areas.

Partners in Health – PIH has plenty of experience with fighting infectious diseases around the world, and your donation to them will help them mobilize programs where they’re needed the most.

Direct Relief – Direct Relief works in over 80 countries. For their coronavirus response, they’re coordinating with governments, businesses, and health organizations to provide PPE (personal protective equipment) and essential healthcare supplies.

CDP COVID-19 Response Fund – The Center for Disaster Philanthropy requires donations for supporting preparedness, containment efforts, and response activities around the world.

Global Giving’s Relief Fund – Donating to this fund helps them support hygiene awareness efforts, get PPE to hospitals and clinics, send medical staff to communities in need, and feed children relying on school meals where their schools are closed.

CDC Foundation – Though most of the donations go only to US COVID-19 relief, they do portion out some of the money to infrastructure for global response efforts.

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organizations to support coronavirus pandemic

Contribute to Local Nonprofits

United Way of New York City – NYC

Give2Asia China Response – China

Italian Red Cross – Italy

Secours Populaire – France

No Kid Hungry – United States

British Red Cross – United Kingdom

Fondazione La Stampa – Italy

Feeding America – United States

La Fondation Hôpitaux de Paris – Hôpitaux de France – France

Red Cross Society of China – China

Médecins Sans Frontières – Yemen, Lebanon, Italy, Others

The Seattle Foundation – Washington State, US

Citymeals – NYC

Relief International – Iran & Others

Caritas Italiana – Italy

Project Angel Food – Los Angeles

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Help Yourself While Staying Inside

These organizations above are just some of the many which are providing relief around the world during this coronavirus pandemic.

But, it’s important to keep your own body healthy and mind sane as you stay indoors to help slow the spread.

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Other Ways You Can Help

Donations are helpful, of course, as a big-picture kind of assistance.

However, you can also help your favorite restaurant and other businesses in your community.

First, leave positive reviews for those places you like best. When the world “opens up” again, they’ll be strengthened and encouraged, helping them to get back on their feet that much quicker.

Also, consider buying gift cards to the small businesses you used to frequent, such as bars, restaurants, and your local supermarket. This will give them the cash they need now to pay their employees and get through the crisis, while you have something saved up for when they reopen – a win-win, indeed!

We’re going to keep the list of charity organizations above updated by adding new ones as we learn about them, so stay tuned!

If you have any other foundations supporting coronavirus relief efforts we should add to our guide, let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and for helping out!

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